Top 20 Best Japanese Candy You Need To Try In 2022

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy You Need To Try

When we visit Japan, one of the interesting gifts we may bring back to our family or friends is candy. Japanese sweet products are both tasty and distinctive, with a high level of quality and a reasonable price. In the previous year, Japan’s candy business has undergone significant changes, attracting a big number of visitors from all over the world. Japanese confectionery goods are not only popular in Japan, but they are also exported to several Asian and European nations.

So, do you know which best Japanese candy will be the most popular in 2021? Let’s have a look at Janbox in the article below.

1. Top 20 best Japanese candy to devour [A Complete Guide 2021]

Japanese candy goods have grown in popularity across the world over the years, and their particular flavor is difficult to locate in the western market. If you’re looking for some tasty Japanese candies, check out our list of favorites, which includes Remune candies, chewy candies, hard candies, DIY series, and Japanese chocolate wafers. Let’s take a look at 20 of the best Japanese candy types below to discover which ones are suitable for you.

1.1. Kit Kat

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

KitKat is one of the best Japanese candy not only because of its delicious taste but also because of its variety of flavors with over 400 unique KitKat flavors such as Green Tea, Everyday Nuts and Cranberry chocolate, Matcha Green Powder, Rich Matcha flavor, Yogurt, Frozen Cookies, and Cream, Bitter strawberry, Japanese Sake, Dark chocolate, Strawberry cheesecake, Sakura Soy powder… These are famous sweets in Japan as well as across the world. As a result, you may readily get them at candy stores, supermarkets, airports, and piers…

1.2. Pocky

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Many youngsters enjoy Pocky, a candy with two distinct types: salty and sweet. The reason for this is the candy’s crunchy and fatty taste, which is coupled with a variety of delectable tastes including matcha, lychee, chocolate, and so on. It’s a long, stick-shaped cracker that you keep in your school bag at all times. Pocky candy is now created and added to tastes including strawberry, grape, raspberry, sweet potato, orange, cherry, milk, and melon in response to the constantly rising demand of consumers. Full flavors of this Pocky stick biscuit may be found in most major and local stores in Japan.

1.3. Apollo

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

This Apollo sweet is not to be missed if you are a chocolate connoisseur. This candy for kids is fashioned like the Apollo space capsules that were popular in the 1960s. Each candy has just the right amount of milk chocolate and strawberry flavor. These cute candies come in a little paper package that can be found at convenience shops and online retailers all around the world. This unique chocolate is the best Japanese candy that is popular among adults as well as youngsters.


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1.4. Koala’s March

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Koala-shaped biscuits with a cream filling and images of Koalas performing various activities or expressing various emotions on each cookie. Chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate, and pineapple are just a few of the varieties available. Each Koala March box has a variety of distinct koala designs featuring March, the brand’s mascot. Each of Japan’s 47 prefectures is represented by a koala in this confectionery.

1.5. Marble Chocolate

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

A chocolate brand that comes in cardboard tubes or extremely tiny boxes and has a hard candy shell. Colorful spherical candies with an enticing sweetness are contained within. Many young people’s favorite sweets are this candy bar. They’re available in a variety of supermarkets, grocery stores, and confectionary shops. It is also sold to other nations.

1.6. Chiroru/Triol

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

This is a series of tiny square chocolate sweets that are individually wrapped. This has long been a popular meal among young people. The youngsters were able to purchase treats from Japanese convenience stores for only a few coins. These square chocolate candies are offered in little packets or big boxes with a variety of fillings like almonds, ice cream, jelly, mochi, caramel, kinako, cookies, sponge cake, fruit, etc.,

1.7. Kinoko No Yama

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

These are tiny cookies fashioned like mushrooms, with the ‘cap’ of the mushroom covered with chocolate and the stalk made entirely of biscuit. The saltiness of the biscuit, along with the moderate sweetness of the chocolate, makes for an ideal evening snack. Sweet potato, cookies and cream, and strawberry are among the tastes available in Kinoko no Yama. There are even varieties labeled “mystery white” that have the flavor name inscribed on the inside of the box. Chocorooms are the name given to this sweet in the supermarkets of the United States.

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1.8. Morinaga Ramune

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Ramune is a pop-like tablet candy that has been available in Japanese convenience stores for many years. Morinaga’s best-selling ramune candy is designed like old-fashioned soda bottles and has been classified as a product that aids in concentration. The candy has the sweetness of a traditional Japanese soda while also highlighting the flavor’s freshness. According to the label, the candy contains 90% glucose, making it a perfect snack for individuals who need to keep their wits sharp during the day.

