Is It Worth Buying Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream? – An Honest Feedback


It has been said that Senka cream is excellent and that SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream is particularly eminently hydrating while remaining surprisingly inexpensive. Have you heard about it yet? 

Senka moisturizing cream is a popular Japanese cosmetic brand known for its low price and high quality. See the article below for vital information about SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream and my thoughts after using it for two months.

I/ About Senka

1.1. About Senka Group

Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido was founded in 1872, giving it almost 140 years to amass a unique and influential heritage.

For the purpose of making waves in the cosmetics industry, Shiseido Corporation introduced its Senka brand in 2002. Created with the intention of providing comprehensive face care, it includes such staples as a makeup remover, facial cleanser, sunscreen, mask, and more, and has found tremendous success in Japan.

Senka, a cosmetics brand that has been established for 20 years, is well-known in the beauty industry for its high-quality products and low prices. Senka Perfect Whip, the company’s most successful product, is Japan’s best-selling face cleanser (According to statistics from Intage SRI Data) for a decade in a row.

About SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream

This company makes skin care products that are both inexpensive and effective for the average customer. These are 3 primary items in this brand’s distribution:

  • Cleansers: Include foaming cleansers, white clay cleansers, cleaning foams for normal and dry skin, cleansing foams for oily and normal skin, and makeup removal cleansers.
  • Makeup removers: include Micellar makeup removers, makeup remover cleansers, deep makeup remover oils, mild makeup remover oils, makeup remover gels, foam makeup removers, and so on.
  • Sunscreen: Include sunscreen milk, and sunscreen gel,…
  • Masks: Include masks that contain a lot of moisture, help the skin lighten, make it feel cold, etc.

It would be remiss not to highlight Senka’s oil-control moisturizing cream as one of their staple product lines. Nowadays, the most popular and relied-upon moisturizing gel cream is SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream. So, let’s take a closer look at this product in the next part.

1.2. Uses of Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream

In general, SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream, which may be used as either a sleeping mask or a moisturizer, provides intense hydration to the skin as you sleep. In addition to its effect on skin suppleness, this cream also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The use of natural ingredients will leave your skin looking radiant, revitalized, and energized.

Uses of Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream

Extracts including collagen, silk, rice bran, and more readily permeate the skin and leave the skin feeling soft and supple because of the gel-to-water technology that it uses. Hyaluronic acid content is increased by 100% compared to competing moisturizers. In addition to marine collagen and silk protein moisturizing essence, black rice oil is also included in the formulation. 

The moisturizing gel in the cream acts as an anti-aging treatment, reducing wrinkles and fine lines while lightening dark spots and restoring the skin’s elasticity and vitality. helps skin retain moisture and absorb nutrients to keep it looking young; also acts as a shield against environmental aggressors like dust and pollution.

When used as a sleeping mask, a moisturizer and the water-balancing Senka Deep Moist Lotion leave skin looking and refreshed after only one application. After it absorbs entirely, your skin will be silky smooth, supple, and hydrated, and you’ll have a healthy flush of color.

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II/ How to use Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream

Here is how to use the cream according to the manufacturer manual:

– First, use all of the other products you’ve used on your face (such as lotion, toner, and serum).

How to use

– Second, use a sufficient quantity of the it and spread it all over your face and neck. Apply a quantity (about the size of a dime) all over your face and neck before bedtime to use as a mask.

– Third, use it often (every day if you want smooth, moist, and clean skin) or sometimes (as a sleeping mask) to get the best benefits. After using the sleeping mask, you won’t need to wash your face again.

The ideal way to delay the onset of aging and preserve your youthful appearance is to use the Senka Deep Moist Lotion in tandem with the cream.

III/ Detailed Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream review

One of the many names for the cream is a “sleeping mask,” due to its reputation for providing intense hydration to the skin as you sleep. For clarity, we’ll go through the product’s packaging,  ingredients, and feedback for Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream in this section.

