Usage guide to order from Japan

Usage guide to order from Japan

The products manufactured in Japan are always highly valued by consumers around the world. What if you want to buy Japanese goods, but you cannot visit Japan? Don’t worry! Janbox is gonna guide you on how to order from Japan.

I/ The best websites to buy from Japan


Amazon is one of top the popular websites in the world. At Amazon, you can search for all item types in different categories such as clothes, accessories, household appliances, electronic items… Besides selling diverse products, Amazon also attracts shoppers by the easy and friendly interface.

The products are mostly provided by Amazon but distributed from other supplies. There are 3 types of sellers on Amazon Japan:

  • Products are sold and shipped by Amazon
  • Products are sold by Amazon’s partners and fulfilled by Amazon
  • Products are sold and shipped by partners

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Rakuten is also one of the biggest shopping websites in Japan. Every quality Japanese product is easily found on Rakuten.

One attractive point for fashion shoppers on Rakuten is the advanced technology ” virtual fitting room”. You only need to choose your favorite clothes, enter size, weight, height… The screen will display a model with your size to try on the clothes. From that, you can find out your fitting size.

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Usage guide to order from Japan


Nessen was established in 1972 with more than 30 million customers only in the Japanese domestic market. This is the website specializing in fashion and accessory items. Nessen always updates the hottest and latest trend in the market as long as big sale seasons in a year.


While Nissen specializes in reasonable fashion brands, Zozo focuses on high-class brands. Thousands of fashion styles are designed dynamic, youthful, unique which will help you become more confident. At the end of the year, Zozo always opens big sales with all kinds of items.


Kakaku mainly sells technology, electronics items such as cameras, computers, e-reader…

Compared to the products on other Japanese websites, Kakaku always has high reviews and reasonable prices.

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II/ Difficulties of Self-purchased

Products with the line ” made in Japan” always bring trust to users. Therefore, the demand for buying is increasing day by day. However, to order Japanese goods through e-commercial websites, you are required some conditions:

  • Understand Japanese or English to connect with sellers
  • Have an international payment card and enough money to pay for the order
  • Have a phone number and delivery address in Japan to receive products because most sellers do not ship overseas.

The best way to buy Japanese goods is via e-commercial websites where provide Japan proxy shopping services.

III/ How to order Japanese products on e-commercial websites

1. Order Japanese products quickly

With many years of experience in the field of ordering Japanese products, Janbox helps customers buy Japanese goods most simply and professionally. Janbox able to buy products from all Japanese websites for customers.

2. Steps to buy with Janbox

To use the proxy buying service of Janbox, please follow these below steps:

  • Step 1: Register for an account on Janbox:
  • Step 2: Search for your buying items
  • Step 3: After finding out your favorite items, you make a payment for the item’s value by credit card, PayPal, or Janbox points.
  • Step 4: After the item arrives Janbox warehouse in Japan, you have to choose a shipping method, pay for the shipping fee, and wait to receive your package.

3. Advantages when using Janbox service

The Japan proxy shopping service of Janbox always tries to develop constantly to improve service quality. With Janbox, you will experience the best service and advantages:

  • Convenience: You don’t need to have a received address, phone number, or any information in Japan. You can shop on Ebzuy as if you were living and experience in Japan with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, with the ” quick order” tool, you can order multiple items at the same time, which helps to save your time a lot. Besides it, you can estimate and know international shipping fee by yourself without support from ou staff. Let’s shop with Janbox to get the best experience.
  • Fast delivery: Currently, ordering via a domestic e-commerce website usually takes 2-5 days. However, with such a developed international shipping system as today, you only need to wait 9-12 days to receive your items.
  • Cost Minimization: Janbox is one of the units proving the best price for customers. With other units, you have to pay a service fee of about 8-12% total order value, but Janbox only offers 300 yen for each order. Although with a cheap service fee, but Janbox support service and optional services always ensure customer’s benefits.
  • Safety:  Janbox is the unit that assures all transactions and purchases are secure and safe. Besides it, we have 100% insurance, a return policy, and a clear claiming process. At Janbox, you can completely set your mind at rest about the product’s quality.
  • Simplified Procedures: When using Janbox’s service, customers don’t have to worried about any purchase, payment, and customs procedures. You can track your order actively by your tracking code.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: With Janbox, you are supported and consulted by a dedicated customer support team in Japan and ready to help you 24/7.

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