1.9. Meiji Chocolate

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

If you’ve ever visited this country of cherry blossoms, you’ve probably heard of Chocolate Meiji, a well-known Japanese candy. The Meiji Chocolate candy boxes are not only molded into tiny pieces that may be eaten with a reasonable sweetness, but they are also quite attractive. This chocolate type is strong in flavor for people who enjoy eating pure chocolate. There is no vegetable oil in this chocolate.

Meiji chocolate is a 12-square milk chocolate bar that has been offered since 1926 in distinctive gold and brown packaging. It’s a bar of simple and tasty chocolate that can be used to make Valentine’s Day treats or eaten every day.

1.10. Wasanbon

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Many people will quickly think of Wasanbon candies when they think about famous Japanese export sweets. Wasanbon is a hard candy produced from the same-named high-grade sugar and fashioned into attractive flowers or fans. This sweet, which ranges in price from 500 to 1000 yen, provides customers with a premium sweetness.

People will notice that the candy melts fast in their tongue when eating it, and it is frequently served with tea at tea ceremonies. People may readily find them at conventional confectionery outlets in commercial centers or shopping malls as a classic sweet.

1.11. Baumkuchen

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Baumkuchen cake is a layered sponge cake with the qualities of sponginess, softness, and mild sweetness, resulting in a delightful flavor. Cakes are available in over 400 locations and come in a range of flavors. However, if you want to savor the best-tasting cakes, go to omiyage stores in important stations like Kyoto, Tokyo, Hakata, Shin-Osaka, or large airports.

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1.12. Tokyo Banana

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

This banana cake is fantastic! As one of Japan’s most popular cakes, they come in a variety of pricing ranges, ranging from 500 to 3000 yen for different grade varieties. Not just for usage, but giving a cake with eye-catching packaging and an appealing flavor is also a viable option. This cake has a soft texture, a banana taste, and a milk cream flavor with a mild sweetness, giving the impression that the cake is melting in the mouth. Each box of this sort of cake generally has 8 pieces, which I can consume in a matter of minutes.

1.13. Royce’ Nama Chocolate

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

If you’ve ever visited Japan and haven’t had Royce’s Nama Chocolate Cakes, you’ve made a serious mistake. This is a world-famous brand of fresh chocolate, with headquarters in Hokkaido, Japan. This cake comes in a variety of varieties, including pure, green tea, bar, cake, potato chip chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate, pieces, cookies, and more. everyone.

The most well-known and widely used is pure chocolate, which has an irresistibly exquisite flavor. When purchasing, customers should keep in mind that this sort of cake has a short shelf life. Three months is the greatest shelf life, whereas one month is the shortest.

1.14. Hi-chew

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Hi-Chew is the best-selling fondant brand in Japan, and it comes in the shape of gum with an appealing fruity flavor. Standard and Premium HI-chew candies come in a variety of packaging options.

The Premium kind comes in a pack of 10 sweets and is not individually wrapped, but the Standard type is individually wrapped in a rectangle stick. It has over 170 distinct flavors available in the Japanese market, with grape, strawberry, apple, and orange being the most popular. Give this one a try if you’re a sweetheart who likes candy with a chewy, marshmallow-like feel.

1.15. Tezukuri Dobutsuen & Suizokukan

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Tezukuri Dobutsuen and Suizokukan are two well-known bean-filled dumplings from Nagoya, Japan. Cakes come in a variety of forms, including incredibly charming chubby animals. The cake is delicious and simple to consume. They’re available in Nagoya Takashimaya and airport shops that make buying Japanese candy easier.

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1.16. Poifull

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

The kiwi, lemon, raspberry, and grape flavors of this Japanese gummy delight come in a beautiful pink pack. Poifull candy has a thin exterior covering and a chewy interior and is known to be fat-free and high in collagen, both of which are beneficial to your skin. The fruits have a somewhat sour taste to them, which contributes to the flavor. According to the label, they are produced entirely of fruit juice. This chewy candy is easy to carry and eat, and its customers love it.

