Eaude Muge Face Wash Review


Known as a Japanese high-quality skincare product, Eaude Muge Face Wash is a Japanese foaming cleanser that is being approached by many people. If you are wondering about using Eaude Muge cleanser, this article will help you get more useful information when shopping for this item.

I/ The overview of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 

An international pharmaceutical company is Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Kobayashi currently offers medical supplies across the globe after expanding outside of Japan. They are always coming up with innovative concepts for everyday products like air fresheners, nutritional supplements, skin care products, and dental hygiene in addition to pharmaceuticals.

Their goal is to create things that customers will need in the future in addition to the products that people want right now. Products and services are designed to a standard and quality that surpasses that of our consumers.

II/ Eaude Muge face wash review 

Eaude Muge face wash review 

A Japanese skin-care product called Eaude Muge washing foam or Eaude Muge face wash is designed for problematic skin. Aloe vera and Job’s tears extract in the self-foaming cleanser’s additive-free recipe help to moisturize problem-prone skin while it is being cleansed. With no irritation to the skin, the pump releases an ultra-fine frothy lather that softly removes pollutants.

There are two types:

– Light: It deeply cleanses greasy skin and fights acne with a light formulation of soap-based surfactants. Skin feels fresh and smooth.

– Moist: Designed to gently wash dry, sensitive skin while leaving it feeling moisturized, moist is a softly acidic formulation of surfactants derived from amino acids.

2.1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Eaude Muge Face Wash Product 

Eaude Muge Face Wash Products


  • Contains gentle soap that lathers to remove dirt such as old sebum, easy-to-remove keratin, sweat, and dust from the face.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients (aloe vera leaf extract, Adlay seed extract) to give you smooth, shiny skin.
  • As a product of a famous pharmaceutical company in Japan, the ingredients are very benign and suitable for many skin types such as sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, and acne skin.
  • The product also helps to solve some acne problems such as blackheads, oily-shiny pimples, clogged pores, and visible pores.
  • The price is so suitable for all customers, you can buy it at the cost of around 900 yen. 


The packaging is in Japanese, so it is difficult for people who do not know Japanese to read the user manual as well as information related to the Eaude Muge Face Wash product.

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2.2. How to Use Eaude Muge Face Wash

Step 1: Use warm water to wet your face

Warmth causes the pores to open, allowing debris and makeup residue to be expelled. To boost the ability to purify the skin, take a small amount of warm water and pat it all over your face. You can also soak a cotton pad in warm water and apply it to your face for one to two minutes.

Step 2: Make foam

Eaude Muge Face Wash products must be diluted by foaming since they are quite intense and cannot be applied directly to the skin. To make enough foam for your face, you only need a small amount of cleanser, which you combine with water and rub on the palm of your hand.

How to Use Eaude Muge Face Wash

Step 3: Evenly massage your face

After using Eaude Muge Face Wash, you can also finish this emulsifying and cleansing process by utilizing the machine’s electric pulses and vibrations.

Step 4: Water-based rinsing

After the massage is over, the skin must be thoroughly washed with cold water. To seal the pores, apply a few ice cubes in the final step.

2.3. Some Notes When Using Eaude Muge Face Wash

Some Notes When Using Eaude Muge Face Wash

Observe the warm-cold principle

According to the theory, washing your face with warm water will open up your pores, allowing the Eaude Muge Face Wash cleanser’s foam to easily penetrate deep into your skin and clean it properly. After cleaning, you can either rinse with cold water or rub gently with ice cubes. You’ll get smoother skin and smaller pores as a result of this procedure.

Avoid misusing face wash

You are entirely mistaken if you believe that the dirtier your face is, the more cleansers you need to apply or the times you need to wash. Your skin will be more severely damaged if it is subjected to increased physical stress on the face. Therefore, limit how often you wash your face to no more than twice daily.

Avoid using overly rough towels

After a thorough cleaning, the skin becomes extremely sensitive as the pores and cells begin to heal. You shouldn’t dry your face with a dry towel right now since the dry fibers could harm your skin. Instead, gently pat the water off your face with a cotton pad or soft towel to reduce friction on your skin.

Eaude Muge face wash for men

Do not directly apply cleansers to dry skin

Dry skin won’t have pores that are sufficiently moist to expand, making it challenging for cleansers to penetrate deeply and do a thorough cleaning. To avoid this circumstance, you should wet your face first before cleansing your skin.

Before you wash your face, wash your hands first

On the palms and nails, bacteria frequently gather in large amounts. Bacteria might infiltrate the skin more easily if you don’t wash your hands first before washing your face. Keep this in mind when applying face wash on your skin: always wash your hands first.

Depending on the kind of your skin, choose a suitable cleanser

You should carefully read the instructions before using this Eaude Muge Face Wash product because there are two varieties available, one for each type of skin.

Your skin will be thoroughly washed efficiently and securely if the proper cleanser is used and the preceding instructions are followed.

Eaude Muge washing foam in bag form

III/ Where to buy Eaude Muge face wash

The best online store to purchase Kobayashi Eaude Muge is Janbox. Janbox offers the widest variety of unusual Japanese goods at the greatest rates, with the quickest turnaround times.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Eaude Muge washing foam is purchased by Janbox straight from authorized representatives after being confirmed as real. We have a committed team with expertise in quality control, timely delivery, and round-the-clock client service.

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IV/ Conclusion 

Kobayashi Pharmaceutica’s Eaude Muge Face Wash is completely safe for facial skin so you can safely use it every day. Cosmeceuticals always have unexpected effects so give this product a chance. Who knows, it will help you improve your skin in the future.

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