Quick way to buy shoes from Japan

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily

During this rampant covid 19 epidemic, shopping in Japan through traveling, especially for shoes, is extremely tough. However, you can buy shoes from Japan online which is another highly effective option. Janbox will assist you in selecting sneakers, sports shoes, and other footwear, and you will no longer have to wonder or struggle with sizing or purchasing on the internet. In this article, we provide a thorough guide to assisting you in purchasing shoes in Japan at a reasonable price and according to your specifications. Let’s go on a journey through the world of Japanese shoes in this article! Then, you will know how to buy shoes from Japan online easily and quickly via Janbox. 

1. Why should you buy shoes from Japan?

Have you ever pondered why fashionistas prefer Japanese shoes over other nations’ footwear? You may simply and quickly buy shoes in any nation in the world. However, once you attempt to buy Japanese shoes, you will get addicted to shopping for products from the Land of the Rising Sun. There are several reasons why you should buy Japanese shoes online:

1.1. Price

Because the Japanese footwear industry is so established, there is a lot of competition among Japanese shoe brands. Brands battle for exclusive collaboration and the finest business market in Japan. As a result, you may buy shoes from Japan online at a cheaper price than in other marketplaces across the world, including your own.

1.2. Quality

Japanese shoe manufacturers are well-known across the world because they prioritize product quality and consumer comfort. Each of their shoes is extremely durable and high-quality. Customers may expect to use them for years, if not decades. Japanese artisans are mainly admired and respected for their attention to detail in the field of handicrafts.

1.3. Design

Japan is frequently lauded for its seamless blend of Western-style and traditional culture. Because Japanese shoes are frequently inspired by British, Italian, and even French shoemaking traditions, they retain their distinctive styles that are not overly affected by Japan’s historical customs. Japan is a nation that you can still see its culture in the design of each shoe. Japan’s cultural history is still intertwined into every element of the product, accentuating the shoe designs. As a result, Japanese shoe designs are frequently of exceptional quality.

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
Japanese shoe designs are frequently of exceptional quality.

1.4. Brand

For Japanese shoe brands to compete with one another, they must meticulously plan before releasing a product. As a result, goods are meticulously designed down to the tiniest detail, ensuring that clients are always guaranteed both quality and design. To fulfill the majority of consumers’ demands, big companies are more focused on user emotions and product pricing. More and more high-quality Japanese shoe companies are emerging, providing you with a plethora of options for selecting shoes that suit your style and tastes.

2. How to buy shoes from Japan with Janbox?

The Japanese website of the shoe store does not ship outside of Japan. As a result, consumers require a proxy-buying service, such as Janbox, to order it on their behalf. Janbox will make it very simple for clients to buy and acquire a large selection of Japanese items from Japan swiftly and easily, with minimal shipping rates. Continue reading to learn more!

Step 1: Go to the website where you wanted to purchase shoes

The first step is to go to the website where you can buy shoes from Japan online. Google Translate can help you comprehend website text and product details. At the same time, when translated into a language you understand, you will be able to discover the item you want to buy more quickly.

Step 2: Double-check the item’s specifications

Before placing an order with JANBOX, double-check the item specifications (size, composition, price, etc.). It is essential to pay great attention to the expenses while purchasing on a Japanese website. Please bear in mind that certain items are on backorder and will be delivered at a later date.

Step 3: Purchase Janbox

Sign up for a Janbox account, then copy and paste the URL of the item page into Janbox’s search field. Now it’s time to place an order; all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the item you want into the Janbox searching field.

copy and paste the URL of the item you want into the Janbox searching field

Step 4: Locating and filling out the order form

You must provide the exact name of the item as it appears on the website, as well as the desired item quantity. Fill out the boxes for your desired size, color, and design, if applicable, since we will need this information to fulfill your purchase. If you have any further information, please share it in the comments section. Don’t forget to double-check everything before submitting it to us!

Step 5: Payment

To begin, you must pay for your entire order. This is a deposit for your order. Once your order has been transported to the operational center, we will notify you. You’ve selected international shipping. Then you pay the domestic and international freight rates, as well as a service charge if desired. That marks the beginning of the second period. After making the payment, you have completed your purchase on the Janbox website.

There is a better way to avoid all of this hassle and get your products from the finest. That is ordered straight on our Janbox page. Here’s how to do it: Go to Janbox and enter in the product’s name, then select your preferred style. The next step is to complete the payment for your order on the Janbox account page. After you’ve finished all of the previous stages. We’ll bring you the goods and keep them securely in our warehouse. Select your preferred shipping method. We may also repack your shipment before delivering it to you. Then enter your shipping address. You can change the titles and values on the shipping label. The cost of shipment is the same as the international shipping rate. You will be given a tracking number so that you can keep track of the exact location of our order at all times.

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
After making the payment, you have completed your purchase on the Janbox website

3. Where else can I buy shoes online in Japan?

You can own the shoes of your dreams in a variety of ways, including buying them online. The following Japanese shoe suppliers can be consulted.

3.1. Shoe Shopping in Japan: Chains and Department Stores

When it comes to buying Japanese shoes, sometimes all you need is a simple shoe shop; fortunately, Japan has a plethora of shoe stores and franchises to select from. 

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
ASBEE is a Japanese shoe store company

ASBEE is a Japanese shoe store company with over 900 stores around the country. They sell only high-end shoes from well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, and Converse, as well as other forms of footwear like running shoes. You could come across an original with the most recent models from major companies or a one-of-a-kind.

