Iwako Erasers: Everything You Need To Know


When someone mentions erasers, the first thing that often comes to their mind is white stationery that can be erased. Iwako, on the other hand, is committed to the development of “interesting erasers,” or Iwako erasers, which are lovable, vibrant, and geared toward children. 

This “interesting eraser” is a mixture of numerous erasers, which may be built as a toy. All of the components are produced in Japan. Iwako items are so safe and ecologically friendly that even newborns may handle them.

These goods are high-tech, of excellent quality, and can be easily erased. Even if no one told you, you may not even be aware that they are erasers. Let’s find out more about them now.

I/ About Iwako

The Iwako eraser has a pointy edge and feels silky to the touch. Due to the intelligent layout, the detachable components are extremely simple to clean. It certifies that the item was manufactured to high standards in Japan. Unfortunately, there are numerous Iwako erasers knockoff on the market at low rates from overseas manufacturers despite the fact that each one takes loads of effort and work to make (several stages are completed by hand).

About Iwako

Iwako erasers are Japanese-made erasable objects of exceptional quality and collectibility. Iwako gum collection is a global phenomenon that has persisted not only among young people but also among the general public. This series of hybrid toys featuring common office supplies has become popular due to its wide variety of adorable designs, the safety and non-toxicity of its components, and authentic eraser and eraser functions.

Iwako brand goods are manufactured in-house in Japan. Furthermore, neoprene is used as the primary material rather than harmful Vinyl Chloride. The Japanese Iwako erasers are a great choice since it erases smoothly and extremely cleanly without ripping the paper. Natural rubber is used to make gum, making it resilient, non-crushing, and healthful.

By using a variety of whimsical and attractive forms in its design, it piques kids’ interest in learning and boosts their early visual-spatial skills as they prepare for school. The Food Sanitation Law as well as other criteria, such as those for food additives, have been met by the prestigious Japanese eraser. Thus, the product poses no threat to the baby’s health even if he or she licks it.

Those are some good Iwako Puzzle Erasers. In a strict sense, the name is correct. However, it doesn’t provide much information on what they are. As you can see, their adorableness is the most important factor. Once you lay eyes on them, you can’t stop thinking about buying them. They’re essential office accessories, whether you keep them on your work surface, in front of your screen, or in your pocket. Indeed, we had the same qualities. 

Japanese Iwako erasers

To what extent, however, do they erase? That’s correct, but you probably shouldn’t put them to use erasing anything. If you can bring yourself to erase your blunders with something this adorable, go for it. We had to force ourselves to try one to check out how well it worked, but the results were actually pretty nice. They are effective, indeed. However, a simple rectangular eraser is kept on hand for such occasions.

And they’re puzzles? They are, after all, constructed from more than one item and may be disassembled and reassembled. However, in the same vein as the devilishly difficult quizzes required to win a prize. The ones that are in place to ensure that it is, indeed, a game of skill and not a lottery.

We’ll accept Iwako’s assertions with regard to the third issue. It’s not surprising that they’re Japanese since they’re so little and adorable (or smol and kawaii, to use the proper phrases).

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II/ Top Best-selling Iwako Erasers

Here are some of the best Iwako eraser collections:

2.1. Animals

Iwako erasers animals are Japanese-made, blister-packaged set of erasers. Cute animal erasers with a tree trunk they can climb. From the manufacturer 7 cute Japanese erasers with Iwako animals, complete with a tree trunk for the animals to climb. These adorable Iwako erasers are produced from recyclable non-PVC material that is free of lead and phthalates. function as a puzzle in that they can be disassembled and then put back together. 


Over 40 years ago, Iwako began producing erasers in Japan. Skilled artisans create the mold for each eraser and design its unique shape. Each of the Iwako erasers receives individual attention throughout the final stages of production in the company’s Japanese plant. Mold overages are reused to produce further erasers.

This Japanese firm makes tiny puzzle erasers and is known for its anime design. They’re adorable, and they do double duty as erasers! The Iwako erasers contain no dangerous substances and are both lead- and PVC-free. Japanese manufacturing goes into these recycled erasers. Iwako gives careful thought to being eco-friendly in all aspects of manufacturing.

2.2. Anime


The Japanese manga/TV series/film Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a huge hit among fans. The complex designs of these erasers, known as Iwako, are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

There are seven little eraser characters in the Demon Slayer + Iwako line, all of them are concealed under blind packaging. Customers will continue to buy them until their sets are complete since they won’t know who they are getting until they open the package. There’s also a glow-in-the-dark figure, who’s so uncommon it’s almost impossible to find, in this line.

Approximately 4 centimeters in length, these Iwako erasers japan are made of soft rubber and is packaged in a foil blind bag (individually packed)

2.3. Food


Produced in Japan, the adorable Food Iwako Erasers are a hit with kids everywhere. For almost 50 years, Iwako has been producing erasers, and she maintains that she would never put a price on kids’ creativity and joy. It is hoped that both young and old may find inspiration in using these erasers. These erasers are gentle on the skin and work just like genuine thing.

We have a wide variety of Iwako eraser sets, but if you’re searching for anything specific and don’t find it here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Iwako has prepared a delicious Japanese feast for us. These are tempting us with their delicious appearance. Ramen, shrimp tempura, a Nabe, and a grill are all included.

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2.4. Vegetables


Now is the time of year when all the bright vegetables you’ve been craving have been harvested, and we’ve got them for you. Made from pliable rubber, these erasers are as useful as they are cute. 

The maize kernels can be easily removed from their husks, and the mushroom caps may be detached from their stalks, among many other examples. Vegetables are fun for kids, and yours will especially love the “green” peas that are really bright shades of yellow, orange, and pink when she uses them to erase.

2.5. Vehicle


You can just hear the shriek of excitement when you present this set of vehicle-themed erasers to your niece or nephew (or to yourself). Included in this set is a helicopter with a plastic propeller that really spins, as well as two aircraft, a bus, two railway cars, a plastic stand for the train cars, and a plastic city lamp. These rubber eraser toys are as cute as they are useful.

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In this article, we have presented all information you need to know about Iwako erasers. If you are looking for where to buy Iwako erasers, Janbox can be a good start! With just a few steps and a little amount of time, you can get these products straight from Japan effortlessly!

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