Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now


Many tourists to Japan are surprised to learn that Kit Kats exist in a variety of forms and sizes, even when compared to their place of origin, the United Kingdom. Kit Kat has proven to be the ideal present because there are so many different Kit Kat flavors in Japan to taste. Janbox has guided a list of the finest Japanese Kit Kat flavors to try, let’s find out together!

1. Why are Kit Kats so popular in Japan?

Kit Kat was initially introduced in the United Kingdom in 1935 as “Chocolate Crisp“. The name “Kit Kat” was inspired by the “Kit Kat Club,” which was the name of the social club that the founders attended. Despite the fact that Kit Kat was originally introduced to Japan in 1973, Nestle Japan (the business that controls Kit Kat) did not experiment with broadening its product until the turn of the millennium by introducing the strawberry flavor to Hokkaido.

It’s no accident that the Japanese phrase kitto katsu, which means “certain victory,” is identical to the name of the kit kat candy. As a result, it is frequently presented to students as a good luck gift before university examinations, making it popular among students. Since then, Kit Kats have grown in popularity as Nestle Japan has been able to leverage Japan’s souvenir-giving culture, while limited-edition flavors create an impression of scarcity and uniqueness, enhancing the Kit Kats’ value for customers.


Nestle has launched over 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional tastes since 2000, capitalizing on this resemblance and the Japanese tradition of omiyage (or the gifting of regional specialties to family and coworkers following visits).

2. What are all Japanese Kit Kat flavors?

How many different kinds of Kit Kat are there?

Nestlé has launched approximately 200 new flavors since 2000. To begin, there are six “regular” tastes available all year: original chocolate, dark chocolate, green tea, strong green tea, roasted green tea, and raspberry.

There are also yearly seasonal tastes, such as sakura flavors, which arrive in the spring around sakura season, and mint chocolate, which appears in the early summer. Although the tastes’ general characteristics remain the same year after year, minor adjustments are frequently made to keep the flavors fresh and interesting. New tastes are released every few months. Limited-edition tastes this season include sakura mochi, sakura Japanese sake, Easter banana, and yuzu matcha.

Now we’ll talk about geography and regional tastes. Kit Kats have become popular mementos, or “omiyage,” for domestic tourists in Japan, where bringing something back after a trip to share with friends, family, or coworkers is considered an important part of social etiquette.

For example, Kyoto’s Itokyuemon matcha, Hiroshima Momiji Manju (maple-leaf-shaped steamed cake), Okinawa’s Beni-Imo (purple sweet potato), and Nagoya’s azuki bean sandwich all use tastes and treats that symbolize the locations from where they are founded. Almost every location has its own distinct Kit Kat flavor, and some regions have many flavors. They are excellent keepsakes since they are light, come in attractive packaging, and are individually wrapped little bits, making sharing easy and sanitary.

Finally, there’s the high-end fancy “Kit Kat Chocolatory” variety, which are elegant Kit Kat bars created by world-renowned pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi using higher-grade chocolates and other components like dried seasonal fruits. While some of these better bars are available in other countries through Kit Kat Chocolatory outlets, there are certain exotic varieties that are only available in Japan, such as cassis, yuzu, and passion fruit.

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3. Which Kit Kat flavors are popular in Japan?

Kit Kats from Japan are recognized for having a broad array of unusual tastes. It all started in 2004 with the introduction of the green tea version. They’ve been marketed in over 300 various flavors since then, and they’ve become a part of Japanese culture.

The majority of these Kit Kat varieties are only available in particular cities, regions, and seasons in Japan. They’re frequently advertised in Japan as omiyage, which refers to a present or keep sake that is given to friends, family, and coworkers after returning from a trip.

3.1. Original

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Original Kit Kat

While the variety of Kit Kat flavors is entertaining and delicious, the original Kit Kat taste is without a doubt the finest of the best. Even if you spend years sampling every Kit Kat flavor, you will definitely return to the beginning. The original Kit Kat taste isn’t just the best, it’s one of the best candy bars you’ll ever come across.

If you’ve never tried a Kit Kat before, it’s simply wafering delicately wrapped in milk chocolate. In terms of taste, the delectable milk chocolate and delicious wafer will win you over in a flash. The texture is also noteworthy since the crunch you get when biting into an original Kit Kat is one of the things that makes this snack so unforgettable.

3.2. Matcha Green Tea

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now

This Kit Kat flavor doesn’t utilize just any green tea; matcha is a sort of Japanese green tea that is extremely costly but well worth it. All other green teas will pale in comparison after you’ve tried matcha.

White chocolate has been blended with matcha green tea in the Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat. The white chocolate has a fantastic texture and a very genuine flavor. There’s just enough sweetness to make you feel like you’re having a treat, but not enough to overpower the renowned matcha taste.

3.3. White Creme

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
White Creme Kit Kat

White Creme Kit Kat doesn’t appear to be particularly interesting at first glance, but don’t judge a book by its cover. These white bars may not appear to be much at first glance, but you’ll quickly see why they deserve to be at the top of Janbox’s list.

