Shipping service From Japan to Singapore


When purchasing Japanese items from another country, several issues occur. So what should you need to pay attention to when shipping from Japan to Singapore? Or if you want to know how to ship from Amazon Japan to Singapore, Janbox’s instructions will make it extremely simple. This article will help you better comprehend Japanese export to Singapore and will pique your interest in purchasing Japanese items.

I. Shipping process from Japan to Singapore

Japan is a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality goods, so you can find just about any luxury item at its shopping centers. However, if you are still having trouble deciding what to buy as gifts for relatives and friends, or if you are not sure how to buy Japanese things online, follow the steps below!


1. Search for an exporter

In order to receive the best Japanese products, you must first learn about legitimate distribution companies. One of them is the Janbox service. Japan’s one of the most well-known shipping and purchasing corporations. You may order anything on several Japanese e-commerce platforms or online businesses. If you are not sure how to ship from Japan to Singapore, Janbox will help you to get the information for your needs.

2. Give the information of products to Janbox 

The item’s exact name as it appears on the website, as well as the quantity required, must be specified. If relevant, fill in the boxes for the size, color, and design you choose, since we’ll need this information to finish your purchase. Please leave any further details in the note section. Always double-check your work before submitting it!

3. International payments

You must pay in full to buy things from Japan and ship them to Singapore. To secure your order, you must first pay a product cost. Then choose one of the two payment options below.

  • Method 1: Pay with your Janbox wallet. It implies that you will add money to Janbox’s wallet. One point is equal to one yen. When you pay for your order, Janbox will deduct the necessary number of points if you pick this option. Your remaining points will be applied to your next order.
  • Method 2: You can use a credit card or PayPal to pay. Simply send Janbox the appropriate amount of money based on the order value. The purchase has now been finalized.
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4. Choose the method of shipping Japanese goods the inland

  • Air:

Air transportation is less costly than marine service for small shipments. The minimum weight requirement is 45 kg. Under this weight, shipments are transported as 45 kg. Most major international airports throughout the world are serviced; however, depending on the destination, a greater premium may be charged. 

Furthermore, because the great majority of airlines will not accept personal effects packages for security reasons, services for locations not covered by many international carriers may be unavailable.

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  • Sea:

Shipping by sea will not be prioritized over the air, and shipping prices may be higher. Customers will be disappointed by long wait times and hefty prices. This is the sole mode of transportation for huge shipments. As a result, you must examine the size of your shipment in order to select the appropriate delivery method.

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5. Wait for the goods to arrive at the domestic warehouse and pick up the goods

We can ship from Japan to Singapore using your address if you live in this place. With each transportation method, a tracking number is supplied. You’ll receive a tracking number and may check the progress of your order on the Janbox website. 3-4 days is the expected delivery time with airfreight. The sort of delivery you select determines this. It’s only a matter of paying the international shipping price and waiting for the items to arrive.

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II. Items worth buying in Japan

Japan is regarded as one of the world’s best travel destinations. Every year, a great number of people visit the country of cherry blossoms, which has a unique attractiveness. Japanese items, in particular, are consistently praised for their quality and design. As a result, shopping is a must-do activity for travelers visiting Japan. Let’s have a look at what you can buy in Japan.

1. Electronics

There is nothing more exciting than shopping for electrical devices in a world loaded with cutting-edge technology. The majority of visitors who purchase Japanese electronics do so for phones, but there is a slight caveat: for things that support 220V, international versions should be chosen.

does singapore charge import tax

In addition, cameras, particularly specialized mechanical appliances, rice cookers, electric fans or massagers, and other items are frequently purchased by foreign customers. Akihabara, Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, LAOX, Daikokucho – Nipponbashi, and others are among the electronics retailers available.

You should also use your Japanese shopping knowledge to determine when the best discounts are available throughout the year, allowing you to purchase high-quality items for 30-50 percent less than their true value.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics are the second most popular thing to purchase in Japan. Cosmetics purchased in Japan are of excellent quality and are reasonably priced. Many cosmetic lines with 100 percent natural extracts, which are exceptionally safe and non-irritating to the skin, are the number one option for females who like beauty in Japan.

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To use or as gifts for family and friends, you may consult and purchase eyeshadows, blushes, essential oils, or powders created in Japan by well-known manufacturers. These will undoubtedly be useful and meaningful presents for the receiver. You may avoid buying phony, fake, and low-quality cosmetics by shopping at large retail malls.

3. Clothes

Many individuals, especially young ones, have appreciated and embraced Japanese fashion in recent years. Apart from world-famous brands, if you want to buy decent and inexpensive clothing, Japan is the place to go.

shipping from japan to singapore

Clothing purchased in Japan is of high quality, has a wide range of styles, and is reasonably priced, therefore clothing should not be overlooked when shopping in Japan. You should also look for places to buy inexpensive clothes in Japan, such as Roppongi Hills and Omotesando Hill, to find the most suitable goods for yourself, your family, and your friends. 

