Top 10 best gaming headset for PC [Update 2023]


To be able to enjoy blockbuster PC games to the fullest, a quality headset is an indispensable item. Buy yourself a quality headset that promises to improve the game experience and raise your skills significantly. Right below this article, Janbox will share the TOP 10 best gaming headset for PC.

1. Best Gaming headset for PC – Bengoo G9000


Bengoo G9000 headset is our first recommend gaming headset device on the market right now. With a solid and eye-catching design and meticulous lines, this product has brought users many interesting experiences. In particular, Bengoo G9000 also owns many advantages such as it is equipped with quality microphones to help the best sound transmission process and minimize noise. 

Users will feel comfortable and listen smoothly with the earpads designed in the ear. With the flexible long mic design, the volume can be adjusted easily. Products are made of high-quality materials, ensuring safety for users as well as durability of the product.

2. Best Gaming headset for PC – HyperX Cloud Stinger


With a unique design that combines many attractive features, the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is currently gaining a lot of enthusiastic support from the gaming community. With a wide frequency range of 18 – 23 kHz, providing high quality and realistic sound. The driver size is 50mm and can be adjusted to suit the user by rotating 90 degrees. The headset is flexibly moved with a 1.7m-long cord design.

The product also has the ability to record clear audio and can effectively filter noise. The material of the headset is high-quality plastic wrap and a sturdy steel frame.

3. Gaming Logitech G431 7.1


The Logitech G431 7.1 Black and Blue Gaming Headset is a product line designed specifically for gamers, so they have a bold gaming look.

The headset has extremely thick ear cushions, using high-quality leather material, so it feels smooth and comfortable when players experience the game for a long time. In addition, the headset is also integrated with DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound technology combined with a 50 mm speaker diaphragm for great sound.

In particular, the 6mm microphone ensures that the sound you transmit is clear, and full, helping teammates receive your signal immediately without delay. This line of headphones is also manufactured by a famous Swiss brand, so users can rest assured to choose to use them.

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4. Best Gaming headset for PC – Steelseries Arctis Prime


The Steelseries Arctis Prime headset is a product line designed specifically for gamers to enjoy the most comfortable experience possible. Because the leather material is soft, creates high comfort, and also supports very good sound insulation, allowing you to completely focus on the game without worrying about being affected by the outside environment.

In addition, the headset also has a built-in bi-directional feature that reduces noise extremely well, so that your voice is as clear and natural as possible. In particular, the audio driver is also high-fidelity, precisely customized to suit the game, the common control buttons are also synthesized on your headset, so you can easily adjust when playing games without having to search around.

5. Best Gaming headset for PC – Razer Kraken Ultimate


The Razer Kraken Ultimate headset is a product line that integrates THX SPATIAL AUDIO audio technology, which supports 360-degree positioning, enhancing your awareness of your surroundings, while you can also determine the exact position of the opponent.

Plus, the headphones feature expertly tuned 50mm drivers that deliver natural, powerful, and super-clear sound to your ears, combined with a built-in noise-canceling microphone that ensures the streaming audio is absolutely clear to your teammates.

In particular, this product has high-grade rubber ear cushions, which support heat dissipation, thereby reducing heat accumulation and pressure on your head area, even if you experience it for a long time.

6. HyperX Cloud II Wireless


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset is one of the best gaming headsets PC wireless that is being loved by gamers for its comfort and impressive sound quality. The product has high-quality leather material, and soft ear cushions, along with a fairly light weight of only 300g, so you can experience it for a long time without causing discomfort.

In particular, with a 53 mm speaker diaphragm, it delivers a richer, more powerful sound in the game and has extremely high accuracy. In addition, the microphone also supports players to always keep in touch with teammates, while using even the noisy outside environment does not have a great influence on your voice conversation.

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7. Corsair Void Pro RGB


Corsair Void Pro RGB is a headset model that has received a lot of positive feedback from a large number of gamers. The product is impressively designed with many unique and distinctive designs that no other headset model has. In particular, it also possesses many outstanding features such as the Corsair Void Pro RGB Headset is equipped with surround sound technology to efficiently transmit and receive information. 

It also has the best noise cancellation to help gamers focus more. Because the microphone can be arbitrarily bent, it is easy to store the device neatly without worrying about taking up space. Headphone design with many different luxurious designs helps users have many choices.

8. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition


Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is one of the best-selling headset models on the market today. With a modern design and convenient features, it gives users the most attractive experience. The length of the product is up to 1.3m for flexibility in use. 

The 50mm diaphragm size makes it convenient to use. The headset is equipped with a 12 – 28kHz audio frequency for clear sound quality. In addition, the device is designed with a soft padded microphone to help users feel comfortable and smooth for long-term use.

9. Logitech G331 Gaming Headset Black Red


Logitech G331 Black Red Gaming Headset is a product line that owns sharp lines, bold black and red tones with gaming personality. The ear cushions and the headset strap are made of high-quality leather, so it feels luxurious and extremely comfortable to wear, a special thing is that the user can rotate the part 90 degrees. Very convenient to store in a backpack or bag.

The headset has a 50 mm driver, producing the loudest and most detailed sound, helping gamers to immerse themselves in the game world without worrying about being affected by the noisy outside environment.

When using, you can also easily adjust the volume at the wheel position of the earcups, and the 6mm microphone helps transmit sound very well and is extremely clear, giving gamers the best experience.

10. Logitech G Pro Black Gaming Headset

The Logitech G Pro Black Gaming Headset is a product line that has a bold look but is extremely light thanks to the use of advanced materials, such as stainless steel, Nylon TR90, and fiberglass so that users can achieve maximum comfort even after using it for a long time. In addition, the ear cushions are also made of high-quality, thick leather, creating a soft, but also extremely effective noise cancellation.

In particular, the headset also integrates 7.1 surround sound technology with the exclusive Pro-G speaker screen that every sound in the game is also extremely accurate, whether it’s footsteps or gunfire, providing the best experience while you play the game.

Final Words

Above, we have revealed to you the top 10 high-end best gaming headset for PC. Have you chosen your favorite product yet? Come to Janbox and buy yourself a headset that suits your needs and preferences today!

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