Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan [Unique From Japan]

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]

When you think of Japan, what comes to mind? There is someone who thinks of a country famous for cherry blossoms. Some people will think of the tea ceremony culture. As for me, I really like products that are made in Japan. They have extremely good quality. Do you know any famous products in Japan? Let’s find out about the best things to buy in Japan with Janbox in this article!

I. Top 20+ best things to buy in Japan when traveling

1. Sake

The first product that we would like to introduce to you is Sake. This is a type of famous traditional Japanese liquor. Many people refer to all alcohol produced in Japan as sake. But in fact, Sake is a type of rice wine, brewed and fermented, distilled very carefully. The Sake production process is almost the same as beer.

However, the concentration of Sake is higher than that of beer (18-20% ABV). In Japan, sake is a national beverage. They are often used in special rituals. Therefore, Sake is not just a simple wine, but it is the essence of Japan’s soul.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]

There are 04 types of Sake:

  • Junmai: is a type of pure rice production. Rice grains will be milled about 30%. There is no need to add alcohol or other starches. Junmai’s taste is a bit strong and light. This is suitable for going to the beach.
  • Honjozo: this is similar to Junmai but it has a stronger scent. This type is easy to drink at room temperature.
  • Ginjo: with added yeast for added flavor. This type is suitable for cold drinks.
  • Daiginjo: is the most fragrant. The taste is quite mild. When you drink it, you will feel relaxed.

Sake is sold very widely and popularly. And it is not too difficult to buy Sake at Japanese e-commerce sites. For example Amazon, Mercari…

2. Kit Kat bars

Have you ever eaten Kit Kat candy? I really like Japanese Kit Kat candy. Many people think Kit Kat candy originated in Japan. But the truth is not so. Kit Kat originated in England, was created by Rowntree, and sold to Nestle Switzerland in 1988. This is a type of sponge cake covered with chocolate.

Although it is not made in Japan, it is really popular here. Therefore, many people mistakenly think that Japan is the homeland of Kit Kat. Let’s ignore the problem of origin. Janbox wants you to know about some other interesting things about Kit Kat.

Kit kat which is the best things to buy in Japan is a very delicious cake, in the form of a sponge cake covered with chocolate. This is the original taste of Kit Kat, not bitter, not too sweet, and very easy to eat.

In addition to chocolate flavor, Kit Kat also has more than 300 different flavors. For example sake, green tea, strawberry, apple… Because of this, Kit Kat attracts all kinds of different consumers, including fastidious guests.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]

Kit Kats are sold a lot at convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan. Moreover, they are also sold at most e-commerce sites: Amazon, Mercari, Rakuten…

Kit Kat’s price is not expensive. They depend on the type of flavor you buy. Prices range from 300 Yen to 800 Yen.

3. Yukata or Kimono

Yukata and Kimono are two types of traditional Japanese clothing. These two types have many similarities in style; therefore, quite a lot of people think that Yukata and Kimono are the same. In fact, these are two different types of clothing.

Meaning of “Kimono” and “Yukata”

  • Kimono means “dressing“. This costume is for both men and women; they are often worn on festive occasions.
  • Yukata” is a combination of two words “Yu” – “Bath” and “Katabira” – “Inner Underwear”. From this, it can be guessed that Yukata is usually worn after bathing.

Materials used to sew Kimono and Yukata

Most kimonos are made of silk, but they are also made from other materials such as linen, cotton, or polyester. Yukata is only made of cotton. This fabric is very suitable for making yukata because they are quite breathable and absorbent.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Yukata and Kimono are two types of traditional Japanese clothing

Obi Belt

Obi is the name for the belt used for yukata and kimono. There are many different types of obi. With Yukata, the obi is usually a small ribbon. As for Kimono, Obi looks much bigger and thicker.

In addition, Yukata and Kimono also differ in sleeve design and color. Yukata has short sleeves and is brightly colored. The kimono has very long sleeves and has a deep, dark color. If kimono is worn in festivals and formal events, Yukata is more commonly worn.

If you have a chance to come to Japan, don’t miss these 2 types of costumes. Try them on and walk the streets of Japan and immerse yourself in the culture here. Or you can also order Yukata and Kimono at major Japanese e-commerce sites.

4. Wagashi cakes

Wagashi is the common name for sweets in Japan. They are made mainly of rice flour and are often served in Japanese pay-out parties. The most special thing about this cake is that it is decorated and shaped very eye-catchingly. Therefore, wagashi is not only a type of cake but is also a culinary culture full of art in Japan.

There are many different types of wagashi but they are all made from rice flour, red beans, and sugar. It is said that red beans have the power to ward off evil spirits and diseases. So red beans are an indispensable ingredient in every wagashi.

