The Beard Club Reviews: Ultimate Guide (2022)


The Beard Club has amassed incredible social media followers and has been extremely popular nowadays. Yet, beyond the advertising, many customers wonder about its worthiness, or if it is just merely good marketing. By removing fluff from advertisements, The Beard Club reviews today will help you decide if this is your last stop for a healthy beard.

I/ Brand Overview

For many generations, men have been expected to have beards as a cultural signifier of masculinity. It’s not easy to cultivate one, and it takes a lot of time and effort to do.

The Beard Club reviews

Chris Stoikos, Mike D’Agostini, and Alex Brown, beard enthusiasts that understand the struggles, founded The Beard Club in 2015 with the motto “Don’t Grow it Alone.” The Beard Club wants to ease the efforts to cultivate a beard, and give you the freedom to groom your facial hair in whatever style and whenever you like. Since its beginnings, the company has compiled everything needed (and more) to grow and healthily maintain a beard while keeping costs low. 

The Beard Club is unique because its efforts aren’t limited to making high-quality beard care products; rather, its vision is to include the formation of a community devoted to fostering the growth of outstanding facial hair.


II/ Reviews of products – Does The Beard Club work?

The Beard Club is a monthly delivery service for men to get and keep a full, healthy beard with minimal effort. The Beard Club offers 3 main categories: Growth, Trimmer, and Grooming Kits. However, the bestseller shines in the Growth one. The Beard Club Growth Kit review includes 3 sets. In the Beard Club Reviews, we will analyze their 3 subscription options: the Starter, Advanced and Ultimate sets.

1. Starter Growth Kit

– The Beard Club Growth Kit Overview

The Starter Kit is best suited for those who are new to The Beard Club and would like to give it a try

The Starter Kit, as the name implies, is best suited for those who are new to The Beard Club and would like to give it a try. These sets are of great value, and they contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that the body requires: More than 20 vitamins and minerals, including Biotin and MSM, are packed into each capsule of the 60-pill bottle of Growth Vitamins. Additionally, the Zinc and vitamin D found in these foods promote healthy testosterone levels.

As the functions suggest, they are designed to promote healthy hair expansion. A starter kit includes Oil for beard growth, beard vitamins, shampoo, and other free hair care products.

  • The Growth Oil contains a variety of beneficial oils like Castor and Coconut Oil, and it is packaged in 1 oz. bottle. When applied, the oil helps to fortify the hair’s foundation, add thickness to the hair shaft, and soothe itchy skin and frayed ends. Beard oil can be used to replenish the oil as needed.
  • The beard shampoo is to ensure that any excess oil is washed away. “If you find that your hair loses too much oil after washing with regular shampoo, this product may be for you.” – John Jones, stated on The
  • The complimentary comb (crafted from solid Pear wood and featuring wide teeth) is a nice touch that goes well with the other items in the set.

– What have the customers reviewed so far?

There’s a good reason why this kit is so popular. Let’s look at the most recent reviews on Amazon:

  • “I love the smell of this product and I like the oil and shampoo” (Nate – 24th July 2022)
  • “Would have rated it higher BUT, but my bottle came without the dropper installed. Had to pull a dropper out of one of our scented oil bottles, wash with dish soap, and install it in my bottle! Just a few drops smoothed my beard out great and the sandalwood smells is nice. Would buy it again.” (J. Newton –  30th April 2020)
  • My nephew loves it I rebuy when he runs out (MaKiah Love – 22nd August 2021)

There are also many “​​The Beard Club reviews before and after” of this kit available online. 

The Beard Club reviews before and after

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2. Advanced Growth Kit

– The Beard Club Growth Kit Overview

Beard Club Reviews – Advanced Growth Kit

You should upgrade to The Advanced Kit if you found success with The Starter Kit. The Advanced Kit includes Beard Growth Vitamins, Beard Growth Oil, Beard Growth Vitamin Spray, Beard Shampoo. Customers feedback that they also give you three gifts with your first order, so you can give a try on growing and maintaining a full, healthy beard.

With the Advanced Kit, throughout the day, your fuzz will remain hydrated thanks to these exquisite products.

  • Biotin, Bamboo, Vitamin D, Peppermint, and Lavender Hydrosol are just some of the oils and nutrients that go into the 1-ounce bottle of Growth Vitamin Spray. 
  • The Beard Shampoo is especially advanced with the formulas to clean and condition beards with its all-natural blend of Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera, and natural oils like Coconut, Castor, and Jojoba. Therefore, In addition to keeping the follicles healthy and dandruff-free, it also detangles, moisturizes, and refreshes your beard.
  • The thoroughness of the packaging and the inclusion of the free gifts—especially the Pearwood beard brush, have been many customers promoted to be worthy: “The brush is great for your beard and the comb is of high quality. It felt so good on my face the first time I used it that I spent several minutes simply brushing my beard.”

