Top 20 Best American Watch Brands

Top 20 Best American Watch Brands

It is well known in the watch business that Swiss brands are more well-liked than American watch brands. But this wasn’t always the case. The U.S. was already the market leader in watchmaking before the emergence of Swiss (and other European) watchmakers. American watch companies are now quickly returning to watchmaking. The list of best American watch brand names that you should be aware of is listed here.

1. Bulova

As opposed to the majority of other new American watch companies, Bulova was established in 1875. In particular, in America, it is one of the oldest watch brands. But during the course of its lengthy existence, the company’s ownership has changed hands several times, and the Japanese Citizen Watch Co. currently owns it Despite this, the company stays true to American invention and workmanship.


Numerous lovely watches from this company are ideal for little wrists. The Bulova Sutton is an incredibly exquisite dress watch that performs beyond its price range. A portion of the 21-jewel automatic that powers it can be seen through the open heart.

2. Shinola

This brand was also established in Motor City, which has a long history in the watch industry. Since Shinola’s founding in 2011, they have been dedicated to producing high-quality watches. Although they produce other high-end products, their timepieces remain their main offering.

As a famous American watch company, Shinola watches are created with Swiss-made Ronda movements and European and Asian components. Shinola watches are created and put together in the United States, although using foreign parts and movements. They nonetheless have a distinctly American flair and are affordably priced. 


Additionally, they have a fantastic selection of watch bands. At their headquarters, they have a whole level devoted to leather manufacturing, where artisans produce their premium straps. Largo Aniline Latigo leather, which Shinola creates, is a unique material because it is elastic and beautifully patinates.

3. Hamilton

In Pennsylvania in 1892, Hamilton was established. Because of their dependability, their watches gained a following in the railroad business. They later created the renowned asymmetrical Ventura watch and the first digital electronic watch. The official watch supplier of TWA, Eastern, United, and Northwest Airlines by the 1930s was Hamilton. However, they relocated their production to Switzerland in 1969, where they are being created today.


Hamilton is known for its quality and is regarded as one of the best men’s American watch brands available. Despite this, Hamilton’s pricing is still competitive in part because its movements are outsourced. Hamilton watches are a popular choice among watch collectors because of their classic styles, dependability, and sturdy construction.

4. S&B Watches

Jerommie Smith, a retired law enforcement officer from Central Illinois, is the creator of S&B Watches™. He was an avid watch and gear collector in addition to serving and defending his community. He spent years purchasing, selling, and repairing timepieces from all over the world, but he never seemed to find one that would remain on his wrist while doing his duties for longer than three weeks. Jerommie wanted “Form & Function” in the timepieces he wanted to wear while on duty, but sadly, this kind of timepiece wasn’t available on the watch market.


Jerommie, who is not afraid of a challenge, made the decision to launch his own watch business and create watches for members of the armed forces and law enforcement. He always desired “Form and Function” in a watch to wear while doing his duties, after all. These watches were intended to be hand produced in the USA as a real American Watch Company, but that wasn’t the sole goal.

5. Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company, known for its contemporary timepieces, was established in 2013 by a husband-and-wife team (Amy and his wife-Patrick, came from Detroit and once designed cars). Given its brand name, it is not unexpected that each collection that is released highlights a different facet of Detroit.


The Detroit Watch Company creates and hand-assembles its timepieces in Detroit. Additionally, each one is internally verified for correctness. However, the company uses imported Swiss and Japanese mechanical mechanisms.

6. Nixon

Nixon is the next name on the American watch brands list that was founded in 1998 by Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats in Encinitas, California. They began making timepieces for sports boutiques and dealers of expensive watches. Nixon Watches’ growing product line has inspired them to work with well-known artists like Metallica and brands like Mickey Mouse and Star Wars to create merchandise.



  • Offers a wide selection of timepieces for both men and women.
  • Customers may create custom watches.
  • Renowned fashion items
  • Available financing options
  • Returns are free

In addition to selling watches for both sexes, Nixon Timepieces also offers clothing, purses, hats, belts, wallets, and the option for consumers to create their own watches.

