Muji moisturizing milk review: Should you buy it?


My Muji moisturizing milk review will give you an honest experience after 2 months using it, to help you decide whether it is a worth investment. When it comes to skincare, many Japanese consumers have come to love the Muji brand. 

The Muji Moisturizing Milk is a well-known Japanese skin care and moisture supplement product. Natural ingredients are used in this formula, which helps replenish lost nutrients and leave skin looking healthy and radiant. The range of products is split into three categories: moist, light, and high moist.

While some people’s experiences with the Muji Moisturizing Milk have been positive, others have found it to be sticky and unpleasant. Which argument has the most merit? Let’s find out now in this Muji moisturising milk review.

I/ About the Brand

The Muji retail chain sells a wide range of made-in-Japan goods, including cosmetics, clothing, appliances, and more. Products from Muji are highly sought after and consumed frequently because of their high quality, minimalist aesthetic, practical features, and low cost. As with many other popular brands, Muji’s products used to be difficult to acquire because they had to be purchased manually or through the website, respectively.

Now that Muji has opened its doors in many countries, foreigners can look forward to a surge in tourism and an influx ofexciting new retail opportunities. Before going to Muji moisturizing milk review, let’s first know what the brand says about the product.

II/ About the product: Uses & How to use

2.1. About Muji moisturizing milk

Muji moisturizing milk

When temperatures rise, most people opt for less heavy, more easily spreadable, and quickly absorbed lotions over heavier, more moisturizing creams. In response, Japanese dermatologists have developed a wide variety of moisturizing milk, including this product that I would review today. This product line is most recommended for dry skin, dry combinations, or skin lacking moisture in general.

In contrast to clear bottles typically used for makeup removers and toners, Muji moisturising milk comes in a white bottle. People will probably think it’s drinking yogurt or condensed milk because of how similar it looks.

Putting aside the streamlined aesthetic that is signature to Muji, you’ll notice that the product’s straightforward list of ingredients is a big win. The product is made entirely of natural ingredients and is free of any skin-damaging chemicals like alcohol, artificial fragrances, and parabens.

2.2. Uses of Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture

As moisturizer, if your skin is dry and dehydrated, Muji Moisturizing Milk can help restore and preserve its natural moisture balance. According to brand, with this Muji milk moisturizer, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • It aids in skin hydration, pore reduction, and smoothness.
  • protects against the onset of wrinkling and other signs of aging
  • It can deeply hydrate the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue.
  • Moisturizers like milk, mineral water, and other natural ingredients help skin retain its youthful glow and suppleness when used regularly.
Uses of Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture

2.3. How to use

After cleansing your face, pat some toner onto it and wait 15 minutes for it to absorb into your skin. Then, apply a thin layer of Muji moisturizing milk  all over your face.

After a minute or two, your skin will have absorbed the lotion, and instead of feeling greasy, your face will feel light and airy.

Now, let’s go straight to the main part of this article: the Muji moisturizing milk review. To review Muji moisturizing milk intensively, the section will be divided into three main parts: Packaging, ingredients, texture and personal experience.

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III/ Muji moisturizing milk review

3.1. Muji moisturizing milk review: Price

In terms of price, personally, it is too cheap for a large 200ml bottle of moisture. With a price tag of less than $15 for a 200ml bottle, I consider it to be fairly reasonable for a high-quality Japanese option.

3.2. Muji moisturizing milk review: Packaging

Muji moisturizing milk review – Packaging

As mentioned, when it comes to Muji’s product line, the bottle is cylindrical, milky white. The outer pack is labeled with the product name, and the brand in black lettering on an aluminum cap with small holes – for easy use and to prevent accidental spillage.

3.3. Muji moisturizing milk review: Ingredients

The Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture, like the rest of the Muji cosmetic range, is characterized by its composition, which is entirely derived from safe and benign natural substances and which serves a variety of beneficial purposes for the skin. The major ingredient of the product is grapefruit seed extract, which helps to reduce irritation, soothes and cools the skin, and is rich in vitamins, and the purslane leaf, which is a great source of antioxidants. 