Imagine a white chocolate version of the classic Kit Kat bar, and you’ll have a good idea of what to anticipate. White chocolate has a mild yet delightful flavor. The wafer, on the other hand, is the nicest portion.

The white creme Kit Kat lets the wafer flavor and texture take center stage, and you won’t be disappointed. This is the flavor you should buy again and again if the wafer is your favorite component of a Kit Kat bar. Keep in mind that this Kit Kat flavor is best served cold, so keep them in the fridge. If you’re short on time, place them in the freezer for a few minutes before eating.

3.4. Peach Parfait

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Peach Parfait Kit Kat

Peach Parfait Kit Kat is a delight for sweet fans. Don’t be surprised if this becomes one of your own favorite Kit Kat flavors. First and foremost, these Kit Kat bars are a lovely shade of pink. Second, the peach flavor is fresh and crisp, even if there are no actual peach chunks in it.

Finally, there’s a yogurt-like flavor that pairs well with the peach flavor and gives the impression that you’re eating a peach parfait. Last but not least, the wafer has a very crispy texture. Peach Parfait Kit Kat is a hit when all of the ingredients are combined.

This Kit Kat taste will never get old because of the tanginess of the peach and the sweetness of the yogurt. The tanginess of the peach and the sweetness of the yogurt combine to create a Kit Kat flavor that you’ll never be wary of. The only thing to keep in mind is that these bars melt a bit faster than other varieties, so don’t be afraid to eat them all in one sitting.

3.5. Banana Caramel

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Banana Caramel Kit Kat

If the notion of chocolate-covered bananas makes you salivate, place an order for Banana Caramel Kit Kat from Japan right away. This delicacy is even more delicious than it sounds: Imagine wonderfully ripe bananas coated with a thick coating of semi-sweet chocolate and bordered with crunchy wafers. It’s a genuinely wonderful pairing.

What gives this sweet such a banana and caramel flavor? To begin with, the wafers in these Kit Kat bars are both banana and caramel flavored. Then there’s a layer of chocolate in between the wafers that have been infused with banana and caramel.

The only part of the Kit Kat bar that isn’t banana and caramel is the chocolate on the outside. The greatest tropical taste is the Banana Caramel Kit Kat. Even if you believe most banana-flavored candy is revolting, try this Kit Kat flavor and you’ll be delighted with your choice.

3.6. Dark Chocolate

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Kit Kat Dark Chocolate

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate is an excellent alternative for fussy snackers who prefer richness to sweetness. The sweetness in these bars is just enough to counteract the harshness of the dark chocolate. Even if you’re hesitant to buy dark chocolate candy because it’s too bitter, you may buy these Kit Kat bars with confidence. The smoothness of the chocolate will amaze you when compared to other varieties.

3.7. Strawberry Cheesecake

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat

Many Kit Kat bars don’t taste as you’d expect based on the name, but that isn’t the case with Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat. The scent of strawberry cheesecake will permeate the room from the moment you open the wrapper. The first thing you’ll taste when you bring the bar to your lips is fresh strawberries. A cheesecake aftertaste will soon be added to the celebrations. You’ll think you’ve eaten a slice of real strawberry cheesecake by the time you’ve finished this snack.

3.8. Lemon Crisp

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Japanese Kit Kat flavors

This is by far the lightest and most refreshing of all the Japanese Kit Kat flavors. Reach for a Lemon Crisp Kit Kat bar if it’s a hot summer day and you simply need a quick snack to keep you going. The bars aren’t too sour to damage your tongue, but they’re just sour enough to keep you on your toes. These Kit Kat bars have just the proper amount of sweetness to balance out the sour flavor.

3.9. Sakura

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Sakura Kit Kat

Cherry blossom trees in Japan are referred to as sakura. These lovely trees feature pink and white blooms when they bloom. While Sakura Kit Kat bars are pink in color, exactly like cherry blossom blooms, don’t be fooled into believing they taste like cherries. It has a whole distinct taste. Sakura Kit Kat bars feature a flowery flavor with a tinge of bitterness, rather than being sweet or tart-like cherries, because cherry blossom trees don’t grow cherries or any other fruit. You might find this Kit Kat flavor unappealing at first, but the more you eat it, the more you’ll enjoy it.

3.10. Melon

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
These Kit Kat bars have a melon flavor

These Kit Kat bars have a melon flavor – specifically, a cantaloupe flavor. However, this Kit Kat flavor includes mascarpone cheese in addition to the melon taste hinted at in the name. The mascarpone is really more flavorful than the cantaloupe. Mascarpone and Melon Kit Kat might be a better moniker for this taste.

Cantaloupe, mascarpone, white chocolate, and crispy wafers may seem like an unusual combination, but they work so well together that this is the first Kit Kat flavor on our list that gets a complete endorsement. Skip European Cheese Kit Kat and go right for Melon Kit Kat if you want a cheese-flavored Kit Kat. The mascarpone flavor is authentic. The melon flavor plays a supporting role in this celebration and just adds to the joy.

