SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum Review


It’s difficult not to be interested in a product when there is so much hype, for SkinCeuticals Serum. Therefore, we made the decision to make a SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum review to determine whether or not it is deserving of its outstanding skin care reputation and high price. Then find the answer to why this unassuming serum bottle has climbed the beauty food chain to establish itself as one name of the top vitamin C serums, in the past 17 years.

Overview of Brand 

Although less well-known than Neutrogena, Obagi, Clinique, etc., Skinceuticals is an American company that was created in 1997. Despite this, many customers still adore the company’s products. Separate formulae have been developed from the combination of numerous active substances in a single product and current technologies used in the research and production process, helping to optimize the usage of the product while maintaining safety.

Skinceuticals has introduced numerous product lines, including serums, creams, cleansers, etc., that are packed with potent active components including vitamins C, E, B5, HA, and other precious vitamins. One of the most well-known serum lines of this company is Serum Skinceuticals Vitamin CE Ferulic, which currently comes in two forms with the same quality and popularity in the US and France.

The Main Ingredients of Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum review

  • L-Ascorbic Acid (15%): It can boost the formation of collagen and heal burnt or sun-damaged skin at a dosage of 15%.
  • Alpha Tocopherol (1%): Vitamin E in the form of alpha-tocopherol serves to even out skin tone, normalize skin pigmentation, and stop the generation of free radicals.
  • Ferulic Acid (0.5%): Ferulic Acid is an acid derived from rice bran oil, which has the ability to protect the skin extremely well, helping to prevent oxidation for the skin to bring back shiny, healthy skin.
  • Panthenol: Panthenol is a soluble provitamin B5 derivative that aids in collagen regeneration, skin stabilization, and wound healing.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: The salt version of hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, is used to hydrate and calm the skin.
  • Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol is a chemical that moisturizes the skin, aids in the creation of product texture, and serves as a preservative.
  • Glycerin:  It aids in moisturizing, softening, and reducing skin irritation. Besides, there is no aroma in the product.

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The Skinceuticals vitamin c serum review about Packaging

When you read a SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum review, you need to take a look at the cover of the product. The formulations are the main focus of SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic; there is no elegant gold cap, monochromatic design, or three-dimensional finish here. The straightforward design, in keeping with this principle, is what instantly inspires confidence in the product. Its practicality with its straightforward brown bottle and regulatory logo stand out.

Best Skinceuticals vitamin c serum review

Even though it contains vitamin C, the product’s darker container, which deflects light and heat, will undoubtedly limit oxidation. Additionally, as an extra precaution, we advise keeping it in the vanity’s darker corner and securing the lid with a screw. To prevent oxidation as much as possible, be sure to store it in a cold, dark, and dry location, cover it for a brief period of time, and always screw the top back on firmly.

The Uses of SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum review

The main component of SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic is L-ascorbic acid, or pure vitamin C, in a 15% concentration. One of the best substances for treating dark spots, uneven skin tone, dullness, fine wrinkles, and loss of firmness is well-known as the most potent topical version of vitamin C. We are aware that this skill set is impressive.

Next is alpha-tocopherol, also known as vitamin E or simply as the name appears on the container. The L-ascorbic acid is supported in its stability by this excellent topical antioxidant, which also shields the skin from damaging free radicals. Vitamin C is a notorious fragile component, and products often oxidize. By controlling sebum production, it combats dry skin as well.

The uses of SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serum review

Naturally, everything works better when skincare powerhouse ferulic acid is present. Vitamins C and E are further stabilized by the antioxidant ferulic acid, which is found in plants. As a result, the mixture is more harmonious and less likely to oxidation. Additionally, it has all the usual antioxidant defensive properties and the capacity to fight age spots, redness, and dark spots. Even though it has a mildly unpleasant salty smell that is similar to a street vendor selling hot dogs, the luminosity it creates is worth struggling with!

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C – How to Use 

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C – How to use 

The final part of the SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serum review is how to use this product.  SkinCeuticals Vitamin C how to use is very simple with 3 steps below: 

  • As always, cleanse your skin before toning.
  • Apply the serum to the skin by placing four to five drops of it in the hand’s palm and gently massaging it in. To uniformly distribute the nutrients, you can apply the serum directly to the face and neck and gently massage it.
  • Your skin should be moisturized. When applying sunscreen during the day, it will work better to protect the skin if you use another product first.


  • Remember to store the product properly, tightly closed, and away from direct sunlight because it includes vitamin C.
  • It shouldn’t be kept in the refrigerator door when storing because the temperature in this area is frequently fluctuating.
  • To promote preservation, paper packaging or foil might be employed.
  • The product’s texture is slightly yellow, however, this is not the result of oxidation.

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The majority of SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serum review users said the serum functioned as it should. The SkinCeuticals team said that the fragrance was caused by the chemicals being in their natural state, which some people didn’t enjoy. It appears that the serum doesn’t contain any artificial colors, dyes, or scents that could cover up the strong odors. Apart from the fragrance, this serum may be an effective anti-aging serum and its antioxidant qualities may make it worth all the attention it seeks.