7. Autodromo

Autodromo produces watches that are inspired by automobiles, particularly the muscle vehicles that dominated US highways in the 1960s and 1970s, as you may have already deduced from the name. The look of Autodromo’s American-made timepieces is also renowned for being influenced by automobiles.

Bradley Price, an industrial designer and the founder of Autodromo, saw an opportunity to communicate the essence of driving via the creation of distinctive goods. In particular, he sought to capture the elegance of the motoring heyday in the timepieces. He sought to portray the flair, elegance, and feeling of danger that characterized that time period.


Autodromo, a Brooklyn-based brand, releases products in small quantities with a minimalist aesthetic and a vintage feel. All of Autodromo’s watches are made in-house and adhere to the company’s design aesthetic, a fusion of retro minimalism from the 1950s with current minimalism resulting in the creation of timepieces that capture both the spirit of the past and the present.


Devon is your American watch brand if you value utmost distinctiveness. Devon is a high-end luxury watch company with its present headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and is run by Scott Devon. In terms of both form and functionality, it becomes downright avant-garde. In fact, the company doesn’t even name some of its own goods “watches,” instead referring to them as “time belts.”


The braided time straps that define Devon’s watches make them stand out. It is a system with the name Tread 1 that Devon alone holds a patent for. The hours and minutes are shown on the watch’s interlaced time belts. The Devon Tread 1 is the first American watch to be nominated for the Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in the Design and Concept Watch category because of its practical but fashionable design. 

9. DuFrane

Dufrane Watches, situated in Austin, takes pride in offering an additional level of visual distinction while still maintaining a wholly approachable edge. The brand’s creator, Steven Lee, has a lifetime passion for the poetics, timeless beauty, and motivational power of mechanical timepieces. He was driven by this desire to become a collector, which took him around Europe on a personal odyssey to learn more about the history of watches and the amazing brands that have a combined history of hundreds of years.

The first series of DuFrane Watches include the manually wound Bergstrom, which represents the creativity and bravery of early pilots who wrapped their pocket watches around their wrists during flight. These watches are named after Austin sites and historical individuals. A durable and dependable diver model was produced as a follow-up to the Barton Springs 656 by utilizing more advanced watch technologies, such as automated mechanical movement. Every year, at least one new model is launched.


Each DuFrane watch is a one-of-a-kind creation that combines the passion of Steven Lee with timeless design and Austin’s distinct character. As a result, each is firmly rooted in the present while also paying respect to a glorious past and anticipating a future that will inspire generations to come.

10. Kobold

This watchmaking business was formed in a Carnegie Mellon University entrepreneur class and was established in Pittsburgh in 1998. They are also one of the American businesses that are frequently recognized for having helped revive the American watch industry. Additionally, they are one of the remaining privately owned and independent watchmakers in the US.

Ever since they got going, they have forged their own route rather than imitating others. They introduced the first serially American-assembled watch in more than a generation, and they were one of the first companies to offer timepieces online during the dot-com period. They followed that up in 2008 with the production of the first American-made watch casing in 40 years. They still set the bar high for innovation and design among American watch brands today.


In the Kobold workshops located in the US, Germany, and Nepal, each watch is made by hand. The majority of the cases are produced in Germany or the US, while everything else is created, produced, and put together on-site. Kobold watches are well-liked by explorers and adventurers because they are robust and long-lasting. a really American enterprise that other businesses are always trying to imitate.

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11. Weiss Watch Company

Cameron Weiss, a professional watchmaker, founded The Weiss Watch Company in 2013. Weiss can produce its own mechanical movements in the United States thanks to its expertise in watchmaking. The majority of the watch components used in Weiss Watch Company products, including the cases, dials, spring bar tools, and even the packaging, are produced in the United States.