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
CHIYODA HAKI-GOKOCHI is a Japanese shoe store chain

CHIYODA HAKI-GOKOCHI is a Japanese shoe store chain having stores in Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Shin-Koshigaya, Urayasu, and Nagoya. Because the stores are placed around or close to railway stations and are meant to accommodate traveling businessmen and women, the store’s idea is “traveling and active business.” They carry a variety of brands, including Nike, Skechers, Cedar Crest, and Hydro-Tech, in addition to fashion-forward designs.

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
Ikedaya Shoes is a tiny shoe store with numerous locations in Ueno, Japan

Ikedaya Shoes is a tiny shoe store with numerous locations in Ueno, Japan. Despite its modest size, it boasts one of the largest sales floors in the city. They sell luxury brands such as Doc Martins, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and K-Swiss, as well as business and imports from other nations. They have on-site consultants that can help you locate the appropriate size shoe for you, in addition to offering outlet discounts.

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
They sell shoes from Nike, New Balance, and Adidas, in addition to their rands

Chiyoda Co., Ltd. manages Tokyo Shoes Retailing Center and CHIYODA HAKI-GOKOCHI, two more shoe store chains in Tokyo. The business is committed to offering the best discounts and giving consumers the most value for their money, and as a result, it runs regular sales to achieve this goal. They sell shoes from Nike, New Balance, and Adidas, in addition to their rands.

3.2. Outlet Stores for Low-Cost Shoes

If you say you don’t enjoy a good bargain, you’re lying. And where can you get the best deals? Outlet malls! Shoe buying in Japan is best done at outlet stores (on a budget). Outlet stores provide high-end products at discounted rates, whether they are in season or from the previous year. It may be a fantastic location to buy a stunning pair of shoes at a bargain price. 

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
ABC-MART sells everything from loafers and running shoes to professional footwear

ABC-MART is a well-known shoe store business in Tokyo, Japan, that sells everything from loafers and running shoes to professional footwear. The ABC-MART Outlet Gotanda TOC is the chain’s sole outlet shop, providing all of your favorite items at discounted rates.

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
ORiental TRaffic is a women’s shoe store

ORiental TRaffic is a women’s shoe store with a diverse variety of high-end footwear ranging from fun to professional. You can get up to a 50% discount on fancy shoes here, and you can even get a voucher if you trade in an old pair of ORiental TRaffic shoes in the store. What’s not to enjoy about that?

How To Buy Shoes from Japan Online Easily
The Suit Company Outlet provides a diverse range of shoes and clothing from all over Japan

The Suit Company Outlet provides a diverse range of shoes and clothing from all over Japan, sourcing apparel from all over the country. The Suit Company, as the name implies, provides business attire for both men and women, including suits, shirts, and business shoes. The items can be discounted anywhere from 20% to 70%, so start looking!

4. Useful notes for you to buy shoes from Japan

Girls want to buy shoes from Japan online to satisfy their passion and shopping habits. You have a small issue when buying shoes online, which is how to know exactly the correct shoes for your feet, aside from advantages such as door-to-door delivery, simple payment, various styles, and gorgeous photos. And these are some helpful hints that will ensure you never have to regret purchasing Japanese shoes online.

4.1. Choose the right size of shoes

When buying shoes, the first thing to remember is to get the proper shoe size for your foot. Because different brands have different shoe sizes, you must first try on the shoes of the brand you wish to buy to determine the size. You may also measure your feet and utilize the brand’s shoe size conversion charts.

4.2. Select a reliable shoe store

Choosing a trustworthy store to put your faith in is the key to avoiding errors while shopping online in general. It’s much preferable if the company has a physical store or retail system in one or more of the listed locations and has a lengthy history of sales. The reviews of consumers who have already purchased the product reveal the company’s reputation the most plainly and honestly. Please read their comments and feedback for additional information.

4.3. Select websites that allow you to magnify images

One of the most challenging aspects of purchasing shoes online is properly judging the quality and longevity of the shoes. So shop for shoes in stores or online where vendors clearly display product pictures from various angles. These pictures should also be magnified so that you can make the finest choice of shoe colors and materials while also taking into account the shoe’s finish.

4.4. Choose the good shoe material 

One of the most common mistakes made by consumers who buy shoes online is that they are frequently attracted by the glistening photos shown and neglect to consider the product material. They forget that the material is the most significant component in determining the quality and price of a pair of shoes, aside from the design. The material determines whether the shoes are soft and comfy, whether they absorb perspiration well or not, and whether they appear opulent or not.

The form of the shoe changes when the same shoes with the same design are made of various materials. Good shoes are those that, when worn, do not distort your feet and provide you with a sense of security and comfort. Many businesses now on the market utilize photographs that were not shot by them and put on sales pages, but the product content is not identical to the original. It’s a type of deception.

4.5. Pay attention to how shoes are returned

Before making any purchases, make sure you read the shoe return policy thoroughly and discuss it with the shop owner. Shoes are bulky and can be costly to return, especially to stores in other countries. That is why, to avoid this, you must ensure that you select the appropriate footwear.

4.6. Check out the product reviews

Customer reviews are critical when purchasing shoes since they allow you to determine whether the product fits the image and description. Look at the feedback from consumers who have purchased the goods in the reviews.


Have you mastered the process of buying shoes from Japan online via Janbox? Each mode of purchasing has its own set of benefits, but at Janbox, we’ll work with you to improve your products using a clever proxy service. In a few simple steps, you may make purchases fast and securely. Janbox makes buying Japanese shoes online a breeze!