Top 30 best eco-friendly clothing brands (2022)


What is eco-friendly clothing? It refers to clothing labels that make an effort to reduce their negative effects on the natural environment, as well as on the health of their customers and the safety of their workers. Today in 2022, there is a rapid rise in the number of eco-friendly clothing brands. These companies produce the finest organic and eco-friendly clothing by employing techniques such as using low-impact dyes, reusing natural materials, and using organic cotton.

Despite a variety of them, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 best eco-friendly clothing brands that you can protect the environment by supporting right now.

1. Aday


The goal behind creating ADAY was to make it “ridiculously versatile” (Forbes). Aday is the place to go for eco-friendly materials for clothing that can be everywhere – at home, on airplanes, on honeymoons, to the dog park, to the workplace, and even for naps in the afternoon. The founder of ADAY aimed to create it so that its users could experience the boundless confidence and joy that comes from making your own rules and realizing their full potential. The goal of ADAY is to encourage us to stretch and enjoy each one of life’s experiences.

Over three-quarters of the collection is made from recycled, regenerated, or natural materials, and is Bluesign® or OEKO-TEX® certified, which ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment during production. Some examples of these are recycled scuba joggers and pullovers and stretch crepe pants that are made from plants. 

2. Allbirds


New Zealand-born and raised Tim Brown has always known about the miraculous properties of merino wool. Naturally inquisitive, he wondered why this remarkable and renewable resource was so underutilized in the shoe business. That’s when The Allbirds’ adventure first started. 

Until this day, when it comes to sneakers, nobody can compete with Allbirds and their insanely comfortable shoes made from sustainable materials. And it’s always on the lookout for new ways to reduce its carbon footprint by using more eco-friendly materials. They plan to make significant adjustments by 2025 in an effort to achieve a climate positive impact on the environment.

3. Amazon Aware

In addition to its usual fare, Amazon also sells a line of environmentally friendly clothing. All the pieces in the Amazon Aware capsule collection (which also includes men’s, beauty, and home goods like bedding) are made from environmentally friendly materials, making them perfect for a wide variety of occasions and outfits. Furthermore, through the store’s participation in the Climate Pledge Friendly program, all the products have been independently certified as being environmentally friendly. 

Amazon Aware is always thinking of new ways to improve its products and cut down on pollution. To make it easier to find and buy more eco-friendly goods, Climate Pledge Friendly program features products that have earned relevant sustainability certifications. They are also certified to ensure that all product emissions have been accounted for and that any remaining emissions have been offset using credible carbon credits. 

4. Avocado


Avocado is a newly launched fashion brand of acclaimed natural bedding that also followed eco-friendly clothing meaning. The Climate Neutral Certified B Corp creates plush pajamas and other basics with an emphasis on comforts, such as cardigans, joggers, hoodies, and tees. All of the materials used in their construction are natural and safe; they include organic cotton, biodegradable modal, and alpaca fiber from a Peruvian farm that practices regenerative agriculture. Credibly speaking, you can expect the same high standards of eco-friendliness from this brand line.

5. Boody


When it comes to the benefits of eco-friendly clothing, Boody has achieved its recognition. Boody, which claims to be the first US underwear brand to become a certified B Corp, focuses on comfortable basics that can be worn anywhere. This eco-friendly, quick-growing material is made from bamboo (which is then converted into bamboo viscose and produced in China, Vietnam, and India). (It also wicks away sweat!) All of our undies, men’s leisure, and baby wraps are made from sustainable materials and are as comfortable as they are safe.

6. Cariuma


From its use of sustainable materials to its reforestation initiatives, Cariuma is committed to the environment. With the purchase of every pair of sneakers, Cariuma will plant two trees in the Brazilian rainforest (up to ten trees per pair until April 30). Making products in a way that both people and the environment can gain benefits of eco-friendly clothing is central to their mission. Since 2020, Cariuma’s vegan shoe selection has grown from 43% to 65% as a result of the company’s ongoing commitment to improving its environmental footprint.

7. Cotopaxi


Copopaxi makes environmentally friendly outdoor gear that inspires travel and social change. They aim to create long-lasting equipment in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner and to use the platform to help underprivileged communities flourish by donating a portion of its profits to charities that aim to better people’s lives. Furthermore, they are Certified B Corporation and recommended by Caspelich.