Muji moisturizing milk review – Ingredients

Purslane leaf, which is rich in vitamins, are all present in Moisturizing milk moisture, and it contributes to its ability to decrease inflammation, soothe, and chill the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is so commonly found in beauty goods, it would be strange for Muji milk to be made without it. In addition to nourishing the skin, this nutrient aids in skin restoration, making dry, damaged skin look and feel better.

Because of its high water content, Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture penetrates the skin quickly and leaves it feeling silky smooth without being greasy.

Milk, mineral water, grapefruit seed essence, purslane, and many more moisture-rich and highly benign natural components are extracted to make up Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture, which helps to keep the skin moistened. to maintain one’s youthful glow at all times. Also, there are no artificial flavors, chemicals, or preservatives in this product. Japanese Muji milk is guaranteed to be risk-free for all users.

3.4. Muji moisturizing milk review: Texture

Muji moisturizing milk review – Texture

Because it is mostly water-based, when applied to the face, it penetrates fast and cools the skin incredibly well; if the skin is peeling, the discomfort will be relieved immediately.

Unlike many other moisturizing products, Muji milk moisturizer’s thin and light milky nature helps it to penetrate deep into the skin for a truly profound hydrating impact. Furthermore, utilizing Japanese Muji Moisturizing Milk is an extra cure that helps to maintain the skin’s moisture levels, which is especially vital for dry, dehydrated skin.

3.5. Muji moisturizing milk review: Personal Experience

Muji has been acknowledged and classified as a best-seller, so I don’t doubt much about its effects. Muji’s cosmetic products are super simple, with no unnecessary ingredients such as colorants, scents, etc. I’ve used nearly all of Muji’s lotion bottles and am quite pleased.

The product I’m using has two lines that I’m utilizing: the product is for dry skin and the product is for oily skin. The packaging is white, it is modest but lovely. The cream is slightly liquid, odorless, and absorbs fast into the skin, leaving no shine or discomfort. I’m also using a couple more items. 

The effect it provides is extremely noticeable, especially the moisturizing abilities. Following a night of use, my skin becomes smoother and smoother. However, it simply hydrates their skin or uses it before makeup to achieve a smooth, moist foundation free of mold.

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IV/ Where can you buy Muji moisturizing milk?

If you’re in Japan and looking for Muji moisturizing milk, your best bet is to shop at a local drugstore or convenience store, where you’ll be more likely to find genuine items. eBay and Amazon both stock the goods in large quantities, so customers from outside Japan are welcome to make purchases there.

To purchase Muji moisturizing milk products from Japan, you can order them from various online shopping platforms, Japanese e-commerce websites, or imported goods stores from Japan.

In fact, the Muji brand distributes their skincare products, including moisturizing milk, specifically for the Vietnamese market. These products are imported and widely available throughout the country. However, if you prefer to use domestically made Japanese products, you can order them through the Janbox shopping app, which specializes in purchasing authentic goods from Japan and the United States.

Janbox is connected to major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Mercari, Yahoo, offering a wide range of products across various categories. Additionally, Janbox provides direct shipping to Vietnam within 7-10 days at very affordable rates. You can visit their website at or download the Janbox app from the App Store or Google Play to enjoy a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience.

Final Verdict

To sum up this Muji moisturizing milk review, I genuinely like the Muji moisturizing milk. When I run out, I’ll most likely repurchase this. Here is my overall evaluation of Muji moisturizing milk:


  • In addition to being oil-free, it also has a matte finish.
  • Water’s hydrating effects are clear.
  • No alcohol, perfect for those with delicate skin


  • Due to its higher viscosity than water, the texture doesn’t set like a gel cream but isn’t as runny as watery toners.
  • Since olive oil is the main ingredient in this moisturizer, people with active acne should be warned.
  • Since it lacks silicon, it won’t leave your skin feeling silky soft like baby powder.

However, you should carefully determine which skin type you have to choose the most suitable product to use effectively. The harmful effects of choosing the wrong one can easily cause acne for oily skin or not moisturize the right amount for dry skin.

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Here is Muji moisturizing milk review from Japan. We hope that the information provided by Janbox will be helpful to you in choosing safe and effective beauty skincare products for your body.