Findings Of Interest In The Omoshiroi Block


Japan is renowned for its meticulousness, attention to detail, and refinement in even the slightest of details. You will be even more amazed by the Omoshiroi Block memo pad in addition to the art of Origami paper folding, which can be created from a straightforward flat sheet of paper to a lifelike 3D environment. You may read more about the Omoshiroi meaning and other fascinating related information in the following article.

I. What is Omoshiroi Block?

The name of this pad translates to “funny block” or “funny notepad” since it is a sticky note having various colors on which users can jot down reminders and notes. Remind them to get to work up there. You can find them for between 4,000 and 10,000 yen according to the size by searching the websites of Omoshiroi Block for sale.


The Omoshiroi Blocks, which are made by the Japanese company Triad, whose primary business is making architectural models, depict a variety of famous Japanese buildings, including the Tokyo Tower, Kyoto’s Asakusa Temple, and Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera Temple. Each of the over 100 paper sheets that make up the blocks is unique from the next, just as distinct moments combine to build memories.

II. What made Omoshiroi Block so popular

Have you ever questioned why Omoshiroi costs so much for a simple memo? What makes them so well-liked and attractive to customers? Below are all the answers.

1. The incredibly detailed models

What initially appears to be just a typical block of square tags is created by the Japanese using laser cutting technology. Each of these blocks is made up of many more than 100 pieces of paper, which are then placed one upon the other like little layers to create a stunning, careful, and delicate paper-based building.

The stunning structures that make up this architectural chain include famous Japanese sites like the Tokyo Tower, the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, and the Kiyomizu Dera Temple in Kyoto. It’s a clever approach to get people to utilize their notebooks while also leaving behind a unique sculpture that is worth retaining even after the notes have been used up. Versions of these special papers are also available with “things” like a violin, camera, or dog.

The Omoshiroi Block is a meh pad, to put it simply. But the plain memo pad is actually what would eventually turn into a very unique work of art that we did not anticipate. You will be amazed at how each piece of art progressively appears after each rip thanks to the meticulousness and perfection in each cut.


2. Manual work without mass production

The maker will put a lot of time and effort into researching and developing a stunning design for the Omoshiroi pad. Because it requires a lot of manual labor and effort, buyers are more interested in them. Additionally, only appropriate scales will be used for Omoshiroi manufacture. Because models must be changed frequently, large production is impractical and unreasonable. As a result, the Omoshiroi Block price will increase with an increase in production expenses.

3. A large number of orders in the world

You can have access to a lot of unique models when you purchase an Omoshiroi pad, for instance, Building Omoshiroi Block, well-known movie characters, Vehicle Omoshiroi Block, and Music Omoshiroi Block. Customers enjoy this product all over the world, not just in Japan, thanks to its gorgeous and practical design, which has caused the number of orders to soar.

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III. How to make Omoshiroi notebooks

Leave it to the stationery-obsessed Japanese to invent a new way to enjoy writing notes. It employs laser-cutting technology to make what appears to be a standard square cube of paper note cards at first. However, as the note cards are used, an item begins to appear. And you’ll need to go through the complete deck of cards to find the concealed object. 


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The Tokyo Tower, which is located in the center of the city, as well as a number of other well-known Japanese monuments, have so far been made available. Kiyomizudera Temple, a gorgeous Buddhist refuge in Kyoto, has also been included. A steam train, film camera, piano, and violin are among the small model figure-style collection that has already been released.

IV. Where can you buy Omoshiroi blocks?

To make a purchase, go to the official Omoshiroi Block website of Triad. However, asking a proxy buying service to buy for you is also a good idea because of the frequent overload of orders. You can find services to purchase this product by searching for “Omoshiroi Block jp” or “Omoshiroi Block buy online.” One of them is Janbox, which has a wealth of experience in both purchasing Japanese items and providing worldwide shipping.

Janbox is a cross-border e-commerce platform specializing in providing reliable and top-notch proxy shopping and forwarding services from Japan to Vietnam. When shopping through Janbox, you can freely search and choose from a wide range of domestic products in Japan, thanks to Janbox’s direct connections with major Japanese e-commerce platforms such as Amazon Japan, Mercari, Rakuten, Yahoo Japan, and more.

For Omoshiroi blocks products, you can order directly through Janbox by following these steps:

– Step 1: Access the website or download the Janbox application. Then, register an account and log in to start the shopping process.
– Step 2: Search for the desired product by entering its name in the search bar or browsing through product categories.
– Step 3: Choose the suitable product for you. Carefully review the product description, price, seller information, shipping details, and more.
– Step 4: Place your order and proceed with the first payment, which includes the product price and proxy fee.
– Step 5: After Janbox purchases and delivers the item to their warehouse, proceed with the second payment, which includes the shipping fee and any additional service fees if applicable.

Janbox helps you purchase Omoshiroi blocks at the best prices and ensures delivery to Vietnam within 7-10 days, guaranteeing genuine products.

V. What applications are the Omoshiroi Block shapes appropriate for?


Nothing is more appropriate for the Omoshiroi pad whether used as a decoration or a gift because it is a high-end and pricey item. It is a valuable and opulent gift that you can give to associates, business partners, or your kids if they haven’t had the chance to travel around.

For adults: It is useful not only as a pad but also as a paperclip and a pen box, which are very important for office work or for a businessman. Your workspace will look much nicer because of Omoshiroi Block’s shape. When you have kids, there is nothing more amazing than waking up to gorgeous vistas every day without having to travel there. Particularly during this time, when travel is impractical. Children will feel considerably happy if they have a lovely study space.

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Omoshiroi Block, regarded as one of Japan’s most priceless masterpieces, has long been a source of pride and eternal inspiration. Hopefully, it will be more widely available for purchase in the near future, allowing individuals who adore the originality and enchanted beauty of these pages to possess one (or more) of the products.