Shipping service From Japan to the UK

Shipping service From Japan to the UK

Import from Japan to UK

Online purchasing is becoming more popular all around the world. You may shop for the item you desire from the comfort of your own home using major worldwide e-commerce sites. However, the import from Japan to UK may be challenging because many Japanese internet businesses do not provide international delivery. So, how can you readily acquire Japanese goods while in the UK? Janbox will provide you with the solution in this article.

I. The attractiveness of Japanese goods

The term “domestic Japanese goods” has been used as a standard measure of products for a long time. When we talk about Japanese domestic goods, we’re talking about high-quality items like household appliances, diapers, and cosmetics. So, why are Japanese items so well-known worldwide?

import from japan to uk

1. Perspective on production

Recognizing the significance of customers since the 1960s, all Japanese businesses have modified their perspectives and production techniques in order to provide the highest quality, because only quality can hold solid in the market. As a result, Japan’s tagline “Quality connected with national honor” was developed.

2. Excellent product quality

The fundamental cause for Japan’s economic success is product quality, making Japanese domestic products even more appealing. Because excellent roots are required for a tree to grow large and robust, the Japanese business concept is to do more than talk. From the management process to the manufacturing process to the Japanese inspection procedure, everything is meticulously scrutinized, with precision down to the millimeter.

All Japanese items, including food, cosmetics, milk, ceiling fans, and so on, are well appreciated and held in high regard. Japanese manufacturers believe that it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to consume and that enterprises will never be able to establish a footing and flourish if they cannot provide high-quality items.

3. Good reputation

The spirit of the Japanese Samurai is that credibility is more important than anything else. This consciousness is cultivated from an early age by Japanese families’ upbringing, all for the benefit of a decent society because anyone who does not maintain their religion would be observed negatively. Japanese firms are following the same way: if they do something so wrong that they have to repent to the public, they will never be able to rise beyond their shame, regardless of their financial potential and competence.

4. Perfectionism

The Japanese virtue of perfectionism aids their upward mobility. They are continuously striving for perfection in everything they prepare and consume. That is why Japanese companies invest a lot of money every year merely to refresh their machinery and technology in order to produce the best items.

5. Working style and philosophy

Japanese people are incredibly dedicated to their jobs, and they may work and forget about their personal hobbies. That is why Japan’s population is aging: individuals who like their profession do not marry.

Japan’s unique system of lifetime employment and compensation based on seniority is the basis for the country’s rapid development and the Japanese people’s preference for labor. If they pass the exam and become full-time employees, they will be allowed to work till retirement if they have no personal difficulties.

The Japanese economy is greatly influenced by the lifetime system. The first is to alleviate people’s concerns about unemployment, allowing them to feel safe in the workplace and encouraging them to view the system and incentives as long-term rather than short-term. Reconciling the compensation structure with officials, allowing employees to feel safer at work. The second purpose is to establish a sense of collectivism among employees in order to foster collaboration and help organizations grow.

II. The import process from Japan to UK 

What actions must you follow in order to import items from Japan into the United Kingdom? The following guide is provided here, with each step clearly listed.

1. Search for an exporter

Quality Japanese items are great, but will they still be quality products when they reach the UK, or will they be things with fraudulent labels? Many businesses prioritize profit over the quality of their products for their customers. That is why Japanese goods are of such high quality, but in order to obtain the greatest products, you must first learn about respectable distribution companies.

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Janbox is one of them. The most recognized delivery and purchasing company in Japan. You may order anything on several Japanese e-commerce platforms or online stores. It’s fine if you’re unsure about the products to select. Janbox staff will assist you in selecting the finest one for your needs.

2. Send the goods information to Janbox 

You must specify the item’s precise name as it appears on the website, as well as the quantity needed. Fill in the boxes for the size, color, and design you choose, if applicable, since we’ll need this information to complete your order. Please share any further information you have in the comments area. Remember to double-check everything before sending it in!

3. International payments

To import items from Japan to the United Kingdom, you must pay in full. You must first pay a deposit to secure your purchase. Then select one of the two payment methods listed below.

  • Method 1: Use your Janbox wallet to pay. It suggests that you will make a deposit into Janbox’s wallet. One yen is equivalent to one point. If you choose this option, Janbox will deduct the appropriate number of points when you pay for your order. The points left will be applied to your next order.
  • Method 2: You can pay with a credit card or using PayPal. The transaction has now been completed.
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4. Select the method for transporting goods onshore.

Once you’ve completed the previous steps. We’ll deliver the products to you and store them safely in our warehouse. Choose your desired mode of delivery. 

  • Air Freight: This is the quickest mode of air freight transit. This is the most cost-effective alternative if you want urgent orders. With this delivery method, you can expect to get your purchase in 3-7 business days. It’s not only quick, but it’s also secure for your package. At international airports, it is rare that products would be lost.
  • Sea Freight: You may use this shipping option to save money when importing items from Japan to the UK. Due to the huge number of invoices and clear papers required by the sender, the estimated time will be in the region of 15-30 days.

