Top 12 Best Japanese kitchen knife brands


In every kitchen, knives are always one of the essential and multi-functional tools. Which knife to buy with good quality, safe and durable for long-term use has become a question for many people. Because the success of the dish completely depends on the chef’s knife skills and the quality of the knife to produce perfect slices. So, let’s find out with Janbox the 12 Japanese kitchen knife brands today.

I. Top 12 best Japanese Kitchen Knife Brands


GLOBAL knives were first produced in 1985 by leader Komin Yamada of Yoshikin Corporation, Japan. This knife line is made from CROMOVA 18 steel (an alloy of Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Chromium) which is more resistant to rust and abrasion than other steels, with hardness up to 58 HRC.

GLOBAL kitchen knife

A particularly prominent feature of the Global knife is its monolithic metal design from blade to handle. Metal handles have good anti-bacterial properties, are easier to clean than plastic ones, and don’t worry about mold like wooden ones. The GLOBAL knife is the world’s first knife with a hollow handle and sand inside. This feature allows reducing the weight of the knife by 30% for maximum safety in use.

Currently, Global knives have developed and become a famous line of kitchen knives in the world. This series of knives are handcrafted at Yoshikin’s factories in Nigata, Japan to high technical standards and precision.


Tojiro knives are made of stainless steel with cobalt alloy, which is extracted impurities from the ore by the low-temperature de-monking method. This degassing method is also used for the raw materials of Yanaga and Takohiki. Using 13 layers of stainless chromium as a raw material to create sharpness and durability. Molybdenum and Vanadium are added for sharper and more supple blades.

Tojiro knives stay sharp for a long time and easily regain their sharpness when re-sharpened. The handle has a combination of multiple layers of stainless steel. The Tojiro knife line is truly a global standard for Japanese knives. Tojiro won the good design award with the Tojiro Pro knife line in 2000.

TOJIRO knife

The Tojiro knife has an exclusive size, stainless steel material, and asymmetrical construction. The handle of the Tojiro knife inherits the Japanese tradition of having “Shinogi” on one side and an asymmetrical shape. The length of the blade is tailored for each blade. Besides, the handle is designed with an anti-slip groove. This is the defining characteristic of Tojiro knives. Such a handle design not only adds elegance to the knife but also helps reduce slipping even when your hands are wet or slippery.


KAI SEKI MAROGOKU kitchen knife is also a brand product from Japan with good quality and extremely reasonable price. KAI knife material is made of stainless steel, with outstanding durability. The knife handle is made from polypropylene plastic, waterproof, and also highly durable. In terms of design, the knife is also designed in Japanese style, simple but beautiful.

Kai kitchen knives have many different types such as Kai Honoka, Wakatake, Moegi, and Benifuji with diverse, modern designs, and extremely reasonable prices – a perfect choice for every home’s kitchen.

KAI SEKI MAROGOKU Kitchen Knife Brands

Kai kitchen knives are manufactured by a team of highly skilled Japanese workers. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel, providing outstanding durability, hardness and sharpness, making slicing easier and much more time-saving. The handle is reinforced with waterproof polypropylene plastic, intelligently designed, helping to support the entire knife, giving you a comfortable grip for long periods of time without fatigue. The tip of the knife is designed to be sharp and long, specialized for cutting and slicing food


When it comes to Japanese chef knife brands, we can not ignore Shun Classic, which is a line of high-end handcrafted knives of the Kai brand from Japan and won the “Kitchen Knife of the Year” award in 2003 voted by knife experts in Japan. The Kai Shun Classic knife has a classic beauty with an eye-catching design plus versatility and convenience. Thanks to that, this knife line is considered a traditional super product of the Japanese and is always the first choice of many housewives, even famous chefs around the world.


Most of the Japanese Shun Classic knife cores are made of VG-MAX steel combined with 68 outer layers of Damascus steel made from Kai’s exclusive steel that has good anti-rust, and at the same time, creates sharpness and outstanding durability. The knife hardness is around 61 HRc to keep the knife sharp for longer.

Besides, Shun Classic also creates a distinctive feature with a Pakka wooden handle and a “D” shape that is not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable for the user. Some of Shun Classic’s products also have a beautiful multi-layer plated blade surface, which both contributes to a delicate elegance and brings convenience, limiting food clinging to the blade surface when cutting.


Japan’s oldest and most famous brand of traditional knives – “MASAMOTO” has become a symbol of excellence in quality and performance, and is the choice of professional chefs.

With over 150 years of knife-making history and craftsmanship, Masamoto-Sohonten Ltd. is the No. 1 Sushi Chef knife factory in Japan. Even if you are not a professional Sushi Chef, you must have heard the name Masamoto at least once!


