Top 10 cool things to buy from Japan –

Top 10 cool things to buy from Japan -

What are some of the cool things to buy from Japan? If you’re planning a vacation to Japan and need some guidance on what to buy, here’s a comprehensive list of ten must-buy items, including Japanese household goods, exquisite Matcha green tea, functional food products, and traditional clothing. Let’s go shopping for the finest Japanese stuff to take home.

1. Omamori

The Omamori (御守/お守り), also known as the Japanese fortunate charm or lucky amulet, is usually a little bag with a rope tied around the top. Omamori is often sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and is claimed to provide various forms of luck or protection. 

Omamori can be divided into two categories. The first is rectangular talismans, which are the most common type of Omamori. Words written on paper or wood give these their strength. After that, the wood or paper is packed in a cloth bag. 

cool things to buy from japan Omamori

The morphic Omamori is the second type. This means they’re made to look like something else. The bottle gourd, bell, and mallet are the classic forms. It’s vital to know that you should never open the fabric to view what’s within! It’s insulting, and the Omamori’s power will be eroded.

Omamori may offer general protection and blessings, or they may have a specialized focus, such as:

  • Kōtsū-anzen: Trafic safety
  • Yaku-yoke: Avoidance of evil
  • Kaiun: Good fortune
  • Gakugyō-jōju: Education For students and scholars
  • Shōbai-hanjō: Prosperity – Business Prosperity 
  • En-musubi: Romance
  • Anzan: Safe childbirth
  • Kanaianzen: family safety, serenity, and wealth in the home

2. Kimono

The kimono (きもの/着物) is a traditional Japanese garment and the country’s official attire. Unless the wearer is deceased, the kimono is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment with square sleeves and a rectangle torso that is worn left side wrapped over the right. The kimono is typically coupled with zori sandals and tabi stockings and is usually worn with a broad sash, known as an obi.

famous things to buy in japan kimono

The Japanese have worn kimono for hundreds of years. The kimono is now only worn on special occasions. Women in Japan are more likely than men to wear kimonos, which are generally brightly colored and patterned. The Kimono for males is usually patternless and deeper in color and is used primarily at weddings and tea rituals.

3. Figure and Manga 

Japan is famous for figures and manga products. An anime figure is a poseable character model figure produced most usually of plastic and based on fictitious or historical characters from a film, comic book, military, video game, or television program. Boys and adult collectors are typically targeted for these figures.

cool things to buy in japan Figure_

Manga is read in Japan by people of all ages. Among the genres featured in the media are action, adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, drama, history, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, erotica (hentai and ecchi), sports and games, and suspense. Other languages have been translated into some manga series.

Manga is commonly found in publications with a page count of less than 40 pages. A comic book’s usual length is 150 to 200 pages. Regardless of length, manga is read in the traditional Japanese language flow, which is from top to bottom and right to left.

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4. Wagashi Candy

Wagashi (和菓子) are traditional Japanese sweets that are traditionally served with a cup of green tea. These seasonal handcrafted treats are generally designed like flowers, leaves, and other nature-inspired themes. Some are popular throughout the country and throughout the year, while others are only available in certain regions or during specific seasons.

Wagashi Candy

Wagashi is available in select cafes, restaurants, temples, and gardens that sell green tea. Specialty sweet shops, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and food stands also sell them. Kyoto has a lot of sweet stores, while Asakusa’s Nakamise retail district is a fantastic area to try traditional Japanese sweets in Tokyo. It can be said that these kinds of candies are cool things you can only buy in Japan.

5. Sake Wine

For Japanese people, Japanese cultural sake is a symbol of the land of the rising sun. More than just a mealtime drink! The special cultural and religious significance of sake. This is because it is not only a bridge between humans and humans but also a bridge between humans and gods. As cool stuff to buy from Japan, this alcoholic beverage is widely consumed in Japan.

Sake is a rice beverage made in Japan by fermenting refined rice into liquor. Each version appeals to a different set of preferences and tastes. There are no straightforward techniques to choose the best sake for every occasion or for each person’s tastes.

cool things you can only buy in japan sake

6. Japanese Matcha Green Tea

In Japanese, “matcha” literally means “tea powder.” The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant are used to make this premium tea. Matcha is a chlorophyll-rich cultivar that gives it its distinctive bright green hue. Matcha is regarded as one of Asia’s greatest green teas, with a distinct herbaceous flavor. It has a little sweet aftertaste that is both smooth and slightly bitter. This tea is a one-of-a-kind blend with a distinct flavor.

