Top 20 Best Japanese Outdoor Brands You Should Know


Japan is always well-known as a pioneer in worldwide fashion because of its quality and designs. And obviously, outdoor wear is not an exception. There are very few Japanese manufacturers in this field. If you’re a fan of Japanese outdoor fashion, some famous names such as Snow Peak and Montbell are not strange to you. However, recently, some new companies established are developing their brand in the market. Have you updated these latest brand names? Today, Janbox will help you get more information about the leading companies through the list of 20 best Japanese outdoor brands. We researched and collected carefully, so don’t miss out on any name in this article. 

1. Top 20 Best Japanese Outdoor Brands You Should Know

1.1. Snow Peak

Snow Peak was founded in 1958 and its headquarters is located in Sanjo City, Niigata. The name of this Japanese outdoor clothing brand came from the famous peak, Mt. Tanigawa. Yukio Yamai, the founder, became interested in this peak and started making his mountaineering equipment in the 1950s. Gradually, the company developed many kinds of outdoor products such as cutlery or cookware. If you’re a fan of hiking, you cannot ignore the lightweight tents, stoves, and tarps from Snow Peak. They are really useful for all types of outdoor activities.    

1.2. Nanga

Japanese Outdoor Brands
Nanga-One of the best-selling products

The brand was founded in 1941, in Maibara City, Shiga. It is also another name inspired by Japanese mountains. But this company was named after the Himalayan peak Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. One of the best-selling products is sleeping bags. Especially, when you buy Nanga’s bags, you will be given a lifetime warranty and repairs. Because their products are made from the best feathers from Mie Prefecture, you can believe in their quality. 


Ridge Mountain Gear is known as a company producing mountaineering tools. At first, they just started with a small shop in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In the beginning, the founder made the tools for himself, but later others said they wanted them as well. Because the products are all hand-made, it takes a lot of time to make new ones. However, you can believe that all products are with high-quality and creative designs as many other Japanese outdoor brands. 


The organization with the iconic Khufu Sil was founded in 2009. The Japanese outdoor brand is located in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa. Like many outdoor companies, Locus Gear also wants to provide their customers with the best hiking with the lightest packages. We can easily visit their site and realize that the most popular products are lightweight shelters, tarps, and bivvies. Especially, the brand provides a wide range of outdoor items from expensive to affordable prices, so you can find suitable equipment with your budget. 

Japanese Outdoor Brands
Locus Gear-provides a wide range of outdoor items from expensive to affordable prices

1.5. SOTO

The label was founded in 1978, in Toyokawa City, Aichi. The name “Soto” also means outside a suitable meaning with a brand with long-time experience. If you used to know this brand, you cannot ignore their bestsellers such as backpacking stoves, cookware, lanterns, and many accessories. You can choose between traditional stoves and liquid fuel stoves from this brand. Their stoves are especially capable of operating well in cold conditions, which makes the hardest shoppers satisfied.

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1.6. Montbell

A funny fact is that Montbell means “outdoors” in Japanese. The Japanese outdoor brand was established in 1975 in Nishi-Ku, Osaka. The founder of Montbell is a famous mountaineer who can provide the best products at reasonable prices. The brand is well-known for its products with not only high quality but also beautiful designs. One of their standards is that function is beauty, and keeping the traditional features in their designs. Some signature items of this brand are backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags.

1.7. KS Ultralight Gear

KS Ultralight Gear, a new brand in this industry, was founded in 2009, in Komaki City, Aichi. One special thing is the brand was established and run by a French expert, Laurent Barikosky. The outstanding feature of this brand is personalized ultralight backpacks for hiking and climbing. If you’re a fan of lightweight backpacks, you should know that their items’ weight is just 380 grams, minus the removable frame (60 grams). However, the load limit is up to 12 kg. The material for each product is also selected carefully such as X-Pac, 200D Spectra diamond ripstop, and Cordura.

Japanese Outdoor Brands
KS Ultralight Gear is personalized ultralight backpacks for hiking and climbing

1.8. Sinano

Sinano was founded in 1946 by the founder Mitsuhiko Yanagisawa. At first, it was named Shinano-Sangyo, then it was changed to Sinano in 1968. In the beginning, they just made bamboo ski poles and wooden furniture. After their creation was welcomed by over 50% in the Japanese market, they started to extend their manufacturing. The brand produces a wide range of items for many outdoor activities such as camping, walking, running, or even trekking. 


