TOP 10 most expensive Bearbrick in the world

most expensive bearbrick in the world

The word “expensive” comes to mind when it comes to rare art. The most intriguing, rare, and expensive Bearbrick figurines in the world are one-of-a-kind creations that will end up in carefully guarded private collections. However, once they hit the market, they command exorbitant rates. We look at ten of the most expensive Bearbrick figures in this article.

I. The beginning of Bearbrick

Medicom Toy, a Japanese firm best renowned for its plastic figures, designed and produced BE@RBRICKS. The company was founded in 1996 with the goal of producing limited edition figures and licensed merchandise. Bearbrick is the ‘bear’ that has become a huge figure in both the fashion and art worlds. The bearbrick is a brilliant design that seamlessly combines the simplicity of a plastic toy with the aesthetic impact of modern art and dynamic stylish fashion.

Bearbrick, also known as BE@RBRICK, is a one-of-a-kind vinyl toy that has become one of the most coveted collectibles since its release over 20 years ago. Despite being a simple plastic toy, bearbrick has been used by some of the world’s most prestigious fashion firms and designers to display their latest designs and initiatives.

expensive bearbrick

The plastic bear figurine is valuable to collectors despite its low price. Furthermore, some of these are auctioned for tens of thousands of dollars. This is why it’s been dubbed “a collector toy for adults” by American singer Joe Hahn.

Bearbrick has become one of the most well-known and sought-after brands in the world since its debut. While most toy figurines are designed for youngsters, these bear-like items have appealed to a more sophisticated audience. The fact that each Bearbrick edition is unique in terms of design. It has become something of a trophy for these reasons, coveted by many yet held by a select few.

II. Why is bearbrick so expensive?

2.1. Different sizes

Bearbrick is a trend in which toy collectors offer and create high-value items. These bears are categorized according to their size; the first and most common Bearbrick size is 70mm (100%). This is the foundation for subsequent designs, which are separated into 50% (lowest) and 1000% (highest).

Bearbricks are incredibly expensive and in limited supply, therefore only the true “Richkid” can indulge in this pastime.

most expensive bearbricks

2.2. Limited quantities

The number of these toys is extremely restricted, and collecting them necessitates a great deal of dignity in addition to money. Each 50% (35mm) version comes in its own box, and the customer will have no way of knowing which of the 12 models is printed on the cap.

Each of the 24 boxes is sold once in the summer and once in the winter. As a result, collecting the entire set is quite tough, and it has become a trend for collectors to go on the seek models they don’t have.

2.3. Including well-known brands

Bearbrick has become a new and increasingly popular phenomenon by cooperating with well-known companies like Bape, KITH, Chanel, Marvel, and top artists such as Daft Punk. It grew in popularity and became a high-end toy for the wealthy.

Aside from these lucky numbers, the following publications are the hardest to obtain: Gifts, promotional goods, and other models that will not be made accessible to the general public…

2.4. Values in the arts and cultures

At the intersection of art, fashion, culture, and fun, Bearbrick has accomplished the near-impossible. Everyone, regardless of gender or age, has been charmed by the simple and familiar design. Although limited production methods keep the mania alive, it’s the collabs that propel Bearbrick forward.

most expensive bearbrick in the world

Bearbrick is incredibly rare, and it has led the path for other companies to release limited-edition toys and items. Small pieces have become an indisputable fixture in the realm of streetwear, and they are destined to last. That is all reasons why Bearbrick costs hundreds of dollars now.

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III. Top 10 most expensive Bearbricks

3.1. Bearbrick x Marvel Ironman Mark 85 – Price: $4,950

Marvel’s Iron Man in his Mark 85 armor from the film continues Medicom Toy’s Avengers: Endgame Bearbrick Series! The Aveners: Endgame Iron Man Mark 85 Armor Bearbrick comes as a 400% and 100% Be@rbrick 2 Pack that stands 11″ and 3″ tall, respectively. The price of BE@RBRICK X MARVEL IRONMAN MARK 85 1000% is around $4,950. 


3.2. Bearbrick CLOT x Nike – Price: $1,245

The “Black Silk” 1000% BE@RBRICK and “Black Silk” 1000 percent BE@RBRICK + Air Force 1 set, are priced at $985 and $1,245. The 1000% BE@RBRICK contains a removable “Black Silk” outer layer that reveals a “Royale University Blue Silk” covering, conveying the idea of externalism and internalism while being true to your inner self. A “Rose Gold Silk” basis can be found after removing the two layers. The limited-edition product comes packaged in a matching “Black Silk” shoebox.

bearbrick why expensive

3.3. KAWS Dissected Bearbrick – Price: $10,000

KAWS, an American artist, is known for designing one-of-a-kind character designs that have been made into sculptures and other works of art all around the world, the most famous of which is his Companions series of clown-like characters with qualities resembling Mickey Mouse.


