15 best eco-friendly dog beds in 2022

eco-friendly dog beds

Pet beds often break or tear very quickly and easily because they are made of cheap materials, or simply because your pet is too naughty to bite. Pet owners are often concerned that some bedding products contain harmful or dangerous chemicals in the stuffing, which is unsafe for humans and animals.

Those worries have now been resolved thanks to the advent of pet furniture using eco-friendly materials, high-quality cotton and fabrics, and non-toxic foam.

In this article, Janbox suggests you the best 15 eco-friendly dog beds that your pet would probably love. Let’s jump right in and get the most beautiful one for your lovely cutie! 

Top 15 environmentally friendly dog beds

1. Essentia Kingston Dog Bed


Essentia Kingston dog bed is made in North America. The inner part is a natural rubber active foam cushion, the cover is made of soft cotton that can be easily removed and washed.

The bottom of the bed is made of SoftGrip cotton, reducing scratches on the floor and firmly gripping the floor (children can play without the risk of falling). If your home has a mattress made from natural latex mattress materials, you can imagine the comfort that the bed brings to your pet.

Essentia always strives to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, which is also a plus when they introduce products to people. The bed is affordable, natural, breathable, stylish, and comfy.

2. West Paw


West Paw’s dog bed is made from recycled plastic bottles, suitable for old dogs and puppies.

This brand’s bed has IntelliLoft® padding, which meets OEKO-TEX 100 standards. If your dog doesn’t like lots of cushions, West Paw offers the Big Sky Blanket, with one side of suede and the other made of fleece fabric.

You can easily wash the mattress in the washing machine. West Paw also offers bed parts for you to replace, saving you money.

3. Avocado Dog Bed


In addition to producing mattresses for humans, Avocado has launched new products, which are eco-friendly dog ​​beds. The bed is certified 100% organic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic.

There are 4 sizes to choose from: small, medium, large, and extra large. The bed also comes in adorable colors: Green, Salmon Pink, Squirrel Gray, and Postman Blue

Avocado Organic Dog Bed is made of 100% Dunlop rubber, one inch thick. The bed is also eco-INSTITUT certified, which means free of harmful chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, and dyes.

The waterproof lining comprises 95% organic cotton and 5% polyurethane. The outer cover is removable for washing, and anti-odor. When buying a mattress, you will be given a pillow with the same material as the bed.

Alternatively, you can also find dog bed frames, which are designed to fit snugly against the mattress for perfect comfort.

4. Brentwood Home 


Brentwood Homes offers a variety of dog beds in different sizes. They are easy to clean, waterproof, and beautifully designed.

Made from high-quality and non-toxic materials that meet CertiPUR-USA standards, your dog will have a good night’s sleep. Also, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if your dog chews and swallows it.

In case the bed is damaged in some parts, you can buy a new one instead of throwing the whole bed away. The bed sheets are also removable for easy washing.

5. Rawganique Pet Bed


Rawganique is one of the most popular pet product manufacturers. This company is committed to researching and creating products that are environmentally friendly, safe, and do not contain toxic substances.

The Sesame pet bed is made from 100% organic cotton. These beds are 4 inches thick and do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the health of humans and pets.

The inner cushion is made of organic cotton very soft and durable. The shell is made of a material that is sweat-proof and deodorizes well. Overall, this is a good choice for your dog.

6. Tuft & Needle


Tuft & Needle dog cushions are made from sustainable materials (USA-poured foam, USA cotton & polyester). You can rest assured that this bed will accompany your pet for years to come.

The Tuft & Needle bed has a foam base and foam padding that can be detached from the base. The compact design is very convenient for moving. You will probably like it as it has a thick and durable cover and is easy to wash.

7. The Foggy Dog


If you are looking for a bed for your puppy, then the Foggy Dog is a perfect choice. These earth-friendly dog beds are made of recycled materials and natural fabric.

There are a variety of pricing options available to you depending on the size. However, there are only a few designs, so owners who like the cute and colorful style won’t have many choices.

8. OMI Pet Bed


If you are interested in eco-friendly dog ​​beds, you probably know OMI (Organic Mattress Inc.). The company has a manufacturing plant in the US and has very strict regulations on the production process of pet beds. Substances that are harmful to the health of pets and the environment are not included in OMI’s ingredient list, such as polyurethane foam, formaldehyde, chemical flame retardants, pesticide-treated cotton, and drugs. fungicides, and many other harmful chemicals.

Just like the eco-friendly pet beds mentioned above, the OMI bed is made from 100% organic cotton and natural rubber.

The outer cover can be removed and machine-washable. The design is very convenient for your pet to spin and play with before sleeping. To sum up, this could be the perfect bed for your lovely dog ​​to have a good night’s sleep.

9. Molly Mutt 


The Molly Mutt bed is made with recycled cotton or denim duvet covers for added longevity. There are dozens of templates to choose from to match the design of your home.

If you need to take your pet for a trip, Molly Mutt provides a water-resistant bag, so the mattress will stay safe and dry. You can use your used clothes to organize the inside. When it’s time to wash, you can take out all the stuff and put the cover in the washing machine. What a convenient and eco-friendly dog bed. 

10. P.L.A.Y.


P.L.A.Y. dog beds are made of recycled plastic bottles. It has helped recycle nearly three million plastic bottles and protect the environment by reducing packaging.

P.L.A.Y. has received a lot of love and support from customers thanks to the programs of donating beds for homeless pets, adopting dogs, and donating to human-oriented charities.

Molly Mutt has been introduced as having a variety of designs, the P.L.A.Y. does even more than that. The bed sheets are designed by many artists, you will have a lot of unique choices.

11. Hemp Organic Life 


Hemp Organic Life specializes in sleeping bags, mattress covers, pillows, and yoga mats, and humans are not the only customers.

Your pet will absolutely have a nice and comfortable sleep with Hemp Organic Life’s environmentally friendly beds.

The beds offer a variety of styles and sizes, but there are some similarities: the biodegradable bed is made from a combination of hemp, wool, and linen.

The anti-bacterial and temperature-regulating fabrics keep your pets feel comfy and minimize odors.

12. All Walks 


All Walks offers three pillow bed sizes with sustainably dyed linens, a combination that deserves to be considered.

The beds contain natural shredded latex that helps maintain their shape for over 10 years. In addition, they are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

The cover is removable for easy machine washing.

You can buy the case and accessories together, or buy them individually if these parts are broken.

13. Essentia 


Essentia’s sustainable dog beds are made of natural crumb foam.

This material not only provides maximum comfort but also durability, breathability, and pressure relief.

The cover is non-stick and adhesive-free, so you can easily take it off to put it in the washing machine.

14. Futon Shop Pet Mattress


Futon Shop’s natural pet mattress is handcrafted from organic cotton, natural rubber, and coconut fiber coir combined with some other materials. 

You have four main options to choose from Rubber and wool fillings, Coconut and wool filling, Natural wool, and Organic cotton filling. 

The wool is heat-regulating and water-resistant, so your dog’s bed will be hygienic. This dog bed also features a durable Outdura upholstery that can handle some scratches. The only thing that you need to take note that it is not entirely waterproof.

15. Harry Barker


Harry Barker manufactures a wide range of dog beds and other pet products; there are some earth-friendly. Referring to the best eco-friendly dog beds made in USA, we highly recommend the Grain Sack sheet which is made from hemp and recycled plastic bottles. 

It provides three sizes, which are Large, Medium, and Small, with such a suitable price range.


These are the best eco-friendly dog beds that Janbox would like to recommend. Is your favorite one on the list? If not, feel free to contact us. We will take a reasonable effort to update them in the article.