4. Nutritional supplements and functional foods

In Japan, algae, collagen, and milk are all quite popular. When visiting the area of cherry blossoms, most visitors pick these delicacies to bring back as presents or to use, as they are healthy and inexpensive.

This product includes collagen tablets to rebuild and renew the skin, as well as eliminate wrinkles caused by aging. There are many different sorts to pick from, and you can get these items at any center. 

5. Wine and confectionery

Because Japanese food is as well-known as that of any other country, confectionary and wine are among the must-have commodities in Japan. The majority of visitors adore the flavor and character of Japanese wine and confectionary, which is not only tasty but also makes an unforgettable impression on many diners.

shipping from japan to singapore

6. Japanese cultural souvenirs

Japanese cultural souvenirs would be a terrific way for you to express your sentiments to family and friends. They are readily available in Japanese stores. Top picks for unique and meaningful Japanese souvenirs to purchase and give as presents to your loved ones: Anime models, Manga, Beyond, Kimono, fortunate Omamori charms, traditional Japanese chopsticks, wind chimes, and so on. 

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7. Items for mothers and babies

When purchasing Japanese goods, moms and babies are the product line that is interested in by many people. The quality and look of these product lines have been enhanced to meet the demands of moms and newborns. Mother and baby things are an excellent choice for individuals who are unsure what to get for folks who are expecting or have recently given birth.

how to ship from japan to singapore

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III. The price for shipping from Japan to Singapore 

1. Airfreight

There are a few points to consider while shipping from Japan to Singapore via air. 

  • Higher fuel and security costs will be charged for shipments that appear to be time-consuming or include certain items.
  • Hard access will incur a fee.
  • Over 5000 yen per cargo in customs clearance fees. 
  • A consignment is a group of packages sent at the same time.
  • Terminal service, airline handling fees, customs clearance, and delivery taxes at the destination or similar expenses are not included and only apply to deliveries to terminals.
  • At an extra cost, door-to-door service is provided in the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland.

2. Seafreight

You will be charged based on how much space your shipment takes up in the container. The cubic meter is the unit of volume, and it will be used to calculate ocean freight rates. 35.3 cubic feet equals one cubic meter. All international ocean carriers have a minimum volume of one cubic meter, and if a consignment’s total volume is less than one cubic meter, the charged volume is one cubic meter. With the exception of extraordinarily large goods, cargo weight is not a cost consideration in international SEA transportation.

IV. How long to ship from Japan to Singapore?

If you use the services of a freight shipping company or an international moving company to move from Japan to Singapore, your shipment will most likely be carried in a consolidation container with other shipments to the same destination.

The average port-to-port transit time, or the time it takes to get from the port of Tokyo/Yokohama to the port of Singapore, is around 10 days. To have a better sense of the shipping time from Japan to Singapore, you’ll need to consider the following factors in addition to the port-to-port sailing time.

V. Import tax from Japan to Singapore

Customers from Singapore may worry about “Does Singapore have import tax” or “Does Singapore charge import tax” if they wish to buy Japanese goods. In this part, you will find the solution. Please keep reading. 

Before your items are released from Japanese customs, you must pay the import tax from Japan to Singapore and the duty as well. The sellers must pay the tax, and the consignees will be responsible for remitting the sales tax. If you complete all stages on your own, customs will notify you by letter; you must complete the processes and pay the taxes. It would take a long time.

If you delegate the duty to a third-party carrier, they will handle all of the formalities to ensure that your products arrive on time, and they will bill you for the charge. To utilize the Singapore calculator, no import tax from Japan is required; simply wait for the bill. Before shipping, double-check that they are capable of doing so.

Janbox is a reputable freight forwarding company that provides two-way freight service between Japan and Singapore. Janbox can ship items to various nations and regions throughout the world, including China, Korea, the US, and others.

Janbox not only assists you with import taxes and duties, but it also offers a wide range of other optional services. Package consolidation, inspection, photo service, insurance, and protective packaging are among them. You no longer have to be concerned about the things being lost or broken.

To give clients the finest experience, Janbox’s transportation service adheres to devotion, professionalism, and reputation requirements. You may quickly acquire Japanese things and deliver them to the United States using the innovative and clever purchasing service. You no longer have to worry about the cumbersome procedure of paying import taxes and charges. When you utilize Janbox’s delivery service, you may also follow the package’s progress. On Janbox’s website or through the phone app, you may maintain the information up to date.

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The strong relationship, along with the trend of international integration, has encouraged many overseas clients, like Singapore, to come to Japanese products as diplomatic relations between Japan and Asian nations develop closer. However, Japanese items are becoming increasingly scarce in Singapore. Meeting Singaporeans’ consumer buying requirements is insufficient.

Or, if there is, it will be sold for an astronomically high price, many times its original value. To satisfy such demands, Janbox now offers service when shipping from Japan to Singapore that allows clients to buy Japanese items and have them delivered to Singapore.