3.11. Sake

Top 12 Best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Must Try Now
Sake Kit Kat

Sake may very well be your favorite part of your visit to your favorite sushi restaurant. This alcoholic beverage has a crisp, well-balanced taste. Its subtle sweetness will leave you wanting more, and it goes well with all types of sushi.

Sake Kit Kat, however, tastes nothing like the sake you’re used to. Instead of a well-balanced flavor with a hint of sweetness, these Kit Kat bars are extremely bitter, with no hint of sweetness. Everything you love about sake has been replaced by a harsh rice flavor that takes away the majority of the pleasure from the white chocolate. Sake Kit Kat contains actual alcohol, but it’s less than 1%, so you won’t get drunk or get much of a buzz.

3.12. Raspberry


Raspberry Kit Kat is so delicious that it’ll quickly become a staple in your snack rotation. Raspberry chocolate is used to cover these bars, and raspberry specks are added to give them even more raspberry flavor. Each fleck signifies a blast of authentic raspberry taste. Raspberry Kit Kat is a combination of sweet, sour, and bitter, much like actual raspberries, rather than being sweet like other raspberry candies.

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4. How much does a Kit Kat cost in Japan?

Depending on the flavor you want, a Japanese Kit Kat will cost you different amounts of money. For instance, the limited edition gold leaf version, which was a one-off, cost about £11.5/$16 at retail. While the prices for the standard flavors are often consistent, there may be some fluctuation for regional flavors or special edition products.

5. Where can I buy Japanese Kit Kat flavors?

If you’re seeking these unusual Kit Kat flavors in Japan, they’re available at convenience stores, supermarkets, souvenir shops, pharmacy stores, and even certain post offices.

Stations for trains: Train stations in Japan are full of little businesses and convenience stores, and if you’re looking for Kit Kats, this is a good place to start. In Odawara station, we can buy a box of Baked Butter Cookie Kit Kats as a snack for our train trip to Kyoto.

Narita Airport (Tokyo, Japan): The Narita airport has a lot of duty-free stores, and they all sell 10-box bulk gift sets that are way too huge to fit in our carry-on. However, there is a convenience store called Key Point, which offers single boxes and is located in the retail mall outside of security in Terminal 1 (United terminal), where we can purchase the Uji Matcha, Melon, etc.

Souvenirs stores: Kit Kats are a popular gift item in Japan, and numerous souvenir candy stores are selling gift-ready boxes at railway stations and tourist areas.

Convenience shops: The best Kit Kat products are generally available in a variety of flavors at Seven-Eleven, Family Mart, and other convenience stores.

Bulk candy stores: These businesses provide larger packets of cheap candy, and they frequently include bags with a variety of tastes. For example, the shops in Tokyo’s Kappabashi Kitchen Town, and in Kyoto’s Shiyakusho-mae Station’s subterranean retail area.

6. Where to buy Kit Kats online from Japan?

It should go without saying that you’ll either need to be able to read Japanese or use a translation feature on all these pages, but buying directly from the source is the best way to buy Japanese Kit Kats online or get your hands on the most intriguing Japanese Kit Kat varieties in Europe or elsewhere.

7. How much does a Kit Kat cost in Japan?

Depending on the flavor you want, a Japanese Kit Kat will cost you different amounts of money. For instance, the limited edition gold leaf version, which was a one-off, cost about £11.5/$16 at retail. While the prices for the standard flavors are often consistent, there may be some fluctuation for regional flavors or special edition products.

7.1. Nestle


You may choose from a great flavor selection of kit kats from Japan, including the well-known wasabi and the well-liked matcha green tea Kit Kats, when you purchase your Kit Kats straight from Nestle Japan. If you are wondering about where to buy Japanese Kit Kats online, Nestle will be a good idea to get quality Kit Kats. 

7.2. Janbox


You might be wondering how to get your hands on Japanese Kit Kat flavors outside of Japan as they are uncommon even there, which is part of the reason they are so famous. Janbox can assist you to order Kit Kat from Japan by forwarding orders through our Japanese warehouse. Having trouble finding how to buy Japanese Kit Kats? Start by using our Japanese shopping service.

7.3. Amazon Japan


Simply enter your Japanese forwarding address on Amazon to check what products are available for online purchase from Amazon Japan. You may find a variety of Kit Kats there.

7.4. Rakuten


In Japan, Rakuten is a very well-liked online store that sells a variety of goods in addition to Kit Kats. Learn more about shopping at Rakuten Japan.

7.5. Yahoo Japan


The Yahoo store sells a wide variety of Japanese Kit Kat flavors, including mini pudding, peach, and raspberry.


Are you one of the few Kit Kat collectors who has traveled throughout Japan in quest of the rare and weird flavors? Were you enticed by some of the Japanese Kit Kat flavors? What was your favorite Kit Kat flavor? When you next have a chance to get your hands on some Japan-only Kit Kats, be sure to try as many varieties as you can!

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