What to know about Nanoblocks – Japan’s Tiny Bricks?


Do you enjoy following directions and constructing things? For some of us, building Japanese castles or other colossal structures by following instructions is easier than imagining them in our minds. Lego may be excellent for this, but their larger kits may burn a big hole in your wallet. So Nanoblock comes as a better alternative for those with this passion because it is less expensive. But what are they? And what to do with them? Keep reading on to explore these all! 

1. History of Nanoblock

Nanoblocks are small building blocks, true to their name. First introduced in 2008 by Japanese toy manufacturer Kawada, Japanese nanoblock has gained popularity among aspiring model builders all over the world, from Sydney to London. Its appeal is due of how much it resembles LEGO, although being significantly smaller! Each brick is just 4 mm x 4 mm x 5 mm, that is around one-eighth the size of a Lego brick. As a result, you can exhibit three times as many works on your shelf, in your workplace, or in your locker at school.

Nanoblock sets

But don’t be fooled by their diminutive size! Nanoblock sculptures are intricate (and entertaining) collector’s goods due to their high level of detail, particularly the Japanese-themed nanoblock sets that we will be introducing to you in the next area!

2. List of Nanoblock sets available

As mentioned above, Nanoblock set is made up of small, colorful interlocking bricks. When these bricks are put together, miniature versions of things like space shuttles, musical instruments, and other items from the actual world are created. So, enter Nanoblock if you’re seeking for a fun and imaginative activity to keep yourself busy.

If you have browsed through the nanoblock Japan official website there are numerous sets of Nanoblocks available on the market. Here we go with some of them now. 

2.1. Mini Collection Series

Mini Collection Series

The Mini Collection series models are perfect for novices. It is because each set contains 60-100 blocks. As such, the completely built sets just fit easily in the palm of your hand. Although these sets are small, each one has a distinct level of difficulty, so whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new challenge, you’re sure to find something that’s suitable for your skill level. From models of musical instruments, dinosaurs, monsters, and holiday memorabilia, it seems that everyone has her/his favorite set.

2.2. Pokemon Set

Pokemon Set

It might be really intriguing to include Pokemon figures in your collection of Nanoblocks because they are so adorable! From Valor, Mystic or Instinct, Kwada has one set for them all. There is also the Pokemon 20th anniversary Nanoblock series for those of you who expect to something more limited. 

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2.3. Dragon Quest Set

Dragon Quest Set

This series recreates all of your favorite 8-bit moments with a range of Dragon Quest armored heroes and sinister creatures. This means that you can have fun building from the scratch the Dragon, Mummy, or the crowd-favorite Slime. 

2.4. Evangelion Set

Evangelion Set

A replica of the Neon Genesis Evangelion character Eva Unit-01 will liven up any workspace! It has a difficulty rating of three (of of a possible five) based on its 370 total components, but comes with thorough assembly instructions just in case.

2.5. Hatsune Miku Set

Hatsune Miku Set

The Vocaloid pop idol’s pixelated form is nonetheless cute! In the Hatsune Miku set, each of her distinguishable features—including her pigtails, tie, headphones, and neon skirt—is represented in a single miniature form. Make her the focal point of your collection, and everyone will applaud her!

2.6. Yokai Watch Set

Yokai Watch Set

Check out Yokai Watch, the new anime and video game fad that is sweeping Japan, if you have Pokemon in your collection and are seeking for new monsters to hunt. The Jibanyan and Komasan Nanoblocks are prepared to protect your collection from any evil spirits that may be there. Both of them smile sweetly, a clear blue fire illuminating their brows and tails.

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2.7. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Sets

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Sets

There is a range of nanoblocks exclusive to Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. The names of the sets serve as their only means of identification.

When examining a set that can contain various versions all under the same name, the naming convention can cause some problems. For instance, a kit that offers a view of Tokyo Disneyland was first offered in 2018 and then reissued around 2021 with an improved version.

2.8. Series of Nano Gauge

Series of Nano Gauge

Train otaku can fulfill their ultimate conductor’s fantasy with the Nanoblock nanoGauge series, a line of expandable electronic trains based on genuine Japanese designs.

