Top 13 Famous Japanese Handbag Brands


Customers enjoy and respect Japanese handbag brands, which are considered the fashion hub of Asia, in addition to well-known international fashion names. Japanese handbag companies are recognized for their excellent quality and lavish designs that are suitable for all age groups. Additionally, Japanese handbag patterns have quite gorgeous designs, with simple yet fashionable themes standing out.

The list of 13 high-quality Japanese handbag brands 

Don’t overlook the following brands if you want to get real Japanese handbags online shopping for reasonable rates to match your preferred outfits.

1. Kitamura


Since its establishment in 1882, Kitamura has produced a broad variety of goods, such as bags, shoes, and numerous types of clothing. Some of these premium leather handbags, like the semi-shoulder bag, are available on Amazon Japan. Popular on Amazon is the Kitamura long wallet.

To make your purchase from the Kitamura website more unique, you can choose the color you desire for your bag. Additionally, you may rely on the business if your bag ever has to be repaired. Between $300 and $450 and above are the price ranges.

2. Anello

The majority of people automatically think of Anello when considering Japanese handbags. Anello made his fashion debut in 2005, and his distinctive wide zipper opening quickly gained him popularity. The bag was a highly popular option because of how simple it was to store your belongings inside of it and remove them again. 


The Annello backpack is the go-to style because of its practical yet stylish design. The top grab handles and big zipper holes that make it simple to pack bulkier objects are a couple of the most well-liked features. The bags are composed of a combination of waterproof, abrasion-resistant canvas and polyester.

These bags are highly well-liked because they were developed for a busy lifestyle. There are a few PU and leather designs available, as well as a few messenger bags. The costs are in the $30 to $80 range.

3. Legato Largo


Anello’s sibling brand is Legato Largo. Legato Largo was founded in 2004, and its designs are straightforward and practical. Nylon and leather bags come in a variety of forms, including buckets, totes, structural shapes, and more. The range of prices is from $40 to $100. For American customers, Amazon may have a few bags, but eBay has a wider selection.

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4. Kyoto Nishijin


Nishijin fabrics from Kyoto are used to create products under the Atelier Kyoto Nishijin trademark, which is recognized as a traditional Japanese skill. They design, produce, and market well-known mask cases, wallets, cosmetic pouches, purses, and other items made entirely of silk cloth.

“Cute Japanese things that may be utilized in daily life” is one of the brand’s themes to go with both Japanese clothing and Western clothing.

5. Samantha Thavasa


The company’s philosophy is described as being “an overflowing atmosphere of happiness” on the Samantha Thavasa website. With the use of pastels, monotones, and vibrant hues, fashionable handbags provide a range of glamorous and casual looks. Price: between $190 to $600.

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6. UN Billion


The UN Billion is a manufacturer of vegan leather handbags. Its distinctive square is the form of a UN billion purse. You may be familiar with UN billion since Oprah favored their Lacy Fur Tote, which included faux leather and faux shearling fur. The costs are in the $30 to $90 range.

7. Yoshida & Co, Ltd


In 1935, Yoshida & Co, Ltd was established. Porter became the company’s primary brand in 1962 after becoming well-known for its Porter and Luggage bags. However, the business launched Porter Girl as the first women’s brand in 2009. There are many various bag designs available, including duffel bags, messenger bags, and shoulder bags. The price range for the ripstop nylon bags is from about $200 to $900.

8. Bao Bao Issey Miyake

In the collection of women’s Bao Bao Issey Miyake bags, you’ll find totes and cross-body designs defined by distinctive geometric patterns. These cutting-edge works by the innovative Japanese designer give flat objects a 3D appearance using cutting-edge technology. Watch out for high-shine finishes, contrast top handles, technical fabrics, structured pouches with frosted finishes, and other design elements. These precisely constructed bags get refinement with jacquard linings and adjustable straps.


In this bag brand with an innovative concept and production method, pieces are arranged to create an infinite number of versatile shapes. The pieces transform flat surfaces into three-dimensional ones with triangular structures, resulting in a new form. This brand’s products provide the consumer with unexpected beauty, enjoyment, and surprises together with a practicality that makes them suited for a variety of contexts in daily life.

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9. Kiwada Katsuragi

Kiwada Co., Ltd. used to do business under the name of a cotton shop (Momenya) when merchants were not allowed to give their surnames, but in the Meiji era, cotton was read as Kiwada. Now, they continue to create products such as makeup cases and cosmetic cases, with a focus on work bags and Boston bags. 


Additionally, they provide a wide range of bags, including the two-way bag made of Katsuragi fabric, a soft yet durable material akin to denim. You may remove the shoulder strap to convert the bag to a clutch because it is detachable. Even better, it has been coated with unique paraffin wax, making it waterproof.

10. Zeha Himeji


This company’s useful tote bags are among its best-selling goods all around the world. Only the finest leather from Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, one of Japan’s top leather-producing regions, is used in the tote bag. Since it is made entirely of genuine leather, you can fully anticipate it altering with time. The price is fairly exorbitant because it is totally handcrafted by talented, committed crafters, but you won’t be able to fault the quality of the construction.

11. Osumashi Pooh Chan


The well-known Pooh Cat peek-a-boo is featured on Osumashi Pooh Chan purses. The Pooh shoulder bag, which has a cat face with its eyes closed on the flap of the purse, is the most widely used pooh bag. The main flap is secured by two magnetic down flaps that are shaped like cat paws and flip up to conceal the cat’s eyes when it plays peek-a-boo. Various bag designs using this subject are available to satisfy any collector. The costs are in the $21 to $50 range.

12. Tsuchiya Kaban


Established in 1965, Tsuchiya Kaban sells hand-stitched, original leather purses manufactured by Japanese leatherwork artisans. Initially, the business produced just backpacks for students. When they started first grade, kids were traditionally given a rucksack with sturdy, structural sides that would last them into sixth grade.

The business expanded into producing adult-sized bags and now provides a variety of designs, including buckets, shoulders, clutches, and more. The costs range from about $370 to more than $1,200.

13. Tsutsugaki


These Tsutsugaki purses are creations of the 1702-founded Matsuda Dyeing Store. In the early Meiji era, they first began our company as an indigo dyer and dyed tube-painted goods. The Tairyo flag is the item that is ordered the most frequently out of all the tube-painted and dyed goods. As presents and souvenirs, they have created unique Tairyo flags, and they have also created well-known items like eco-bags and tote bags. 

They are entirely handcrafted utilizing conventional Japanese methods. You will undoubtedly stand out because of the adorable, poppy pattern. The painted big sea bream is said to bring luck, making the bag a wonderful gift. It can be folded, which makes it really practical when you’re in a rush, as when you suddenly need to go to the grocery shop.

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Japanese handbags for ladies have traditionally been highly prized possessions. Japanese handbag brands are now making even more notable strides in producing goods that are more useful in everyday life and can be used by both men and women. So why don’t you get one for yourself?