Top 10 popular American denim brands

10 popular American denim brands

America is the home of jeans and is also the country that makes jeans popular around the world. Therefore, the US has many famous jeans brands in different segments. If you are considering buying some nice brand jeans, don’t rush through. Janbox will help you know what brands of jeans are made in the USA by introducing the top 10 most famous American denim brands in this article. Let’s find out and decide on the top favorite jeans brand for yourself.

1. American Denim Brands – Levis

Levis is one of the American selvedge denim brands. To produce trousers, designers mainly use cotton material, which is appreciated for its softness and breathability. They also use durable denim and elastane fabric. The signature color of American Lewis jeans is indigo. The luster of the fabric depends on the time it takes to soak in the solution. Types include rulers with varying degrees of abrasion at seams, folds, hips, buttocks, and knees. To achieve this effect, the pants are treated with sand.


Each model is usually presented in any color option. On all Levays there is an exclusive “chip” in the form of a dome on the back pockets. Women’s pants are sewn to the curve of the body, helping to increase wearing comfort. Users are drawn to the style, quality, and assurance of the brand. In a specialized store, each customer chooses a comfortable, stylish design.

2. American Denim Brands – Wrangler

When it comes to USA denim brands, we can’t help but mention Wrangler. This brand uses its own denim weaving technique – “broken twist yarn”, which ensures the softness of the material, excluding twisting around the foot. Innovative Sanforized technology makes jeans more durable and reduces the shrinkage after washing.


The difference lies in the presence of 7 belt loops. The entire line of pants has a double seam, which increases their sturdiness. The fastener is designed for the horizontal position of the brand engraving. Branding is a W-shaped contrast stitch on the back pocket. The operation of the online store is similar to Levice’s idea.

3. American Denim Brands – Tommy Hilfer

Tommy Hilfer is one of the most popular denim brands in the USA. Products of this brand are classified as high-end. At the same time, their design and material quality are designed for everyday wear. The original items were made of denim and cotton. The seams on the pants are even, with no corner defects on stripes, or logos.


Brand name engraved on all buttons. On one of the back pockets, there is always a logo, consisting of white and red rectangles. The first image is on the left, and the second is on the right, along the border, there is a black bar surrounding it. The brand name is also engraved on the belt if available.

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4. AG Adriano Goldschmied

Originating from a small chain in 2000, AG is a brand that focuses on jeans with classic washes. AG continues to develop and launch the “AG-ed Vintage” collection by introducing new trouser shapes, new wash styles, and new materials. AG focuses on the high-end segment with a price of about 200 USD per product.


5. Paige Denim

Paige fashion brand was founded by model Paige Adams-Geller in 2004 and in 2005 released its first collection. With the motto that you don’t have to be a model to wear beautiful jeans, Paige launches jeans for women with the main focus being on shape and fit. Paige’s jeans are priced at about 200 USD. It is worth noting that model Paige is also a photo model for many other jeans brands such as Seven For All Mankind, and Guess. She learned a lot about jeans from this job.

6. USA Denim Brands – J Brand

J Brand was founded by denim producer Jeff Rudes and designer Susie Crippen. With a classic and detailed design, J Brand emphasizes the shape of the pants for each of its products. In spring 2005, J Brand launched a women’s jeans collection with the main product being skinny pants and quickly gained success. J Brand has become the leading brand for skinny jeans in the US market.


7. True Religion

True Religion was founded in 2002 by Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold in Los Angeles. Since its establishment, the company has made a difference from other brands with special products. True Religion products are sewn with only a contrasting color to the pants color and the logo is sewn very large on the back of the pants making the product very recognizable.

Products of this brand are quite expensive even in the US market and the product price is usually above 250 USD. The reason for the high price of products is that True Religion’s products are made from high-quality denim and are hand-sewn by experienced tailors.

8. American Denim Brands – Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans is a long-standing brand in the US starting from the Lee Mercantile company founded by Henry David Lee in 1889 in Kansas. This company specializes in the production of duffle clothing and jackets. In the 1920s, Lee began manufacturing jeans and continued to develop the Lee Jeans brand and became the number one American manufacturer of workwear 10 years later. And in the 1950s, Lee expanded into everyday wear and was very successful. 


Lee continued to expand and by 1969, Lee’s products were present in 51 countries, also in this year, Lee was owned by the VF fashion group and developed to this day. Unlike Seven For All Mankind’s products (also under VF), Lee’s products are much cheaper and suitable for the vast majority of consumers’ budgets.

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9. Rag And Bone

This American denim brand was founded in 2002 by two Englishmen, Marcus Wainwright, and David Neville, in New York. Since its inception, Rag And Bone’s products have made a big difference in the market with the combination of British tradition mixed with modern design. Rag And Bone products are renowned for their focus on quality, skilled tailors, and meticulous craftsmanship.


In 2010, the two co-founders of Rag And Bone were awarded Menswear Designer of the Year by the Association of Designers of America. Currently, Rag And Bone’s products are present in more than 60 countries around the world.

10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein (CK) is a famous American fashion brand founded in 1968 by a designer of the same name Calvin Klein. It is considered one of the top best American denim brands. Calvin Klein is a globally famous brand with many beautiful and unique design products and lots of creative and controversial advertising. In 1976, Calvin Klein launched jeans with the brand name affixed to the back pocket of the jeans and this was the first time jeans were brought to the fashion catwalk.


In 1978, Calvin Klein announced that they were selling 2 million pairs of jeans a month, making this the most successful product launch in CK history. Currently, CK jeans products are sold under the Calvin Klein Jeans brand at a lower price than CK products in general.

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Today, there have appeared a lot of fake and poor-quality goods flooding the market, it is difficult for shoppers to detect which are genuine products. Therefore, you should buy from official websites or genuine stores. Besides that, you can refer to our Janbox proxy service to be received the most assurance and credibility in buying international goods.

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Hopefully, through the article on American denim brands, you will have more options to buy denim pants for yourself.