Kumamon bear – Mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture Japan

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If you are a huge admirer of Japanese Kawaii culture, you have probably seen the picture of Kumamon, a cuddly black bear. One of Japan’s most popular Yuru-Chara (mascot figures that advertise a location, occasion, group, or company) is the Kumamon bear. Let’s find out more about this endearing figure’s popularity in Japan as well as his enormous impact on the current Japanese population.

What is a Kumamon bear?

Kuma refers to both Kumamoto and bear, and Mon stands for “mono,” which denotes a person, thing, or characteristic that is specific to a location. Together, these two words form the name of this bear. The brief key information related to this cute bear is listed below including: 

  • Place of birth: Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Birthdate: March 12th
  • Unknown age
  • Men’s gender
  • Characteristics: Curious and cunning
  • Interests: Exercising
  • Chubby shape
  • Work as a public servant

This well-known figure debuted in 2010 as the Kumamoto Prefecture’s official mascot as part of a marketing initiative to draw visitors and locals to Kumamoto in the wake of the introduction of the Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train. At the Mitsui Garden Hotel, one of the nicest hotel suites is themed on the mascot, which is now ubiquitous around Kumamoto.

With plump red cheeks, broad eyes, and a chubby black bear-like face, Kumamon has a beautiful look. This bear, like other Japanese mascots, has a particular occupation and personality. He is in fact hired as the Kumamoto prefecture’s Head of Happiness and Sales Manager.

In addition to promoting the culture of the Kumamoto prefecture throughout Japan, Kumamon’s goal is to surprise and amuse everyone. This plump bear is beloved by people everywhere for being both naughty and kind. He enjoys dancing, athletics, and spreading enthusiasm wherever he goes.

Who did create the Kumamon bear?

Mizuno Manabu, a fashion designer, created Kumamon. The campaign’s logo was first created by Mizuno at the request of writer and producer Koyama Kundō, who managed the project’s creative components. Mizuno took the concept and went with it on his own initiative, exceeding our low expectations. 


Instead of focusing on developing a simple symbol, he decided to create a persona that would attract audiences and bring them in-just as pandas are the center of attention at zoos, Kumamon is the public face of Kumamoto Surprise. The campaign’s success is largely attributable to Mizuno’s creativity and broad perspective.

The Kumamon bear popularity across the world 

Since his introduction, Kumamon has enjoyed tremendous financial success due to Kumamoto Prefecture’s open licensing policy, which allows anyone including international companies to use the mascot’s image as long as its products promote Kumamoto-sourced goods and services.

This black bear is no longer only the Kumamoto prefecture’s PR mascot; rather, he is now adored not just in Japan but also across the world. His popularity has never decreased in his life.

At the Yuru-Chara Grand Prix, a well-known online vote that featured 349 mascot figures from Japan and beyond, Kumamon was chosen as the most popular character with 277,000 votes one year after making his first appearance in public. Therefore, we are not alone when we declare that he is one of the prettiest Japanese mascots.


Additionally, Kumamon organized the largest team of mascots to do synchronized dance in Nagasaki in 2013, setting a new Guinness World Record. Even in the 2014 video games Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch: The Movie, the character made a brief appearance.

Who can forget the “Stay strong, Kumamon” campaign from 2016? This campaign included illustrations of the adored figure along with heartfelt comments of support. Following the devastating earthquake that shook the southern island of Kyushu and severely damaged Kumamoto, these pictures quickly went viral on social media.

Kumamon is one of the Japanese bear cartoon characters that is well-known not just in Japan but also in many other nations, including France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Korea. There is usually a long queue of people wanting to get their photos taken with this adorable mascot whenever he makes an appearance in any events or programs.

Where to see Kumamon bear in Japan 

Kumamon Square 

Be sure to stop by Kumamon Square if you wish to meet this well-known figure in person while in Kumamoto. The Kumamoto Castle is 5 minutes walk southeast of this neighborhood, which is close to Suidocho station.

A tourist information office is located in Kumamon Square in the Kumamoto Prefecture. In addition to being the mascot’s employer, this location also houses a café and a gift shop that specializes in selling products decorated with adorable photos of the mascot.

The Kumamon Office of Manager

Even if the sales manager isn’t there, you can still go to his office. Numerous honors and certificates of achievement are on display at his office. If you like, you may even sit in the manager’s chair and have your picture taken for posterity.


The stage for performances

When Kumamon is there, he will bring entertaining dances and sing for everyone. The black bear will emerge onto the stage of the trading area when it is time to perform and begin his dance. The Sales Manager is often rather busy, so if you want to meet Kumamon in the exchange area, don’t forget to check the schedule in advance on the official “Kumamon Square” website!

A coffee shop and booths

The bear mascot is featured on a variety of stationery items, dinnerware, and sweets at this booth. There are several limited-edition items that are exclusively available here. Additionally, it offers Kumamoto prefecture delicacies that include Kumamon graphics and is excellent keepsakes. 

Where to buy Kumamon bear

In addition to Kumamoto and the rest of Japan, he is well-liked in Brazil, South Korea, and even China. As a result, the Kumamon bear’s picture may be seen in several publications and everyday items. Even though this is a prized hunting target for many adults, the Kumamon bear plush is one of the most popular toys among kids. Sales of Kumamon-related things have exceeded 989 billion over the previous decade, a sum that other Yuru – Chara can only dream about. This is the most striking indicator of his attractiveness.


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Today, the Kumamon bear may be seen dazzling on a variety of goods in Japan and even beyond. The French crystal company Baccarat, the German camera company Leica, BMW’s Mini, and naturally the German teddy bear producer Steiff are just a few of the international businesses that have partnered with the bear. Such partnerships have received a lot of media coverage, which has raised the prominence of Kumamon and thus increased interest in Kumamoto.