8. DL1961


DL1961, a premium denim brand – the company purchases post-consumer waste and old denim to turn into regenerated fibers – using eco-friendly materials and clean dyes. Each pair is hand-finished with a laser that uses renewable energy instead of water waste. They claimed that they personally oversee every step of the family-owned manufacturing process, and the process must be vertically integrated to ensure the reputation of eco-friendly high fashion brands.

9. Eileen Fisher


Eileen Fisher, a pioneer in the field of eco-friendly clothing design and a certified B-Corp, sought to create pieces that could be worn in any season and with any accessory. This is especially true when the items are made from sustainable materials that last a long time. They own a program named Waste No More, which is a part of their circular model, receive old clothes to resell or recycle to give your item a longer life after it has been in your closet.

10. Everlane


Everlane was established in 2010 with the mission of providing customers with ethically made, everyday necessities at fair prices. Fans love the brand not only for its wide variety of T-shirts, cashmere, leather accessories, and more but also for its transparent supply chain breakdown, which shows buyers the exact cost and location of production for each eco-friendly clothing products.



All your favorite ’90s-inspired streetwear is here at FRANKIE, reworked into brand new pieces with a contemporary twist. Take the Rework Sweatshorts Sets, which feature a variety of cropped windbreakers and tees in a variety of color blocking and sleeve length combinations. Furthermore, any leftovers are repurposed into new textiles. The local Vancouver artisans create each and every item by hand, making it necessary to search by size, making FRANKIE be a green fashion at its finest in the streets.

12. For Days


For Days was established with the goal of becoming a zero-waste fashion brand by providing recyclable necessities for people’s closets. The “Take Back Bag” (their exclusive program) is launched to recycle cotton tees and separates for inspection. In addition to advocating for “circular fashion,” For Days has also established a fund to construct a tuition-free school for the kids of their Moroccan factory workers.

13. Girlfriend Collective

Colorful compression leggings, supportive sports bras, and other cute separates are what make Girlfriend Collective so popular. Everything is made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, fishing nets, so you can feel good about working out in it. These cotton waste are collected in reputable factories, and the company only uses packaging that can be recycled in full to pack the products.

14. J.Crew


Through its re-imagined initiative, J.Crew is taking steps toward greater environmental and social responsibility, with the goal of using only sustainable fibers in all of its products by 2025. They also try to donate design samples and recycle fabric scraps to cut down on waste, and they only partner with fair trade factories that provide safe working conditions for their employees. In the meantime, the capsule collection employs a wide variety of eco-friendly fabrics, including Tencel, Econyl, recycled nylons and poly, organic cotton, and many others. 

15. Knickey

It’s understandable that customers would prefer the underwear to also be fashioned from all-natural, healthful materials. Knickey fills your top drawer with cute bralettes and underwear made from organic cotton that has been certified to be free of harmful chemicals and toxins. They also create a pioneering recycling program to take your old underwear, pantyhose, and socks and turn them into insulation, furniture batting, and carpet padding.

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16. Levi’s


Levi’s is an instantly recognizable American denim brand, and it’s noteworthy that the company has recently increased its commitment to sustainability. Most of the denim line uses waterless technology to achieve that worn-in look while also sourcing more ethical materials. The website also features a Secondhand marketplace where you can look for the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s. You câcn also bring your worn and loved pair to their shops to get them fixed, personalized, or upcycled.

 17. Lezé the Label

Oprah praised the softness of the material of Lezé the Label clothing, saying it felt “like a marshmallow”. Raw beech wood and coffee grinds, and even recycled nylon from abandoned fishing nets are all used in the collection to create their eco-friendly items. The company also works with a factory owned by a family from Taiwanese Canadian descent. This factory is committed to sustainable practices, including the use of renewable energy, and pays its employees more than 15% above the going rate.

18. Naadam


One of our go-to brands, Naadam has been on our list of favorites for some time now. All of the materials it used came from sustainable or recycled resources and they also include a dedication to honesty and environmental responsibility. It has a direct relationship with herders in Mongolia and pays a fair wage for their work.

19. Nudie Jeans


Nudie Jeans, like many other brands recommended by Caspelich and Cline, makes all of its garments from cotton (93.8 percent of which is organic, fair trade, or recycled). Depending on its origin and supplier, the organic cotton used by Nudie Jeans is also certified by GOTS, the Organic Content Standard 100, or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

20. Organic Basics

If you need commodities like t-shirts, sweatpants, bras, and underwear, Caspelich suggests checking out Organic Basics. The brand prioritizes collaborating with ethical manufacturers, and you can check out individual factories it uses. In addition, it employs only textiles that are either all-natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and/or low-impact.