5. Wait for the products to be delivered to the domestic warehouse and then pick them up.

If you are in the UK, we can deliver the items from Japan to the UK with your address. A tracking number is included with each shipment method. You’ll be given a tracking number, and you can follow your order’s progress on the Janbox website. The approximate delivery time is 7-10 days. It is decided on the type of delivery you choose. All that remains is to pay the international shipping fee and wait for the things to arrive.

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III. The import fees from Japan to UK

The fact that Japanese products are constantly favored by buyers throughout the world, yet there is a drawback that will lead the price and shipping cost of these items to rise in Japan. Although these are fairly high costs, buyers may be certain of the product’s quality and endurance. The import from Japan to UK cost is determined by the shipment method, product weight, and destination country.  

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1. Method for calculating shipping costs from Japan to UK

  • Why is calculating the chargeable weight necessary?

There are two columns relating to weight on the air waybill: Gross weight (actual weight) and Chargeable weight (chargeable weight). The information in the chargeable weight column is used to calculate freight charges and may be equal to or larger than the actual weight (Gross weight).

Because light and heavy cargoes tend to exceed the threshold before the cargo compartment is completely full. Light and bulky objects, on the other hand, tend to take up room in the plane and fill the cargo hold before the payload exceeds the limit.

As a result, the International Air Transport Association – IATA – has developed a regulation outlining the main norms and techniques for determining the charged weight of express products. Bulky products will be estimated using the volume weight and heavy goods will be calculated using the actual weight (Gross weight / Volume weight).

  • How to figure out international shipping costs

Step 1: Calculate your actual weight

Determine the package weight using the scale. Round up to the nearest half a kilogram.

Step 2: Calculate your volumetric weight

Multiply the length by width and height to get the volume (each dimension is rounded to the nearest centimeter).

Volumetric Weight = (Length x Width x Height)/5000 (kg)

Step 3: Compare the actual and volumetric weights

Compare the package’s actual and bulk weights and use the higher figure as the freight weight.

Step 4: Determine your freight rate

To determine the international shipping cost, multiply the computed weight by the shipping price list of each shipment unit.

2. Notes 

  • The weight will be rounded to the nearest 0.5.
  • Packages must be packaged using shrink film and pallets for international transit to reinforce and secure the products. As a result, the actual weight charged to a carrier such as Janbox will be more than the total weight of the products. To compensate for the cost difference during transit, the billable weight of each shipment will be rounded up to 0.5.
  • This is also the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) general regulation, which applies to all international airlines.

IV. How long to ship from Japan to the UK

1. By air

Shipping things from Japan to the United Kingdom via air will take only one week. There will be no need to wait long because the plane is moving quickly. Furthermore, by sending your product by air, you will avoid having to go through the customs of many countries and waste time processing paperwork and bills.

2. By sea

When cargo is shipped by sea from Japan to the United Kingdom, it may pass through Singapore, a key hub port. Container ships traveling from Japan to Europe stop at a number of ports along the way and also go via the Suez Canal. Before landing at Southampton, UK, container ships stop at various European ports such as Rotterdam, Hamburg, and others. As a result, when estimating delivery time from Japan to the United Kingdom, add two to three weeks to the actual sailing time.

import fees from japan to uk

V. What items can’t be delivered?

Based on domestic and international restrictions, the following products are prohibited that you cannot import from Japan to UK. To prevent making trading blunders, you should consult attentively.

  1. Drugs, addictive substances, narcotic substances, nerve stimulants
  2. Weapons, ammunition, military equipment
  3. Depraved and reactionary cultural products, publications, and documents with defiant contents cause insecurity, undermining national solidarity
  4. Explosive substances,  dangerous substances, or unhygienic, polluting the environment
  5. The products are not allowed to circulate, trade, export, or import
  6. Living organism
  7. Prohibited items from import according to the World Postal Union (UPU)
  8. Currency, checks, and papers of value such as money
  9. Letter in the parcel
  10. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum…), gemstones, or other products made from precious metals
  11. Publications for the blind
  12. Types of medical equipment that are not yet allowed to be used
  13. Medicines for human treatment, vaccines, medical-biological, cosmetics, and chemicals for insecticidal and bactericidal in the field of household and medical use have not been permitted for use
  14. Authorities will confiscate illegal items or things with an unknown provenance that cannot be proven and will not be reimbursed
  15. The types of medical cosmetics that have not been announced to the competent authority


Japanese products are constantly assessed for quality in order to ensure the safety of human health. Because the Japanese take such special care of their things, even secondhand Japanese items are in great buying demand. 

When buying overseas products in difficult situations, the best thing to do is consult a reputable Japanese proxy buyer like Janbox. It is not difficult to import from Japan to UK. Visit our website right now to get your favorite Japanese things dispatched swiftly.