3.1. Design, product packaging

When purchasing Senka for the first time, you can be puzzled by the similarity in packaging to other products. There is a striking resemblance between Senka Deep Moist Cream and the  Overnight Mask. But if you pay carefully, you’ll see the difference, and then you may ask the adviser for help in avoiding a bad purchase.

Review packaging

Senka Deep Moist Cream comes in paper packaging that advertises the brand, lists the major ingredients, and includes a brief business history.

The product comes in a fresh-feeling, light-blue glass container with a sturdy lid that turns forcefully and fits snugly to keep the substance within. A white plastic component inside serves as a dirt barrier. Both the company’s name and the name of the product are printed directly onto the jar itself.

Overall, everything about its style screams “luxury” and “contemporary,” and it feels extremely substantial in hand despite its seeming simplicity.

3.2. Ingredients


The cream stands out because it uses Shiseido’s own Natu-ence technology, which boosts the product’s efficacy to its absolute peak. This cream’s primary components are:

  • Marine collagen intensely hydrates to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore the skin’s youthful firmness and suppleness.
  • One such chemical is sodium acetylated hyaluronate, which contains two different forms of hyaluronic acid to provide double the hydrating power of the product’s base formula.
  • Sericine, derived from silk cocoons and a blend of 12 amino acids, makes skin silkier and more supple while also encouraging the production of new collagen.
  • Honey is a well-known natural ingredient that is packed with anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The fatty acids and vitamins in rice bran oil make it a nourishing component that may help redden your skin.
  • The capacity of the skin to retain water is improved by the use of chestnut rose extract.

With such a mild ingredient list, those with sensitive skin may use it without worrying about outbreaks or redness.

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3.3. Texture, scent


Senka moisturizing cream has the consistency of a silky white gel, albeit thick. It soon transforms into a water form and is absorbed into the skin. When fully absorbed, this cream leaves behind a cool, refreshing sensation that is neither cloying nor greasy.

Another thing that makes customers happy is that the cream is suitable for sensitive skin since it does not include any irritating ingredients like scent, alcohol, or color. heart.

3.4. Overall experience

I have dry skin, therefore I look for items that can hydrate it deeply. I use a sleeping mask called Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream every night to help with my dry skin.

In addition to feeling fairly chilly when applied to the face, the cream has a silky, lightweight consistency that allows it to absorb swiftly into the skin without leaving behind any lingering residue, making it seem almost as if I had never used it at all. Senka’s moisturizing product will be an easy choice for me since I am not a fan of perfumed beauty products.

In terms of efficacy, I noticed that after using the cream at night, my skin looked and felt more supple and healthy the following morning. When used regularly, dry, flaky skin is much improved. Though it performed its job of keeping my face hydrated, I didn’t see any whitening or smoothing of my skin as the business said it would.

3.5. Final Verdict

Experience of using SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream

Following are some of the benefits and negatives that I summarized after the experience of using SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream:


  • The substantial and weighty box adds an immediate air of professionalism and opulence to the product’s presentation.
  • After being applied to the face, the liquid gel instantly transforms into water and is swiftly absorbed without leaving any sticky residue or feeling too heavy.
  • Being able to both hydrate and retain that hydration means that your skin will look and feel refreshed upon awakening.
  • All of the ingredients are mild and safe, and there are no irritating perfumes or alcohol in the formula.
  • The pricing is lower than that of competing, well-known brands.


  • The functions of smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and brightening the skin are slow to see.
  • There are so many knockoffs out there that it’s become hard to tell the real ones from the fakes.

If you prefer buying SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream online, you may place an order directly via the company’s website, or you can choose one of the many cosmetics stores featured on popular international e-commerce platforms like Amazon, E-bay,…on Janbox.

In order to ensure that the items provided by the unit are of high quality, it is important to shop at retailers that often make significant purchases and where those products have received several excellent evaluations.

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IV/ Conclusion

The above are the most in-depth assessments I’ve made of the SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream. Hopefully, These tips should help you make the most of the buzz around the Senka moisturizer.