21. Outerknown


Outerknown, a company co-founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, is dedicated to sustainability without sacrificing the carefree spirit of California surf culture. The denim buttons are made from plastic and other eco-friendly materials including Econyl, organic cotton, etc. While the company initially catered to men, it has since expanded to include fashionable options for women, too. Even though the brand is certified by the Fair Labor Association and as high-quality, most items cost less than $200.

22. Pact

Pact, well-known for its essentials, recognizes that going organic is decent for business and the environment. They claimed to be more durable than its conventional counterpart. The organic cotton clothing produced by the brand is more friendly to the environment (requiring up to 81% less water to produce than conventional cotton), and more comfortable to wear (designed to keep you comfortable all day long). 

23. Pangaia


There’s no better time than now to upgrade your loungewear, as there is a wide selection of hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, and more. Named “all-inclusive earth,” the company better deliver on its promise. Pangaia, best known for its bright sweatsuits worn by celebrities and influencers, calls itself a “materials science company” that uses cutting-edge technology and materials to produce sustainable clothing. Among its many innovative bio-based fabrics, some of the most notable are a down fill made from wildflowers, seaweed-based fiber used in the tees, and a cotton-like fiber made of fruit waste.

24. Patagonia


You may know Patagonia as the maker of puffy jackets and iconic fleeces, but you might be surprised to learn that the company is committed to environmental sustainability. Caspelich and Cline both recommend Patagonia because of the company’s commitment to using Fair Trade Certified factories and sourcing the vast majority of its fabrics from sustainably produced materials. Patagonia donates a portion of its “Earth tax” to organizations that are fighting to protect the world’s forests, wildlife, and water supplies.

25. People Tree


To top it all off, the dyes used on People Tree’s organic cotton and bamboo are GOTS-approved, and the company promises that all of its products are fairly traded. British manufacturer uses only FSC-approved paper for their labels. These environmentally friendly garments are essential due to their beautiful cuts, bold prints, and long-lasting construction. 

26. Reformation


Next in the list, Reformation is a brand recommended by Cline, with its commitment to sustainability and its stylish offerings. The brand aspires to become climate positive by 2025, and unlike rivals, its environmental impacts are transparent in the quarterly reports, so customers can follow the company’s progress. Their carbon neutrality has also been verified by Climate Neutral to confirm that they have reached net-zero carbon emissions through their stringent certification program as well.

27. Tentree

Promising to plant 10 trackable trees for every purchase, to date, over 73 million trees have been planted by this Canadian company, which lives up to its name. But that’s not the end of it. All of the brand’s casual designs are made with eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp in an effort to leave as small of an ecological footprint as possible during production. As a B-Corp, it also adheres to ethical labor standards to make sure its partner factories are safe places to work. 

28. Thought Clothing

This UK company, Thought Clothing, has what you need when you think of eco-friendly: their sustainable garments are crafted from hemp, bamboo, and GOTS-certified organic cotton, among other materials. The quality of Thought’s garments is such that they can be worn multiple times before needing to be washed. Despite the vibrant hues, gorgeous knits, and trendy patterns, almost everything costs less than £150, so it’s definitely worth considering for your next purchases.



VETTA can help you whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to organize your current closet. Organic cotton, Tencel, linen, recycled polyester,… are used in the construction of VETTA’s clothing. Five-piece capsule collections (with names like “Wander” and “Utility,” for example) are the company’s specialty, and each capsule can be repurposed into multiple looks for a full month. If you prefer to pick and choose what you buy instead of getting the whole picked set, VETTA is a place to go. 

30. Boody

Boden, a British label, has won over a devoted fan base with its fun patterns and versatile cuts. The company has a goal of only using sustainable materials by 2025, and it has already made use of eco-viscose and recycled cotton whenever possible. Furthermore, unsold items and samples are donated to various organizations in order to keep them out of landfills and to spread the joy that brightly colored clothing can bring to people. The company strictly requires all of its vendors to sign a Responsible Sourcing Commitment, in which they promise to treat their workers fairly. 


In this article, I have presented you with the Top 30 Eco-friendly Clothing Brands that you should be aware of in order to find your true taste. If you found this article useful, please join our mailing list to receive updates on additional recommended brands in other categories.