Matcha powder has become very popular in our dishes, as Japanese matcha tea is a very refined beverage that calms the body and mind. It’s a fantastic natural coloring additive because of its vibrant color and distinct flavor.

cool things you can only buy in japan Matcha Green Tea

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7. Furin

In the summer, a Japanese wind chime, known as furin ( 風鈴 meaning “wind bell”), is a little bell that hangs from the balconies and porches of Japanese homes. Most Japanese wind chimes are made up of three parts: the gaiken (bowl or bell-shaped exterior), the zetsu (bell clapper), and the tanzaku (strips of colorful paper that flutter in the summer breeze).

When the tanzaku is caught in the wind, the clapper chimes. The smooth ringing sound has become connected with a cold, refreshing feeling, in addition to creating a visual image of the blowing wind.

Japanese furin

8. Maneki Neko

The Maneki-Neko (招き猫: “beckoning cat”) is a popular Japanese figure thought to bring good fortune to its owner. They are commonly made of ceramic or plastic in modern times. A cat, generally a calico Japanese Bobtail, is depicted with a paw lifted in a Japanese beckoning gesture on the figure.

The figures are frequently exhibited near the entrances of stores, restaurants, pachinko parlors, dry cleaners, laundromats, pubs, casinos, hotels, nightclubs, and other enterprises. 

cool stuff to buy from japan Maneki Neko

Some Maneki-Neko comes with a mechanical paw that travels back and forth gently. Maneki-Neko exists in a variety of colors and styles, as well as varying levels of detail. White, black, red, and gold are common colors.

Maneki-Neko can be found on keychains, piggy banks, air fresheners, pots, and a variety of other items in addition to statues. If you want to find a cute and meaningful souvenir, this is one of the cool things to buy from Japan to choose from. Besides, it also means “fortunate cat” so you can share the luck with your loved people. 

9. Japanese Functional Foods

In Japan, people of all generations resort to functional food to meet a variety of needs based on their own lifestyles. The most appealing goods for the aging population are those that can assist preserve overall health, promote a good night’s sleep, and avoid joint, bone, and muscle degradation that could limit mobility. Weight loss and metabolic enhancement are common goals for products aimed at persons in their 40s and 50s. 

Japanese Functional Foods

Furthermore, market research has revealed that male and female consumers have different priorities when it comes to health advantages.

Men, on the one hand, choose foods and beverages that aid in the recovery of weariness, the prevention of hypertension, and the maintenance of general health.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to seek out beauty-related products, such as skincare, nutritional assistance, and anti-flatulent treatments.

These are other cool things to buy in Japan as special gifts for your friends and relatives.

10. Japanese Household Products

When people think of Japan, they often think of things that are long-lasting, attractive, and convenient. When it comes to home appliances, Japanese items are always small and elegant, but they are incredibly useful in family life. Japanese household appliances are typically trusted because of their high quality and reputation.

The Japanese corporate theory is that “product quality is the country’s prestige.” They always use the most cutting-edge modern lines in their manufacturing. Furthermore, the materials utilized in manufacture are good, long-lasting, and non-toxic. Each product undergoes extensive testing before being offered to the market. As a result, certain major powers, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and others, must continue to import these commodities from Japan.

Similarly, these products are famous things to buy in Japan that have a global reach. Everything from spoons and chopsticks to the most up-to-date automobiles is available. For the Japanese, quality over quantity is paramount, and family life takes precedence. As a result, even the tiniest home things are painstakingly groomed and kept. Japanese products are high-quality and long-lasting. It also provides consumers with a sense of freedom and convenience. The bulk of international users always prefers Japanese household goods models.

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If you don’t know where to get your items, internet sales platforms have all cool things to buy from Japan. However, before purchasing goods, users should thoroughly evaluate the seller’s information and authenticity. To be more secure, you should buy from famous websites like Amazon, Rakuten, Mercari, etc., or a proxy buyer like Janbox to receive a variety of fascinating discounts.