How to buy CDs from Japan? [Guideline]

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While most users put physical music goods into oblivion and make them part of popular culture as we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, CDs continue to be a product that receives a lot of attention from users all around the world, not only in Japan. Moreover, Japan is one of the most important sources of high-quality CDs. However, it’s difficult to find a reliable source for purchasing CDs from Japan. You will undoubtedly buy CDs from Japan with the highest quality if you use the advice in the following article.

I. Where to buy Japanese CDs?

When you buy CDs from Japan, going to Google and searching for them is usually a good place to start. Google will bring you to both well-known websites and smaller businesses such as local record stores where to buy Japanese CDs. 

1.1. Amazon Japan

They provide two excellent international shipping options: a “regular” option that takes 1-2 weeks and costs around 500 yen or more, and an “express” option that takes 1 week and costs approximately 500 yen or more. Both of these shipping options are very affordable, especially the express option, which is surprisingly low for how quickly it arrives. Amazon Japan also offers regular discounts and the chance to earn “points” that can be redeemed for store credit.

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1.2. HMV Japan

If you want to find a CD store with a variety of CDs kinds, HMV is a great place for you. When you get an account with “Member discounts” and “multi-buy discounts”, they are available on some items (which you get if you buy a few “multi-buy” items together). HMV only offers EMS (Express Mail Service), which is a pricey alternative for overseas shipment.

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1.3. CDJapan

The main advantage over other sites is that CDJapan offers a variety of shipping methods, including inexpensive ones like SAL and Small Packet, so if you don’t mind longer delivery times and no tracking for your package, buying from CDJapan could save you some money (although Amazon’s international shipping rates are also pretty good).

It’s worth noting that CDJapan usually charges a full retail price for its products, whereas Amazon and HMV offer discounts on a variety of items.

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1.4. Yesasia

The main selling feature of Yesasia is that if the total worth of your order exceeds a particular level, you will receive free economy international delivery via SAL. However, because Yesasia frequently charges greater costs for the same things as other sites, the savings from free shipping may be mitigated.

Yesasia also has a number of significant disadvantages: they have a considerably smaller range of things than other sites, and most of the items advertised on the site are not held in stock and must be back-ordered, which means there is no guarantee that they will be able to sell you the item you ordered.

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1.5. Rakuten

Rakuten Global Market is a “marketplace”-style website, similar to eBay, that offers a diverse selection of things from a variety of independent, third-party merchants. They use EMS or Airmail Small Packet to send abroad.


1.6. Janbox

Janbox is a proxy-buying service that imports CDs from Japan. You can access this website and purchase products from famous Japanese e-commerce platforms with great deals. Proxy buying services like Janbox can assist you in purchasing items from almost any Japanese store, particularly those that do not ship internationally or accept non-Japanese payment methods.

Besides, if you don’t know Japanese, you can choose any language on the top of Janbox’s website to shop easily. When you find a place to buy CDs from Japan, Janbox will be the best choice for you with a wide range of items and all are high-quality. 

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II. Instructions for buying Japanese CDs through the Janbox website

With some simple steps below, you can know how to buy from Japan. 

Step 1: Look for Japanese CDs on the Janbox website.

You should start by looking for the item you want to buy. So go to Janbox and begin your search. You have two choices for finding the item. To get started, copy and paste the item’s URL into Janbox’s search bar. The second option is to search by category for an item. Another way is Janbox Extension so that customers can download the app and purchase things straight from Japanese websites.

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Step 2: Check the item’s detailed information.

Double-check the product details once you’ve found the item you want to buy. Janbox provides a bilingual interface that allows anyone to access and trade, including non-native Japanese speakers.

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Step 3: Place an order and pay the deposit.

Once you’ve picked your favorite Japanese CDs, we’ll continue on to the payment processing step. After you’ve added your Japanese items to the cart, move on to the next stage. You’ll be brought to the payment platform when you’ve added products to your basket and clicked proceed. Choose an appropriate payment method and pay the product’s initial charge.

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After you’ve completed the first charge, you can go to the second. We are awaiting the delivery of the item to the Janbox warehouse from the vendor. Once the goods have arrived, we will notify you. At this point, you must select the second charge’s payment method and pay the remaining sum. After completing all payment options and providing personal information and delivery address stages, double-check product information, payment amount, and your details to avoid errors in the next step.

Step 4: Parcel Delivery and Acceptance.

When all of the procedures have been completed, you will get your cargo within a few days. To schedule a reasonable delivery time, pay attention to the website’s updated shipping information.

III. CD Japan shipping cost from Janbox

The cost of postage varies depending on the shipping method and the country to which your product is being sent. Use the Shipping Charge Calculator of Janbox in your Shopping Cart to figure out how much it will cost to ship any item or combination of items.

For one item:

  • The Shipping Charge Calculator is located under the Add to Cart button on the product page.
  • Under the Shipping Charge Calculator, select your nation and click the Calculate option.
  • All shipping methods, rates, and average delivery times will be shown.

For a number of items

  • Select the country to which you’d like to send your order in your shopping basket, then click the Calculate button.
  • The shipping costs for all available shipping methods will be displayed.
  • Before you place your order, you’ll be able to view and compare shipping prices for all available shipping methods in the Shipping Methods stage of the checkout process.

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IV. Janbox – Prestigious Japanese shopping app

In Japan, Janbox is the most popular shopping proxy service. We help our customers get genuine Japanese goods no matter where they are in the world. When ordering CDs from Japan, you can use Janbox as a proxy buyer for the following reasons:

4.1. Simple and convenient buying steps

You don’t need a received address, phone number, or any other information in Japan. You may shop on Janbox as if you were living and experiencing Japan with just a few mouse clicks. Apart from that, you may estimate and calculate international shipping prices without the help of our experts. Let’s go shopping with Janbox to make the most of our time together.

4.2. Quick shipping

Janbox also offers a significant time advantage in terms of delivery. Purchasing from a domestic e-commerce website takes 7-12 days on average.

4.3. Money management

The service cost for each order at Janbox is merely 300 yen. The service fee is only charged once, even if you buy a lot of products from the same merchant. Janbox will help you save money by lowering costs and making customs and tax procedures easier. All that’s left for you to do now is place your order and wait for your items to arrive.

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4.4. Official documents and clear invoices 

Customers can use Janbox’s global shopping service to buy things that arrive with complete and accurate invoices and documentation. When items are returned home, professional invoices accompany them, ensuring prestige and displaying the company’s commitment to customers.

4.5. High-quality client service

Janbox is a welcoming and knowledgeable customer service center that assists and advises consumers in selecting high-quality items and providers. All of your questions will be answered by our passionate and knowledgeable customer care team. Thanks to our dedicated customer care personnel, consulting and support services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, outside of office hours in a variety of languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean are just a few of the languages available.

If there is a possibility of counterfeit, imitation, inaccurate, or missing items, Janbox can assist clients in filing a complaint to the provider. Based on the seller’s complaint and return procedures, the consumer will be treated positively. We also have a system in place to automate operations. As a result, you can independently check the prices of your purchases, learn more about them, and calculate delivery costs.

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Despite the fact that physical music sales have been steadily declining over the last decade, the CD remains the most popular format in Japan. After reading this article, you have already got the best way to buy CDs from Japan. Hope that Janbox assisted the CD collectors in finding the best deals.