Wagashi have 3 groups according to their humidity:

  • Namagashi: with moisture above 30%, including types such as mochi, Gyuuhi, Nerikiri, Kimi Shigure.
  • Hannamagashi: is a group of cakes with a lower moisture content of only about 10 – 30%, including cakes such as Oukan, Kingyoku, and Monaka.
  • Higashi: is a cake with less than 10% moisture content, including Uchimono and Kakemono.
Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]

It can be said that wagashi is a pinnacle of art in Japanese culinary culture. To make a wagashi cake requires meticulousness and sophistication from the bakers. Therefore, bakers must be very skilled and must undergo 5 or 6 years of training to be able to make a perfect wagashi.

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5. Japanese cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, women certainly cannot ignore Japanese product lines. The Japanese are inherently known for their carefulness, the products made in this country are of extremely good quality.

Products are made from natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. There is a full range of cosmetics from lipstick, sunscreen, lotion… You can freely choose.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
The best thing to buy in japan – top 10 famous cosmetic brands

About the best thing to buy in Japan, Janbox introduces you to the top 10 famous cosmetic brands in Japan below that you can buy and use.

  • KOSÉ: product line for skincare, melasma, freckles…
  • SHISEIDO: a product line of make-up, skincare, sunscreen…
  • SK-II: line of skincare products such as: providing moisture, keeping skin healthy
  • HADA LABO: skincare product line similar to Sk-II.
  • SAKURA: product line for skincare, melasma, anti-aging…
  • SHU UEMURA: make-up product lines.
  • NARIS: make-up product lines.
  • DHC: is a major brand in skincare and beauty supplements.
  • MENARD: a product line of face wash, makeup, skincare.
  • KANEBO: the main product line is make-up, skincare.

6. Japanese Dietary Supplement

Along with cosmetics, medicine or dietary supplement is also a good quality product in Japan. That’s why drugs and other health products are so popular. Some of the best-selling products in Japan are seaweed, digestive enzymes, anti-stroke drugs, etc. They are sold a lot at Amazon Japan and pharmacies in Japan. You are very easy to find and buy them

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]

7. Sensu folding fans

Paper fans are items used in many parts of the world. In Japan, the fan was invented sometime between the 6th and 9th centuries. The original Japanese paper fan was named Hiougi. After the use of paper fans became popular, people drew pictures on them and the name Sensu was born from there.

Sensu means “fan“. The special feature of this sensu is the elegant, small design, and the vivid pictures painted on them.

To make sensu fans requires workers to be really meticulous, skillful, and careful. They have to work hard to make the fan blades small and similar in size. Each sensu fan has about 10-30 fan blades. Their ends are fixed to each other by a shaft called Kaname. Finally, the workers will attach the corrugated paper sheets to the fan mold. This is the soul of the sensu. Artists can showcase their artistic talents through captivating drawings.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
The first folding fans were invented in Japan.

The sensu paper fan is not only for cooling but is also a fashion item or an item used in rituals. In addition, sensu fans are also used in art performances by theater actors and Shinto priests.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to come across sensu fans in souvenir shops. Foreign tourists often buy sensu fans as gifts for their loved ones. When holding this small sensu in your hand, you will feel very light, delicate, and interesting. And you will certainly be amazed by the meticulousness and rich artistic creativity when opening them.

8. Matcha Tea Products

Matcha (抹茶) is the word to refer to the name of a tea that is made from powdered green tea leaves. This is a tea with a long history and it is very popular in Japan. What makes this tea special is that the tea leaves must be protected from direct sunlight for 20 days. They are then picked to make matcha. The tea leaves that are shaded from the sun will contain a lot of chlorophyll, which creates a rich, sweet taste and retains many nutrients.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
A type of Matcha tea is sold in Japan website

These tea leaves contain antioxidants; therefore matcha tea is very good for health, helping to prevent aging and cancer. After that, these tea leaves have to go through many stages such as steaming, drying, separating the veins, thoroughly grinding … to make matcha powder. Today, matcha is not only used as a tea but also in other products. For example, cleanser, cake, milk…

9. Japanese Electronics

Japan is one of the countries with the largest electronics industry in the world. The electronic products produced here are of extremely good quality. In recent years, despite competition from countries such as China, Korea, and the US, Japanese products still gain the trust of consumers. Some of the big companies in the field of the electronics industry can be mentioned: canon, Akai, Hitachi…

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Japan is one of the countries with the largest electronics industry in the world

If you intend to buy some electronic devices such as hair dryers, rice cookers, induction cookers… then do not ignore the product lines bearing Japanese brands. You certainly won’t be disappointed. However electronic products made in Japan have a 110V  power supply. So you can buy an additional power adapter accordingly.