What have the customers reviewed so far? Let’s read the review from customers who have bought the products:

  • “The truth is, I was skeptical about the efficacy of using some oil and vitamins to grow a beard but decided to give it a go regardless. After using these items for a few weeks, I observed that my peach fuzz, which had never grown even after years, and my mustache has grown fuller than I’ve ever seen it.”
  • “This thing works just as instructed; the aroma is woody yet not overpowering, but super pleasant. I appreciate the shampoo since it moisturizes my face hair and skin.”
  • “I like the shampoo most, it has a pleasant scent. It does what it needs to do. Yet, I do think it’s a little pricey for monthly subscriptions.”
  • “Apart from making my beard softer and less dull, these products also have a wonderful scent. If you don’t want to pay for the entire set, you can always buy each product separately from their main website.”
The Beard Club reviews before and after

3. The Ultimate Kit

The Beard Club Growth Ultimate Kit Overview


The Beard Club Growth Ultimate Kit Overview

The Beard Club Ultimate kit may put a dent in your budget at $115, but once you see the quality of the products inside the box, you’ll agree that it was worth every penny.

All of the brand’s products—Growth Vitamins, Growth Oil, Growth Vitamin Spray, and Beard Shampoo—that promote healthy beard growth are included in the Ultimate Beard Growth Kit, what special is that this kit also includes a PT45 Trimmer. The PT45 Trimmer has a rechargeable battery and a twist handle that allows for five different cutting lengths, making it ideal for use on the beard, hair, and body. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. In addition, the Beard Club kit also features a brown tweed travel bag with leather accents and a folding comb for convenient portability.

– What have the customers reviewed so far?

In general, the reviews for this Kit are favorable:

  • “My beard was getting unruly and it was time for a change. Instead of shaving it and letting it grow back like I normally do, I decided to see if I could wrangle it in. After quite a bit of searching, I went with this trimmer and I couldn’t be happier. After watching a few youtube videos I was able to shape my beard and make it look fantastic. These clippers had no issue with cutting the hair. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an excellent product. P.S. It also works great for haircuts as well. Although probably not what they were designed for.” (Ben E., 21st Feb 2022)
  • I had this sent out to me in Afghanistan, and the package did not include a few items. I wrote to the seller, and they immediately contacted their internal departments and had another package sent to me containing the missing items. The brush and combs are made well, and I enjoy using them constantly. I had not tried the shampoo yet, however, the riptide spray, sandalwood beard oil, and cream are doing my small-but-growing beard well. The cream allows the hair to soften and keeps the sandalwood smell, which is pretty good. The riptide spray I use throughout the day helps keep the skin saturated, and not dry and itchy. I enjoyed buying this product and dealing with the seller. (David, 10th Nov 2019)
  • Having had a beard for 40 years I’ve bought a lot of products. This was a pleasant surprise as to the quality and quantity of this order. The electric trimmer is hefty with quality materials. If you have a beard you need this product (Rosemy1girl, 23rd Jan 2021)

The Beard Club reviews before and after

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III/ Beard Club Reviews – Pros and Cons

In general, the Beard Club is known for its reasonably priced, high-quality beard care products. As their main uniqueness comes from subscriptions, there are pros and cons to the products. Let’s look at it in detail:

1. Pros

  • Effortlessly, when you purchase their services, you don’t have to worry of repurchase monthly. Those items will send right to the front door on the exact date every single month.
  • The Beard Club sells kits that include multiple items, making it easy to buy in bulk or give as presents. Each type of kit (grooming, growth, and trimmer) comes in three different sets suitable for different needs and budgets.
  • You can pause or cancel your subscription whenever you like. But, what I like is that you can tailor the subscription to your needs by picking and choosing which products are included and even by choosing to have them shipped ahead of the regular delivery date.
  • Regulars can take advantage of the Beard Club’s rewards program. You earn more points the more you use the service and interact with the brand. You can use these points to buy things from the catalog.
  • In addition to producing first-rate goods, they have also established a sizable group to provide community interaction.

2. Cons

  • Weirdly, if you want to buy the Beard Club kits on their official website, you cannot simply purchase one of their products and then walk away. They require you to sign up.
  • Although the brand establishes as promising affordable pricing, still, you may need to save an amount of money to purchase any of these sets. It is cheaper only when you compared the set and the parts separately. 
  • Because of the lack of personalization it provides, when purchasing a kit that includes oil or balm, for instance, you may not have the option of selecting your preferred scent.

The Beard Club reviews

IV/ Who Is Beard Club For?

The selection of Beard Club products available is impressive, covering all the bases (Growth, Trimmer, and Grooming) in terms of what a man may require to keep his facial hair in good condition. As a result, it is most suitable for men who prefer convenience, as it sells kits and has a monthly subscription.

V/ Where to buy

The Beard Club products are available on many E-commerce websites, such as Sephora and Amazon. You can also buy it directly on their website of The Beard Club

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We have presented Beard Club Reviews in this article to help you decide whether this brand is right for you. We also do reviews on other brands, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing lists for future updates.