The Arai Tent was started in 1965, in Tokorozawa City, Saitama. Because of a long-time organization, they’re famous among tent manufacturers in Japan. Along with tents, they’re also well-known for lightweight shelters and backpacks. One of the main reasons for their fame is handmade products. All their lightweight tents are made by artisans. So, almost all Japanese hikers have been interested in the brand’s products for over 30 years.


The brand name is also one of the most famous names in this Japanese market. The company was founded in 2011, in Kamakura City, Kanagawa. Despite a new name, they are well-known for their innovative packs. Their items are evaluated to be lightweight, which makes any hard-shopping ones satisfied. If you’re a fan of this label, you cannot ignore some classic items such as backpacks, outdoor wear and even sleeping pads.  

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Monoral was founded in 2010. Despite being a new brand, it is also well-known as a leading Japanese camping brand in this industry. If you’re looking for a brand with innovative designs, here is an ideal option you cannot ignore. Especially with those who have an interest in camping, their items will surely bring you an enjoyable camping trip.    

 20 Best Japanese Outdoor Brands
Monoral is a leading Japanese camping brand in this industry

1.12. ISUKA

Another popular sleeping bag brand, just after Nanga. Isuka was founded in 1979, in Tondabayashi City, Osaka. With 43 years of experience, the brand has a reputation for producing affordable bags. Moreover, their sleeping bags are even lightweight thanks to high-quality materials. Furthermore, they also supply sleeping bag covers and stuff sacks made from GORE-TEX.

1.13. Comme Des Garcons

The company was established in 1969, by the founder Rei Kawakubo. The brand is quite famous in the Japanese fashion market because of the wide range of styles they can provide. The majority of people know this brand as a pioneer for fashionista outfits. However, outdoor items receive positive replies from many customers because of their high quality and innovative designs. 


Freelight was founded in 2009, in Kashiwa City, Chiba. It is also a hiker-owned business. Their most popular products are backpacks, shelters, and trekking poles. Producing lightweight, durable outdoor items with timeless designs and high-quality materials is known as their specialty. 

1.15. Finetrack

This Japanese outdoor brand was founded in 2004, in Kobe City, Hyogo. Finetrack is well-known for “Drylayer” technology and water repellent. The purpose is to create the best items for a wide range of outdoor activities. The most outstanding product is two-person tents which are not only compact but also lightweight. Additionally, they produce the modern tarp with Dyneema around the edges, which prevents it from sagging in the rain. 

1.16. YAMAtune

YAMAtune was founded in 1963, in Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido. Socks, arm sleeves, and leggings are their signature products. At first, they just produced items for women in the bubble economy. After that, they started making a wide range of items which are suitable for many types of customers. Nowadays, YAMAtune products can be used for many activities such as outdoor, sports, snow, work, health & life, and biking.  


Evernew was established in the 1920s in Koto Ward, Tokyo. In the first period, this was just a small shop that provided cookware. For a long time, many outdoor enthusiasts believed in the quality of their products. Over time, they improve their signature items, which become the lightest and strongest cookware in Japan. With many locals, the Evernew stoves, mugs, and water carriers are their first pick at present.  


Heritage is known as one of the leading brands in the Japanese tent market. The company was founded a long time ago, in 1981 in Azumino City, estimated to be the heart of the Japanese Alps. A funny fact is that almost all of their employees are interested in mountain climbing. So, you can believe in the quality of their products. Especially, the most iconic item is the fastpacking tent, which is evaluated to be the lightest one in the market.    

20 Best Japanese Outdoor Brands
Heritage is known as one of the leading brands in the Japanese tent market


The Japanese outdoor brand was organized in 2013, in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The products from this brand were created easy-to-use, which makes customers comfortable during outdoor activities. Their notable items are backpacks with several harness options, stuff sacks made of Dyneema Composite Fabric, and pouches all lovingly handcrafted in Japan. When you buy frameless backpacks of this brand, you have many options of sizes and fabrics such as X-Pac, 210D Spectra Diamond ripstop, 3D Mesh, etc. 


It is another famous brand in the Japanese outdoor market. One of their advantages is lightweight products which help customers feel comfortable during outdoor activities. Moreover, their creation has received belief from many government offices. 

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20 Japanese Outdoor Brands
Janbox will be the perfect choice for you

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