10. Japanese knives

Just like electronics, Japanese kitchen knife are also something that you should buy. Japanese knives with high precision are suitable for cutting and slicing. If you are a chef then surely these Japanese knives will help you to have excellent cooking skills.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Japanese Knives have reasonable price

If you are just an ordinary housewife, Japanese knives also help you feel like cooking. Because you will feel the sharpness of the knives, your preliminary processing will become perfect. . Japanese knives are made of stainless steel and are durable.

We recommend you the top 5 best quality Japanese knives that you should buy as below:

  • GLOBAL: The world’s best-selling monolithic kitchen knife.
  • TOJIRO: Anti-rust Japanese steel knife series – beautiful, versatile.
  • KAI SEKI MORGOKU: Japan’s most “popular” high-end knife line.
  • SHUN CLASSIC: a high-end handcrafted product line of the Kai. brand.

11. Japanese musical instruments

If you are an art aficionado, you will surely know about Japanese Musical Instruments. Like other countries, music has always been the spiritual food of the Japanese. And Japanese musical instruments also have a fairly early history and influence from China.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Japanese musical instruments

After being introduced to Japan, they have changed shape to suit the culture, climate, and aesthetics of the Japanese people. Here are the famous musical instruments in Japan:

  • Sou – Koto: a musical instrument originating from China and used in parties of the nobility. There are two types of 13 strings and 17 strings. The size of the koto is quite large and is usually made of Kiri wood.
  • Biwa: is a type of guitar that has only 3 strings and is played with a plectrum.
  • Taiko: is a type of drum that comes in many sizes and shapes. Drums are often used at summer festivals or in performing arts.
  • Shamisen: is guitar-shaped like a guitar, but with only 3 strings and no frets.
  • Shakuhachi: is about 54cm long and has the shape of a pepper tree. Because it is made of bamboo tubes, the shakuhachi is larger in size.

12. Anime, Manga, and Merch

Japan is very famous for its manga and anime genres. Anime and Manga characters are sketched very realistically and vividly. This makes a special, unique character of Anime as well as Manga characters. Some of the famous Anime characters like Doremon, Pikachu…

Manga comics is sold in Rakuten site very popular

These characters have gone beyond cartoons and come to audiences around the world as souvenirs. There are also many cards with characters from manga stories that are marketed and sought after by young people around the world. You can buy the cards at Japanese e-commerce sites.

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13. Charm (Omamori)

Charm or Omamori are amulets in Japan. Japanese people believe that Omamori charms will help them stay healthy, ward off evil and evil spirits.The Omamori is made of brocade silk or pieces of wood. The Japanese will write their prayers for health and peace.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]

There are many types of Omamori

Today Omamori changes quite a lot and has 6 main types: Omamori for safety, Omamori for learning, Omamori for love, Omamori for health, Omamori for fortune, and Omamori for warding off evil spirits. In each country, there are its own beliefs, but all people pray for good things for themselves and their family. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when you buy these amulets to wear with you. And you can only buy them in Japan. It is not sold in other countries. Don’t miss them if you intend to order any items from japan.

14. Japanese spices

Japanese spices are also one of the best things that you should buy in Japan. There are many different types of condiments, but the most prominent ones are Miso soy sauce, Shouyu soy sauce, monosodium glutamate… And if you like seafood, you can’t help but buy wasabi. All these spices are widely available at affordable prices.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Japanese soy sauce has a very strong taste.

15. Bento Box

If you are passionate about cooking and are attracted to Japanese cuisine, you certainly cannot ignore the Bento box. Bento box was created at the end of the Kamakura period (1300 AD). The Japanese used them to store food. By the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568 to 1600), lacquered wooden lunch boxes began to appear.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Bento boxes are very diversified

Nowadays, Bento boxes often have many small compartments that Japanese people often use to store food and they take it with them to work. This product has many models and types. It is really suitable for those who work in the office and bring food to lunch. So bento boxes are also one of the quality products that you should buy in Japan.

16. Japan Clothes

If you are into fashion, then Japan is a great choice for you. You can find a variety of fashion styles ranging from office style to street style. Besides, you also find pretty and eye-catching accessories. There are some big fashion brands in Japan which are: Beams, Bape, Uniqlo…

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
You can order Bape T-shirt on Bape’s website

These have many chain stores in Japan and they are also sold on e-commerce websites. For example: If you want to buy a Bape brand shirt, you can buy it at the Bape website or Rakuten site. The price for a product here is not too high. In addition, you can also buy some more accessories on this page. Quite convenient!

