Where to buy genuine Japanese housewares?

japanese housewares

In addition to cosmetics or technological items, Japanese household goods are also the favorite choice of most consumers, because of their aesthetics, convenience, and above all, durability. However, not everyone knows where to buy reputable Japanese housewares. Right in the article below, we will answer from A-Z where and how to buy Japanese goods quickly and easily.

1. Why are Japanese housewares popular?

cute japanese housewares

Why are Japanese housewares popular?

Although owning a slightly higher price than household goods in Asian countries, Japanese home appliances have always received great support from Vietnamese people. The trend of buying Japanese goods not only comes from quality but also from a combination of other notable advantages such as design, function, etc.

In terms of design, Japanese housewares are delicate and easy to combine with any space, so the colors and materials are extremely luxurious. The typical colors of Japanese household products are white, gray, and wood tones; and the friendly materials help to improve aesthetics and safety.

japanese housewares

Buying Japanese housewares becomes a trend

In terms of quality, it is universally believed that when Japanese home appliances are strictly censored before being released to the market. They are made perfect in every detail in the modern technology lines. In particular, intellectual property rights in the country of the Rising Sun are highly valued, so the problem of counterfeit goods in Japan is almost nonexistent.

Therefore, not only Vietnam but also many developed European countries such as the US, UK, and Russia also prioritize importing Japanese products.

Choosing Japanese household goods is the secret to helping housewives have a comfortable, modern, and inspirational kitchen.

2. Where to buy Japanese home appliances?

Also because of the popularity and widespread use in the Vietnamese market, more and more Japanese products are widely sold, making consumers confused by the origin. To buy genuine Japanese household goods and avoid fake goods, you should choose to buy at a reliable Japanese housewares store.

2.1 Buy Japanese houseware via Japanese e-commerce sites 

If you want to buy Japanese household goods quickly – neatly – conveniently, you should go to reputable and genuine Japanese e-commerce sites such as:

Janbox market (link: https://janbox.com/en/janbox-market)

Yahoo! Auction (link: https://janbox.com/en/yahoo-auction)

Mercari (link: https://janbox.com/en/mercari)

Rakuten (link: https://janbox.com/en/rakuten)

Amazon Japan (link: https://janbox.com/en/amazon)

Zozotown (link: https://janbox.com/en/zozo)

Surugaya (link: https://janbox.com/en/surugaya)

japanese housewares store

Surugaya’s website via Janbox

2.2 Buy Japanese housewares using Janbox.com’s service

Buying directly at agents and supermarkets distributing Japanese products is quick and easy, but it does not have many product variants for customers to choose from. Normally, distribution agents only import and trade in the most popular items, so it will be difficult for you to find and buy unique home appliances products to your interest. Moreover, buying offline also makes you spend a lot of time and effort when moving and choosing.

If you share these inadequacies, you can refer to the option of buying Japanese home appliances Online at Janbox.com.

Just through a few simple clicks, you will quickly be able to freely buy millions of models of Japanese household products, from the Japanese distributors. Shop smarter through the website interface or directly by phone when downloading the app.

japanese housewares online

Friendly interface of Janbox.com

There are many advantages compared to normal shopping that you can see when ordering online through Janbox such as:

  • Order Online. Buy easily at home with just 1 PC/Smartphone connected to the internet.
  • Flexible & easy payment.
  • Precise & modern warehouse & logistics.
  • Smart AI technology helps customers easily choose their favorite products without spending too much time searching.
  • Mobile applications are available on Android and iOS platforms, providing a great user experience.

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3. Guide to buying Japanese housewares at Janbox.com

To buy Japanese housewares online via Janbox, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in

Visit the website: Janbox.com and log in (if you already have an account) or register (if you don’t have an account)

Step 2: Select products

Search for Japanese household products to buy in the following ways:

Method 1: On the search bar, enter the product URL to find and then press Enter.

Method 2: Search by keyword or product category.

Method 3: Quick search with Janbox Extension.

Step 3: Place your order

After choosing and being satisfied with the product you want to buy, you fill in the delivery address information and continue to choose a payment method. Currently, Janbox allows you to pay through various forms such as Paypal, Janbox wallet, or Visa/Mastercard card.

Step 4: Check

In this step, you need to check the optional service pack (Lite plan, combo, and combo plus).

Step 5: Pay for your order

That’s it, now you just need to check your order information, and payment content and click “Confirm” to complete the purchase process.

After successfully placing an order, you will receive a message “Your order has been created”, the system will send a confirmation to the email address you have registered.

To track your order, you just need to check the “Order management” section. Janbox will quickly send the cute Japanese housewares to your address.