Japanese Sneaker Brands: Top 14 You Should Know In 2021

Shoes Like Pottery sneakers
Shoes Like Pottery sneakers

It’s undeniable that Japanese fashion has become famous all around the world. They can combine perfectly between traditional and modern styles. Not to mention, we all know their reputation through products with high quality and creative design. And obviously, Japanese sneakers are not an exception. This country is even known for its rich tradition of making shoes from men’s shoes, women’s shoes to sneakers. They all make sure they can make the best products for customers.

If you have an interest in collecting footwear, you cannot ignore this list of the top 14 best Japanese sneaker brands. We hope that you can enjoy the articles to pick your favorite.

1. Top 14 Japanese sneakers brands you should know

1.1. Shoes Like Pottery

If you’re a fan of sneakers, you cannot ignore Shoes Like Pottery, one of the best Japanese sneaker brands. The brand is famous for its vulcanized shoes, which are extremely soft and make customers comfortable. Every pair of shoes is baked perfectly inside a kiln by using the vulcanizing method.

Besides, their shoes are even sewn by the skillful hands of artisans. Because of such a unique process, their high-quality sneakers have become outstanding among others.

Shoes Like Pottery sneakers

1.2. ASICS

Asics is also listed to be one of the most high-quality brands. Each pair of shoes from this label is tested by professional athletes. After a process of careful research, the products may be changed to suitable with the shapes of the foot. Even, the materials and designs are also optimized to help their customers feel most comfortable. Especially, creative designs are also the main factor leading to their outstanding fame.

1.3. Hender Scheme

The Japanese sneakers brand is the brainchild of designer Ryo Kashiwazaki. Their sneakers are the perfect combination of traditional and modern styles. Their designs go beyond the gender-based norms imposed on us by society. Besides, they use untreated leather which gives each pair its own unique look, and that varies from owner to owner. The reason is that Hender Scheme sneakers will change based on many factors such as natural environment, users, washing, etc.

Japanese Sneaker Brands
Hender Scheme x Adidas Sneaker


It is a familiar name with the youth today because the founder and designers of this brand are new generation ones. The meaning of the Japanese sneaker brand’s name reminds us of the efforts of struggling designers inspired by the Japanese Edo Period. They tried to create new models for sneaker fans. In every item of Losers, we can see the hidden creativity which is both original and distinctive.

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1.5. NIKE

Nike is known as a worldwide popular sneaker brand. However, there are some items only manufactured in Japan. Nike Air Max 95 Premium QS ‘Mt. Fuji’ is a typical example in this case. It is considered as the symbol of Japan used in the Aimax logo on the shoe tongue. Besides, Nike Air Max 97 Premium QS Japan Limited is another limited Japanese version inspired by the Japanese bullet train.

Top Japanese Sneaker

1.6. Onitsuka Tiger’

Onitsuka Tiger founded in 1949 is known as one of the most important names in the Japanese sneaker industry. At first, the company started as a sports shoe manufacturer, then it changed to a fashionable shoe brand inspired by sports styles. Each of Onitsuka Tiger’s designs is the perfect combination between traditional and modern, which makes their shoes unique in the Japanese market.

1.7. RFW Tokyo

In reality, RFW Tokyo was founded in 1998 by designer Takashi Kanokogi. They are known for their minimalist style and simple decoration. Thanks to such a simple design, their sneakers are given much love from both men and women customers. In the Japanese market, there are many brands with colorful decorations. That’s why the slim sneakers have made RFW TOKYO outstanding among many names in the Japanese industry.

sneaker japan style

1.8. Mizuno

It is also well-known as one of the top-selling brands in the Japanese sneaker industry. Mizuno is famous for those who have an interest in running and wants to own a pair of high-quality shoes. Their products are created based on the demand of athletes. The company seems to focus on delivering shoes that are specially crafted based on unique designs. That’s the reason why their shoes are the typical example of the best materials and excellent creations.

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1.9. White atelier BY CONVERSE

Their Japanese sneaker store is located at Cat Street, Harajuku. Only in this store, you can find the limited-edition White atelier, which is known as a unique and stunning collection. This is the perfect collaboration between Converse and the professional artist.

Moreover, in this store, you can order sneakers based on your request with distinctive designs. Believe us! With such special sneakers, you will never worry about you’re out of fashion.

Converse sneaker
Japanese Sneakers Brands: Top 14 You Need To Know In 2021

1.10. Comme Des Garçons

The brand was established by Rei Kawakubo. His main purpose is to create artful sneakers for all types of customers. When any sneaker fan wants to find a pair of Japanese shoes, they cannot ignore Comme Des Garçons, one of the most famous names in this field. The iconic heart logo is considered to make the brand famous. It is also the result of perfect cooperation between Comme Des Garçons and Converse. Besides, when choosing this label, you also believe in the quality of their product because all the materials are selected carefully.


The traditional Japanese company was founded in 1873, in Kurume. The Japanese brand sneakers were known for having five-finger socks and rubber soles. This style was inspired by the old-school version. Over time, their taste for footwear changed to western shoes, which are today’s stunning sneakers. Thanks to many years of experience in this industry, the company is even believed to make shoes for Champion.

1.12. Visvim

Visvim is known as one of the most outstanding names in these Japanese sneakers brands. Because they have 18 years of experience in this field, you can totally believe in their quality. Besides, the brand’s design is inspired by American styles. When you look at their sneakers, you can immediately feel the US fashion. However, they still combine the foreign features with Japanese traditional and historical factors, which created their own fame in the market.

Japanese Sneakers Brands: Top 14 You Need To Know

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Actually, Asahi Shoes is named as a master shoemaker in this industry because their brand started in 1892 and experienced many periods to get such a successful position. At first, they were just a small tailor shop, then they even produced all types of rubber products, including tires. Nowadays, they develop many kinds of shoes, even for Champions and for Nike. They have a variety of signature sneaker lines like vulcanized ones.

1.14. SOLS

SOLS designs are inspired by the 1960s styles. Their signature shoes are in bright and bold colors. If you’re a fan of Oxford canvas shoes, you cannot ignore the Japanese brand. These shoes are extremely durable due to their reinforced rubber soles. However, the number of their shoes is just limited. If you want to have such a wonderful pair of shoes, you need to follow their website carefully and update them continuously.

SOLS sneakers brand
SOLS sneakers with the 1960s styles

2. Why should buy Japanese sneakers?

Actually, one of the most convincing reasons for this question comes from Japanese sneaker’s quality and designs. It is common for Japanese people to have very long commutes and to use public transportation, requiring a lot of standing and walking. That’s why they need durable and comfortable sneakers

Besides, it’s obvious that everyone cares about the product’s appearance. So, the local brands also focus on their creative designs by combining their traditional culture with the modern styles in each of their masterpieces.

3. How and where to buy Japanese sneakers

If you have a chance to visit Japan, Tokyo is your paradise to find out your dream sneakers. Almost all the famous Japanese brands are located in the center of this city.

In contrast, if you cannot go to Japan, some reliable websites which provide Japanese shopping proxy services like Janbox can help you buy your beloved sneakers. You can totally believe that you can find and own your favorite items through some super simple steps on this site in a short time.

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Here are the 14 best Japanese sneaker brands you cannot miss out on if you’re a sneakerhead. These labels not only bring you the most attractive designs, but also the best quality in every single pair of shoes. Believe us! Sneakers can turn you into the modern fashionista of all time. Whatever you do, a pair of comfortable shoes will reduce your stress pressure during your walking or running. Although there are a lot of famous brands in this market, the Japanese ones are still given much love from sneaker fans. So, save these above names on your list and have a happy shopping time.

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