For a breathtaking aesthetic effect, you can build the train from scratch and encircle the train tracks with your Nanoblock constructions. Using your favourite models, construct a miniature city. Next, use a connected controller to steer a train through the city’s center. You are free to use your imagination to change your trains or perhaps create a brand-new one that symbolizes you!

2.8. Series of Sights to See 

Series of Sights to See

For Nanoblock enthusiasts, the Sights to See series is an extremely alluring collection. The series includes several sets with 200 to 600 micro-blocks that depict well-known sights from all around the world in small form. This line offers an up-close and personal tour of the entire planet, from the Taj Mahal to the Moai monuments of Easter Island. As such, creating this collection of well-known sites is a method to travel via others and save a small portion of these places in our memories.

2.9. Series of Advanced Hobby 

Series of Advanced Hobby

This series is just for those who are master builders! They feature sophisticated designs with more than 2,000 distinct pieces, and even with LED lights. Unlike the basic Nanoblock set, the main focus of this series is on famous sites that were constructed on a much greater scale.

The biggest Nanoblock set and also the greatest difficulty ever are both present in the acclaimed Neuschwanstein Castle Deluxe Edition. It is regarded as a rite of passage for Nanoblock enthusiasts to purchase and finish, with 6,000 pieces and taking 10 hours to completely built.

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3. Difficulty level of Nanoblock sets

As you may aware, each nanoblock set is rated 1 to 5 in difficulty. The more pieces it requires, the more difficult it is. And for your sake, we have presented the available Nanoblock sets depending their difficulty levels in the previous section. Accordingly,  the easiest Nanoblock set is the Mini Collection Series. And the Neuschwanstein Castle Deluxe Edition(Sight to See series) with 6000 pieces is the most challenging model and it requires at least 10 hours to complete. Have a look at Nanoblock website and choose one set that you want to try to test your building skill. 

4. Why should you buy yourself at least one Nanoblock set? 

Japanese nanoblock

Do not be misled into believing that Nanoblock is a child-only toy. Nanoblocks are a fun way for kids to learn, and they challenge them to utilize their brainpower to understand the complex instructions they must follow. But playing with Nanoblocks can also be challenging for adults. Working with the tiny Nanoblock pieces also challenges adults and children’s motor skills, fostering dexterity and patience.

Additionally, magnificent desk art and home accessories can be created using nanoblock sets. The models are perfect for displaying throughout your home due to their compact size. Additionally, the range of settings available caters to a very large audience. Due of this, Nanoblock has a set for everyone, whether they like Street Fighter, Disney, cars, or even animals. Most importantly, because Nanoblocks are less expensive than Legos, people who desire to collect every set in a series will find that accumulation is considerably more affordable.

5. Where can you get your favorite Nanoblocks? 

If you enjoy building with LEGO bricks, you’ll enjoy the challenge offered by Japan’s little Nanoblock kits, the only micro DIY line that meets all of your otaku requirements. Shop at Janbox for these amazing Nanoblock patterns and more to start assembling your collection one micro-brick at a time!


Whether you want to construct a Kawada Nanoblock Dinosaur DX Giganotosaurus, a Pokemon Mega Venusaur, or even a Dream Land scene with these exclusive Nanoblocks, we have a huge selection of sets to assist you in producing stunning displays of some of your favorite figures, structures, and more!

Every step of the way, in our opinion, should be enjoyable while purchasing Nanoblocks. To guarantee that you receive your new toys as soon as possible, we offer quick delivery directly from Japan and our customer support team is happy to assist you with any inquiries or requests you may have. We’ll contact you as soon as we receive your message on our website. Now is the time to add Nanoblocks to your toy collection!

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6. Conclusion 

Now that you know where to purchase Nanoblock, why not try something new? For any hobbyist who values superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, these Kawada sets are a delight to assemble. At least one Kawada set must be part of your collection if you enjoy Japanese toys and culture. One brick at a time, use one of Japan’s miniature Nanoblock sets that you can find on the Janbox website to bring your favorite people and places to life.

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