Weiss Watch Company has earned a reputation for its expertly produced timepieces made with top-notch materials because it has maintained American watchmaking history. These materials consist of sapphire glass, unique brass alloy, and stainless steel. And because the firm is run by meticulously Swiss-trained hands, you can count on nothing less than high-quality watch movements that can survive constant use. Since each item must undergo a meticulous inspection by a master watchmaker with Swiss training, quality control is undoubtedly top-of-the-line. 

12. Haven Watch Co.

Weston Cutter, the creator of Haven Watch Co., is an Indiana-based university English professor who considers himself a vintage watch but mostly because of a Tissot chronograph with a 7734 movement that he inherited from his father a lot of years ago. He has gone through several watches since the watch first gave him the bug.


The Sellita SW510M is a unique watch from this company that has a battery reserve of up to 50 hours. There are now two dial options: a blue dial with silver subdials and a silver dial with blue subdials. The 316L stainless steel case includes a fixed bezel and contrast-enhancing brushed and polished surfaces. The watch is 13.1mm from the wrist and boasts a double-domed, AR-coated sapphire crystal.

13. Nodus

This brand was co-founded by Wes K. and Cullen C. They have been motivated by their hobbies ever since they were little. Nodus is a representation of the many paths that cross, intertwine, and combine throughout life. Where those channels converge ultimately determines who you are. These pathways include the experiences you have, the interests you embrace, and the objectives you pursue.


Their step-by-step procedure for turning a watch concept into reality is carried out at their Los Angeles studio. Starting with a style they wish to design, they go on to paper sketches and computer renderings. Finalized 2D representations are transformed into technical drawings using computer-aided design (CAD). They create 3D models of the watch to test the case proportions and wearability before going on to the prototype stage.

Prior to assembly, each watch component is examined separately. Any component with any visual or mechanical flaws is filtered out and fixed by their staff. The AR coating on components such as sapphire crystals, hands, and dials is checked for scratches, as are the casings for uneven finishing, and bezel inserts for cracks and flaws…

14. Mercer Watch Co.

Scott Vuocolo founded the Mercer watch brand in 2014. Hugh Mercer, a physician and brigadier general in the continental army, served as the inspiration for the company’s initial microbrand and gave it its name. The brigadier general rank’s star pattern is the official symbol of the Mercer watch company. The soldier lost his life in the Battle of Princeton.

Scott started the business because he was dissatisfied with the exorbitant cost of high-end, stylish timepieces and believed he could produce them more effectively and affordably. His first watch, the Brigadier, which had an inset guilloche pattern and a polished bezel, was the result of his designs and creations.


The business has grown, and now offers a broad variety of clocks with military themes and distinctive formal styles. The Mercer Watch Company takes care of producing timepieces that customers would actually want to wear. Cases, diving watches, GMTs, and other timepieces have joined the wristwatch lineup. Each watch combines purpose, aesthetics, and accuracy.


As one of the micro brands of the American watch industry, Monta has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and manufactures all of its watches in Switzerland. They are passionate about upholding the illustrious history of great Swiss watchmaking. Monta has gained the respect of watch enthusiasts in under five years. They have provided well-known businesses with some fierce competition.

Monta watches made their appearance in 2016 with its first product. Despite being a new name among the American watch brands, the Monta Oceanking was heavily influenced by the finest diving watches in horological history. Particularly those from the 1950s, as the Oceanking pays open tribute to vintage watches like the Rolex Sea-Dweller, Omega Seamaster, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, and others that decades ago captivated the imagination of intrepid watch enthusiasts. The relationship to Rolex is even stronger because Everest Horology, which makes rubber straps for Rolex sports watches, is where the inventors of Monta timepieces are from.


The Oceanking satisfies every design need for a superb diving watch. A big, nearly-onion-shaped crown on a 40mm stainless steel casing allows for simple underwater handling. Its bearing-mounted bezel is very easy to grasp. Furthermore, there has 1,000-meter water resistance. A straightforward matte dial with simple legibility and an anti-reflective domed crystal sits over it. It works well underwater and exudes quiet refinement on land. The case features characteristics that resemble modern Rolex Submariners, but it also has a very distinctive look thanks to its beveled edges and polished flanks. When you take into account Oceanking’s pricing point of about $2000, comparisons to comparable premium dive watches get much better.