1.17. Pure Gummy

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

As a popular sour powdered gummy in Japan, Pure Gummy has an exquisite sweet and sour flavor, which has been highly popular since its introduction. It’s also a tasty gummy where you can taste the fruit flavor. The texture is chewy and soft. The gummy bear is shaped into a flat and beautiful heart shape. Because of its high level of perfection, it is a product that has a lot of gummy admirers. It has a sweet and tangy flavor and is high in vitamin C, collagen, and grape juice in the center.

More tastes, such as lemon, kiwi, orange, and berry, are available. It’s a famous sweet and sour powdered gummy that lets you experience the real fruit flavor while munching on the candy’s juicy texture.

1.18. Konpeito

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

Konpeito is sugar and glucose sweets that are tiny, hard, and bumpy. The Portuguese were the first to bring sweets to Japan in the 16th century. It’s often served at weddings and birthing ceremonies. Unlike most other sweets, Konpeito can tolerate high temperatures without losing its look or flavor. Because of its charming look and style, Konpeito is frequently presented as a gift. Due to its presence in Studio Ghibli’s animated classic Spirited Away, this sweet has suddenly become extremely renowned.

1.19. Black Thunder

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

The chocolate-coated cookie bar with rice puffs is known as Black Thunder. Black Thunder, which was inspired by Raijin, the Japanese thunder god, no doubt delivers when it comes to crispy delight. It initially reached the Japanese market in 1994 and soon became a favorite among consumers of all ages. Milk chocolate-coated cocoa cookies and chocolate-coated biscuits.

Bittersweet cocoa cookies and milk chocolate make for a great contrast in flavor. The texture will improve and you will be able to eat more wonderfully if you keep it chilled, according to some word-of-mouth. It’s ideal for people who wish to stiffen up their biscuits.

1.20. Melty Kiss

Top 20 Best Japanese Candy

This Melty Kiss candy, as the name suggests, melts when consumed. I enjoy sucking on the candy and allowing it to melt gently in my tongue; the chocolate flavor combined with the sour taste of strawberry or the scent of a match is appealing. In Japan, this candy may be found in almost every supermarket.

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2. What types of Japanese candy now?

If you enjoy a candy package but aren’t sure what sort of candy it is, read the candy categorization below to know how to tell the difference between each variety of Japanese candy. It’s therefore simple to locate and purchase them for yourself or a friend.

2.1. Types of Japanese candy

  • Japanese Chewy Candy
  • Japanese Hard Candy
  • Japanese Ramune Candy (also called Japanese Soda Candy)
  • Japanese Sour Candy
  • Japanese Star Candy Konpeito
  • Japanese Soft Candy
  • Japanese Fruit Jellies
  • Japanese Gummies
  • Japanese Jelly Candy
  • Japanese Fruit Flavored Candy
  • Japanese Rice Candy (also called Japanese Mochi Candy)
  • Japanese Milky Candy
  • Japanese Kawaii Candy

2.2. Japanese chocolate candy

  • Japanese chocolate biscuits
  • Pocky Pretzels
  • Japanese chocolate snacks
  • Japanese Kit Kats

2.3. Japanese DIY candy

  • Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy
  • Japanese Candy Popin’ Cookin’ Bento

3. Note when buying Japanese candies

There are so many various kinds of sweets available, in a wide range of colors and tastes, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed when shopping. You’ll be stumped as to which one to pick. When buying Japanese sweets, please read the notes below!

  • View the list of ingredients: If you have a food allergy or a health condition that limits the foods you can consume, you should first look up the product’s components on the internet or the candy cover. Then you must determine whether the price is appropriate for your budget.
  • Select the candy flavor: The next tip you should consider is to pay attention to the candy’s flavor. This will allow you to select your favorite taste without having to try it first.
  • Examine the date of expiry: The expiration date is the next crucial factor to consider when purchasing sweets. Many sweets have a short shelf life, so if you buy them, make sure to store them carefully and consume them before they expire.
  • Keep the brand in mind: Finally, you should pay attention to the candy brand. The production method and quality will change depending on the brands. You may also read the comments before heading out to buy candy to ensure that you get tasty sweets at a good price.

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These are a few of the best Japanese candy types enjoyed by candy lovers all around the world. We have begun to take an interest in Japanese food as a result of the increasing popularity of Japanese culture and cartoons, and they have discovered certain candies that rival their all-time favorite Western chocolates. If you haven’t tasted any of the sweets listed above, you should give them a try since they will not disappoint. Do you have a favorite Japanese candy you want to suggest? Let Janbox know in the comments below!