In the KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick lineup, Kaws collaborates with Bearbrick using his Companions. It’s one of the few Bearbricks with separate designs for each half of the Bearbrick’s body, with one half depicting the outside of the Companions and the other a “dissected” half depicting their internal organs. There are three hues available right now: black, brown, and grey, with 1000% versions costing anything from $9,000 to $14,000.

3.4. Swarovski x Colette “White Crystal Christmas” – Price: $17,000

One of Colette’s Bearbrick collaborations, this bear was featured at Colette’s “White Crystal Christmas” event, and her special was undoubtedly a chic Swarovski crystal top. Furthermore, the 400% version is included with the 1000% version. This bear has a selling price of roughly $17,000.

most expensive bearbrick

3.5. Sorayama x Daniel Arsham Bearbrick – Price: $7,500

Daniel Arsham and Hajime Sorayama are two painters that have worked with Kim Jones at Dior and have gone over into the fashion world. This Bearbrick partnership physically combined Arsham’s eroding aesthetics with Sorayama’s extraterrestrial robot illustrations, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and extremely expensive Bearbrick figure.

This sculpture was created to celebrate the opening of the NAZUKA 2G gallery in Tokyo, which opened with a show exhibiting Arsham and Sorayama’s joint artworks. Despite its unassuming appearance, this bearbrick has been resold numerous times. As a result, the price is steadily increasing. It now claims to be worth about $7,500.

Sorayama x Daniel Arsham bearbrick

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3.6. Readymade x A Bathing Ape Bearbrick – Price: $17,000

For this popular Bearbrick collaboration in 2018, Readymade teamed up with A Bathing Ape and Medicom Toy. Although several BAPE Bearbricks have been launched with the brand’s iconic “Shark” sweatshirts, this Readymade collaboration is unique in that an actual BAPE hoodie was created just for this figure. On some online stores, the lowest asking price for this item is now roughly $17,000.

Readymade x A Bathing Ape Bearbrick

3.7. Karimoku Walnut Wood 1000% Bearbrick – Price: $6,200

The selling price of this bearbrick, which was released in 2013, is now $6,200, and it has been steadily climbing since then. Medicom Toy has collaborated twice with Karimoku, a Japanese furniture maker, to create handcrafted wooden Bearbrick models. Bearbrick was built of wood and manufactured by Japanese artisans in their first partnership.

Karimoku Walnut Wood 1000% Bearbrick

3.8. Coco Chanel Bearbrick – Price: $74,999

In 2007, famed French fashion designer Coco Chanel was immortalized in her own Bearbrick for a charity auction by another renowned designer, Karl Lagerfield. As a result, this one-of-a-kind Bearbrick was created in her likeness.

The Coco Chanel 1000 percent Bearbrick is difficult to find in markets and auctions because it was designed for a one-time event and was never replicated. Its rarity is reflected in its price, which has continuously risen over the years and is now valued at $74,999 online!

Coco Chanel Bearbrick

3.9. The Contemporary Fix x Sense Stainless Steel Bearbrick 1000% – Price: $58,000

This bearbrick weighed 14kg and was made of stainless steel. Back in 2009, the retail price was £34,000 (roughly $58,000). This figurine is highly sought after among die-hard Bearbrick collectors, as it was created by the minds of boutique The Contemporary Fix and SENSE Magazine to mark SENSE’s 9th anniversary.

The Contemporary Fix x Sense Stainless Steel Bearbrick

3.10. Yue Minjun  “QIU TU” 1000% Bearbrick – Price: $160,000

Yue Minjun designed this Bearbrick in 2008 to honor Chinese artists and use his unique art form. Minjun’s artwork of himself with the look of frozen laughing is depicted in the figure, which has a wide-open gaping mouth and a cheery demeanor. Yue Minjun is one of China’s most well-known artists, which no doubt contributed to the Bearbrick’s exorbitant price. It was sold at auction for a whopping $160,000, making it one of the most expensive Bearbricks in the world ever sold.

Yue Minjun “QIU TU” 1000% Bearbrick

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The influence of Bearbrick on streetwear is undeniable. It has paved the road for other manufacturers to introduce their own limited-edition products and toys, thanks to its limited-edition and uncommon things. These expensive bearbrick figurines have become an indisputable mainstay in the world of streetwear, and they’re not going away anytime soon.