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What client says about Janbox

Following a time of operating and delighting consumers with orders from Japan. Janbox also received numerous opinions, questions, and cooperation from consumers in order to improve our system and allowing buyers and sellers to have more groundbreaking experiences. The Janbox team really appreciates the positive feedback from clients. With the motto “customer first,” we vow to constantly listen and assist customers in having the best Janbox experience.

Janbox’s services

Cross-border e-commerce services

Janbox offers cross-border e-commerce services with the goal of assisting clients in purchasing items from Japan and the United States. We constantly work from the heart to ensure that our clients enjoy the greatest possible experience.

Cross-border freight services

Janbox not only purchases and auctions for clients, but also helps them move items from Japan to all over the world via the Janbox Express application.

Professional warehouse services

Customers can keep their items in our warehouse, your order will be processed and delivered directly by Janbox. We’ll manage the warehouse, pack, and transport the goods to the end-user in a timely and cost-effective manner, regardless of where you are.

Distribution agent services

Janbox collaborates with Japanese brands and acts as their distributor with the will of bringing high-quality Japanese goods closer to people all around the world. The Janbox Market page lists all partner items for sale.

Only have in Janbox:

– The auction credit feature allows customers to pay after an auction

– Instant ordering allows customers to search and buy multiple products from other websites.

– Sniper bids help customers optimize time and auction costs

– Artificial intelligence applications help users save time on searching for products

– Thousands of vouchers updates every day

Only have in Janbox

What customers talk about us:

Here are some customer comments about Janbox – Purchase, and Auction Japanese goods across borders website.