16. Brew Watch Co.

Former Movado intern Jonathan Ferrer established his own microbrand on Kickstarter in 2015. He was inspired by espresso makers and coffee breaks. He started distributing his first units two years later. Brew Watch Co. didn’t start to shine, though, until the Retrograph line was introduced. Each rectangular model is built by Ferrer in his Brooklyn studio and driven by a Seiko meca-quartz movement.


The timepieces’ designs really draw with some of their design cues from commercial espresso machines. The aesthetic of coffee is also reflected in the colors, warmth, and textures of the watches. Ferrer wished to foster a deeper understanding of the fundamental pleasures of a coffee break in others. Brew wants to convey the value of time and the joys of relishing each moment through his American-made timepieces.

17. RGM Watches

This watch company has had time to expand and flourish since it was established at the turn of the 20th century. With a strong following, RGM specializes in repairs, custom timepieces, and limited-edition watches. They are experts in their field since they are well-known for their repairs. A watchmaker typically has some knowledge of creating watches if they can repair them properly.


RGM was established in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, which has a long history in American watchmaking. RGM’s designs are frequently influenced by historical Swiss and American wristwatches. They aspire to build modern watchmaking history by drawing inspiration from the past, and they are already achieving that. The Lancaster County watchmaking facility combines current and antiquated technologies to produce timepieces that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Even the American movements are made in Pennsylvania, where every component is produced and put together.

18. Timex

Timex was founded in 1854, but its history goes far further back than most people realize. Despite producing pocket watches that were widely popular during the early 20th century and were based in Waterbury, Connecticut, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the company truly began to take off.


It was a market pioneer for low-cost mechanical movements and an early user of electronic watches, making it a leader in the budget watch industry. One in three branded watches sold in America during the 1970s was a Timex. Timex continues to provide well-made, reasonably priced watches for both sexes, and these products are very well-liked by people seeking superior craftsmanship and timeless style at an inexpensive price.

19. Martenero

The Martenero watch company is from New York, a well-known American city. John Tarantino, an independent watch designer, founded it just in 2014. Martenero is renowned for its contemporary timepieces with a classic and adaptable design.

Additionally, they are created, put together, and produced in New York. The company also provides clients with the option to customize their watches by selecting the dial, hand, and strap colors that they want. These will subsequently be put together in New York as well. The majority of the parts are sourced from China and Japan even though the manufacturing is done in the United States. The case, dial, crystal, and movement are a few of these.


The straps, however, are produced domestically in the United States. The timepieces have a luxurious feel and appearance, but by adding some color, you may also tone them down. These watches are distinctive because of the bursts of color on the displays and hands. The timepieces are both modern and classic.

20. Vortic Watch Co.

Vortic Watch, a watchmaker with headquarters in Colorado, could be unique in its field. They use old pocket timepieces and reverse engineer the movements from the mid-1900s to create modern wristwatches rather than following the conventional path and making everything from scratch. The only watch you have left is incomparable to anything else on the earth.

The mechanisms are frequently taken out and the gold and silver pieces are sold when an antique pocket watch is sold to a pawnshop or sold somewhere else. The pocket watch’s casing, which is missing pieces, is all that is left. In order to produce a contemporary watch with contemporary, high-quality components that looks and feels like the original, Vortic uses these old pocket watch casings. When a fresh band puts the final touches on it, you have something that is unique.


A notably distinctive American watch company is Vortic, which converts mid-century pocket timepieces into modern wristwatches. As a result, timepieces with stainless steel 3D-printed casings are produced. Other parts of the watch, including the hands, face, and mechanism, were taken from vintage package watches.


Even if American watch brands are widely favored in the market, it is still worthwhile to look into the various prestigious top American watch brand names from across the globe. Particularly in terms of quality and style, timepieces manufactured in America have a lot to offer. Europe is not the only region in the globe where watches are made. Discover the greatest timepieces the world has to offer by exploring.