Masamoto’s blades are made from high-grade Molybdenum Vanadium, ZA 18 stainless steel for perfect sharpness and exceptional sharpness and durability, making slicing easier than ever. The handle has a rounded shape, creating a comfortable feeling for the user, without losing much strength when holding.


Kyocera ceramic knives are made of Zirconia 26, the hardest and strongest material in the high-end ceramic line, naturally formed over thousands of years of crystallization under high temperature and pressure. The blade has a strong force so it is easy to cut and slice, and at the same time, the chemically inert nature makes the knife not change, corrode, or affect the taste of the dish.


Kyocera ceramic knives have been loved by housewives and chefs all over the world thanks to the meticulous and perfect processing of Japanese artisans, helping to keep the food’s flavor naturally and completely. 


This specialized knife for slicing is manufactured by Daikichi Company, part of the Sakai Knife Association in Sakai City, Osaka – the center of Sakai Uchihamono knife making. The main product line of the Sakai Uchihamono knife is a knife used to process Japanese dishes, evaluated with strict standards such as: “formed by hammer, forged at high temperature, using raw materials from carbon steel or iron combined with carbon steel, and wooden handle”.

This is a product that inherits the skillful technique of Sakai Uchihamono, uses Japanese steel (standard steel used as a material for making kitchen knives since ancient times), and has a large size specialized for chefs. Although they are very sharp, they are prone to rust, so you need to be careful in their maintenance. In terms of quality and price, this is the knife that you should choose if you are just starting to use Japanese knives. Knives come in two sizes, large and small.


Regarding good Japanese knife brands, Ittosai-Kotetsu is also a specialized knife for slicing meat produced by Takahashi Kusu, of the Sakai Uchihamono Association. Besides the techniques of Sakai Uchihamono, the biggest feature of this knife is the use of Swedish steel for the blade. This steel is classified as stainless steel. Since there are very few impurities, they have a sharp edge and are highly resistant to rust and wear.


The product is made by skilled craftsmen and is considered the easiest knife to use among Japanese knives. It’s one of those kitchen knives that any chef wants to use and carry.


The design is super beautiful, the technology and technique of making this Japanese knife are the most difficult because 133 layers of thin steel are required to create this blade. Miyabi chef’s knife is made from special Micro Carbide steel powder with super hardness, the hardest in the steel lines to make Japanese kitchen knives. Then this steel is not hot forged, but cold-forged at minus 196 degrees Celsius, making the steel molecules separate and forging as desired.


Immediately after, the blade part will be forged at a high temperature, and create absolute sharpness. Applying special forging techniques, the Japanese create a knife with very good lightness, although made up of many steel cores, this absolute Japanese knife only weighs from 200g to 300g. Knife handles are also often made from high-quality, extremely durable woods.


The cooking knife is a set of Japanese kitchen knives in the cheapest segment and is being interested by many customers. A Japanese Knife Set includes 3 Knives with different lengths, uses, and features, and comes with a Japanese knife sharpener. The strength of this Japanese kitchen knife set is that it is forged from Carbon steel at high temperature, paired between 6 outer anti-rust elastic steel cores, making this genuine Japanese knife both perfect sharp and anti-rust.


The knife handle is made of ABS plastic, and sturdy to use. This is the new model of 2020 which is warmly welcomed in the domestic market. The weight of each Japanese knife is from 50g to 200g. Ensure the lightness according to the standards of genuine domestic knives.


The set of 3 Kenmizaki Satomi Knives has a delicate, compact form, suitable for your kitchen. The knife is made from a special alloy that is super hard and sharp, chopping ribs, bones, and chicken very quickly and easily. The blade is made of stainless steel, which is non-toxic to food during preliminary processing. In particular, the knife does not leave a fishy smell on food like ordinary knives.


The handle of the knife is made of wood, and is pressed tightly with Japanese technology, does not absorb water, and feels light when used. Products are easy to clean, and scrub, and do not worry about rust, or dirt.

12. FUJI

Fuji knife is made in Japan, with high quality, super durable, extremely sharp, bright blade, and firm hand that will make the cut more beautiful and compact than many other knives on the market. The highlight of the Fuji chicken chopper is the extremely sharp blade shape. This unique structure helps housewives and chefs easily separate the meat from the fish bones. Knives used to cut bones, chop the chicken, and cut meat – are processed items that need strong, fast, and compact cutting force.


Fuji is made from stainless carbon steel – a super durable and extremely sharp material. The length of the entire knife is 280mm, the blade is 175mm long, extremely sturdy, and the knife has a firm grip that helps housewives easily cut chicken and pork bones, which are difficult to do with previous kitchen utensils.

Final words

In conclusion, depending on your needs, purposes, and cooking style, you can choose a suitable set of kitchen knives. In addition, it is also extremely important that the design should match your kitchen. With the above 12 Japanese kitchen knife brands, Janbox hopes that you will choose the right product for your kitchen.