17. Chopsticks

Most countries in Asia use chopsticks. And so is Japan. Japanese chopsticks are usually made of wood, are pointed, and are quite light. They are also very easy to hold. A set is usually sold in 5 pairs. You can buy according to your needs and preferences. You can even engrave your name on the chopsticks.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Japanese chopsticks are quite light and easy to use

18. Pens and stationery

If you are wondering what you should buy in Japan, Pens and stationery is your answer.Japanese stationery is a very interesting thing. They are very diverse in types, colors, and shapes. For example, there are highlighters that are shaped like candy sticks, erasers that are like cakes. Interesting isn’t it?

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Japanese stationery is very cute

Japan is also famous for its good quality pens such as koi fish pens, tombow pens. If you are not familiar with Japanese stationery, try it out right away. You will surely have many surprises.

19. 100 yen products

One of the best things to buy in Japan is 100 Yen products. Along the streets of Japan are many chain stores that sell products for 100 yen. Here there are most products for daily life: stationery, cosmetics, and household appliances. As long as it costs 100 yen, it can appear in these stores. The big names in this 100 yen chain include: Daiso, Seira, Can Do…

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Store for 100 Yen products

There are some items that you can buy for 100 yen:

  • Sensu holding fans.
  • Tenugui Towel.
  • Ninja-themed products.
  • Cosmetics 100 yen.
  • Stationery: all kinds of pens, notepaper…
  • Phone case.

20. Origami

One of the masterpieces of art in Japan is Origami. Origami (折り紙) is a type of paper folding art. It is the combination of simple folding ways to turn square pieces of paper into complex shapes. Origami patterns can be simple shapes like paper airplanes, or they can also be complex shapes like Eiffel tower, dragon, phoenix…

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
Origami shows the peak creativity of the Japanese people

Through Origami we can see the peak creativity of the Japanese people. From skillful hands and creativity, they have turned the pieces of paper into really beautiful and colorful pictures. Origami has also become a souvenir that tourists when coming to Japan often buy.

21. Traditional Japanese dolls

Traditional Japanese dolls are also one of the best-selling products in souvenir shops. Most tourists buy Japanese dolls as gifts for relatives or as souvenirs.

Top 20+ Best Things To Buy In Japan 2021 [Unique From Japan]
One of traditional Japanese doll

Dolls Japan is not only toys and decorations, but they also have many spiritual meanings such as: praying for good luck, peace, fortune… And there are many types of traditional dolls such as Damura Doll, Kyoto Doll, Hina Doll… This is a unique culture that is worth learning about them.

II. Some notes when shopping in Japan

Each country has its own shopping culture. Japan is also like other countries. They have individual consuming cultures. Here are some things you should keep in mind when shopping in Japan for a pleasant and comfortable experience:

1. No bargaining when buying in Japan

The Japanese often list the price of the product. It is the price that is deemed appropriate and unchanged. So when buying in Japan you should not bargain. Instead, observe and consider carefully deciding before buying.

2. Self-service stores

This is a store chain that emphasizes the self-discipline of Japanese people. You will buy and pay for yourself at the listed price. Although quite convenient, you should also remember that you should not disturb the position of the products that are already arranged.

3. Consumption tax in Japan

When buying in Japan, you will lose an additional 5% consumption tax. A small tip for you is that you should carefully observe whether the listed price includes tax or not?

III. General FAQ

3.1. What items are cheap in Japan?

In Japan, there are many cheap items for you to shop comfortably such as sushi, manga, tissues, stationery, etc.

3.2. What are the best things to buy in Tokyo?

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. This is where the strongest commercial activity takes place in the country. That’s why you can find everything you want here. The best products you can buy are cosmetics, medicine, sake, manga, etc.

IV. How to buy from Japan with Janbox website?

To buy Japanese goods you can go directly to supermarkets or convenience stores in Japan. Currently, due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, online shopping is more and more popular. You can stay at home and access Japanese e-commerce websites: Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping… the products you buy will be delivered to your door.

buy traditional japanese ring via Janbox

But what if you live in other countries outside Japan?

Most e-commerce sites in Japan do not support overseas shipping. Therefore, you need a delivery address in Japan. Besides, you also need to have an international payment card to pay for your order. You will feel inconvenient. That’s why you need the best proxy buying purchaser like Janbox. We will help you buy Japanese goods easily.

Tell us what you want to buy and where you want to receive it. We will help you buy and ship to your address. We are affiliated with more than 100 major websites in Japan. So you can buy Japanese goods right at Janbox’s website without having to worry about anything. You just need to create an account at Janbox then use this account to buy Japanese products comfortably.


Above, Janbox has introduced you to the best things to buy in Japan. Hope you have found yourself the products according to your preferences through this article. Don’t forget to use our Janbox online shopping app. You will surely have an enjoyable experience!