Does Rakuten Ship to Australia: Price, Time, Process


Japanese goods are increasingly gaining the trust of consumers. Japanese goods are not only famous for their quality but also very affordable prices. It is for this reason that Japanese goods are increasingly reaching out to the territory of the country of cherry blossoms to reach international customers.

Does Rakuten Ship to Australia? In Australia, there are many shops selling Japanese products in big shopping malls. However, because the quantity is quite small, consumers are also limited in their shopping. Therefore, many Australians find a solution to buy goods online at Japanese e-commerce websites, including Rakuten. So if you do not know how to buy goods at Rakuten websites, as well as do not know the shipping from Japan to Australia, please read the article below.

Does Rakuten Ship to Australia?

Does Rakuten ship to Australia

Founded in 1997 by Mikitani Hiroshi, Rakuten is Japan’s largest e-commerce platform. There are many items sold on this site with a variety of categories: fashion, cosmetics, household appliances, electronic devices… The interface at this website is quite eye-catching and easy to use. Therefore, it will not be difficult for consumers to find the item they love

Does Rakuten ship to Australia? Currently, Rakuten offers international shipping services, including delivery to Australia. Customers purchasing goods on Rakuten and shipping to Australia will incur additional shipping fees, taxes, and service charges. These expenses can be quite high, especially when purchasing small quantities of goods. Therefore, to save on costs, you can utilize Janbox’s proxy purchasing service. Janbox provides a cheaper and faster service for purchasing items on Rakuten and shipping them to Australia.

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Steps to buy on Rakuten and ship to Australia through Janbox

  • Step 1: Access the Rakuten Japan website.

First, you need to access the Rakuten Japan website by following the link:

To be easy to use, you should change the language from Japanese to English.

  • Step 2: Search for products to buy.

You can search for the items you need to buy by product group on the left side of the website. Or you can also type the name of the product you want to buy in the search box at the top of the website.

  • Step 3: Create an account with Janbox, then Copy and paste the link of your favorite product from Rakuten.JP into Janbox’s search bar
  • Step 4: Complete the order form

Please fill in the information of the order you want to buy such as color, size, and quantity…. on our order form.

  • Step 5: Make the first payment to Janbox

After you make the first payment to Janbox including the value of the order and the service fee, the purchase processing department will be responsible for the purchase for you. You just need to wait 1-2 days

  • Step 6: Set up your delivery address

Once your order has arrived at our processing center we will send you a notification via email or messenger. You need to choose an international shipping method and set up your shipping address in Australia. If you have a request for repacking or consolidating, you can also leave a request at this step.

  • Step 7: Make 2nd payment for Janbox

Pay domestic, international shipping, and value-added services (if any)

  • Step 8: Receive goods

Your package will be safely delivered to the address you previously registered. If you are satisfied with our service, don’t forget to leave a comment or a good rating for us.

If you have a Master card/Visa… and have enough money in your account to pay for purchases. Plus a delivery address in Japan, you can completely buy Rakuten by yourself. However, the customs declaration, as well as customs clearance is quite complicated. So maybe this will make you tired. Not to mention dealing with sellers. If you do not know Japanese, it is quite difficult for you when you want to exchange as well as express your desired products when buying. So we recommend that you find a proxy service to help you. Your purchase will become easier.

Delivery time

It can take 7-10 days to get your order delivered to your door. This depends on the shipping method you choose. You can also track the status of your order through the tracking number we provide you. That way you can know the status of your package.

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Fees you have to pay when buying Japanese goods from Australia 


Most products listed for sale on Rakuten are tax-inclusive. So you don’t have to pay this tax. However, there are a few shops that are listed for sale but do not include tax. If any product loses tax, the seller will list the after-tax price for you to track.

Japan domestic freight fee

Because Rakuten does not ship internationally, your package will be shipped to our processing center in Tokyo. There may be a domestic shipping fee for your package. However, this fee is not too much, and most Rakuten free shipping on orders that meet their criteria.

Customs declaration charge.

When using our services, you do not have to pay this fee. We will take care of the declaration and customs clearance for you.

International freight fee

This fee depends on the international shipping method you choose such as DHL, EMS, and AIR…

After reading this article, we hope that you can find yourself a reputable purchasing partner, helping you satisfy your passion for international purchases without having to worry about geographical barriers. Does Rakuten Ship to Australia? We will bring a valuable service, meet all requirements from customers.