eBay Bidding, Shopping on eBay with Japanese Proxy Service

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Goods on eBay are usually quite appealing to customers all around the world. Many buyers, however, have missed out on the opportunity to own their favorite things on eBay since the order process on US eBay shipped to their nation is too complicated. This post will show you how to buy items on eBay swiftly and easily.

1. Disadvantages and Advantages of buy Ebay online

1.1. Advantages

Ebay is the most famous commerce site in the United States, offering buyers a “huge” selection of products ranging from domestic goods to cosmetics, fashion, electronics, and so on. With a wide range of brands ranging from low-cost to high-end. The majority of the things on Ebay are of high quality, authentic, and reasonably priced. Furthermore, Ebay frequently provides specials, discounts, and huge discounts of up to 50-70 percent. As a result, purchasing on Ebay provides several benefits. Detail:

  • Buy from Ebay USA, you are free to choose your favorite items in a variety, rich in designs and brands. 
  • Buying from Ebay, you will own quality and genuine products, completely eliminating the worries and risks of buying fake goods.
  • Shopping on ebay, you can also choose your favorite items at good prices that you can hardly find in the domestic market, plus the shipping cost to your home country will also be much cheaper.
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1.2 Disadvantages 

Order Ebay provides a lot of benefits, but it also has certain drawbacks, which are as follows:

– Difficulties in ordering on Ebay: When purchasing products on Ebay on your own, you will face challenges such as payment difficulties that demand payment by international cards such as Visa, Paypal, and others, trouble in obtaining an address, and delivery in Japan.

– Difficulties in sending products from Japan: The procedure for transporting goods from Japan is relatively complex, and dangers such as loss of goods, damaged goods, and flattened items are common.

2. How to buy from eBay

2.1. Instructions for creating an Ebay orders online account and purchasing items.

Step 1: Access the website: https://www.ebay.com/ select “Register” to register an account.

Step 2: Fill in your personal information and select either email or Facebook to create an account, as directed by the system. Then select “Register” to finish the registration. The system will immediately send an email or a Facebook message to the registered account’s owner. You open the email and click the account activation link.


– It is necessary to fill in all personal information accurately and completely according to the requirements of the items displayed on the system.

– Consider choosing to register for a personal account (Personal Account) or a business account (Business Account) to suit your purposes and needs.

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2.2. Linking your eBay shopping account to your PayPal account.

A PayPal account is required to make purchases on eBay. Follow these procedures to link your eBay account to your PayPal account:

– Step 1: Go to eBay and go to Account Settings.

To access the PayPal Account administration page, go to the Ebay page and select “Account Setting” in the left corner of the screen.

– Step 2: Link a PayPal account by logging in or creating one.

2.3. How to buy on eBay

Step 1: Search for products

At the Ebay.com page, enter the product keywords you want to buy into the “Search box” box.

Step 2: Go over the product details.

When you see a product you want to buy, click on it to learn more about it. To make the best buying decision, you should carefully evaluate the reviews of previous purchasers about the goods and the seller.

Step 3: Choose to buy products and pay.

You choose to buy the product click “buy it now”. Then eBay will display windows asking you to pay and enter your delivery address.

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3. Use Janbox to buy products on eBay

3.1. The benefits you receive when using Janbox

With the foregoing instructions for self-buying on eBay, you’ve discovered that self-buying on eBay is time-consuming, not to mention that transferring items will be difficult and risky. Using Janbox’s eBay buying service to buy things on eBay is the simplest and most convenient option.

Janbox’s purchasing service guarantees a number of advantages, including:

– You are constantly assisted in your search for high-quality products, and you are always consulted to fulfill all of your purchasing demands on eBay in a professional, dedicated, and round-the-clock manner. You don’t need an eBay account or an international payment card to use Janbox’s service. Janbox takes care of everything for you, including the purchase, payment, and shipping.

– You don’t need an eBay account or an overseas payment card to use Janbox’s service. Janbox takes care of everything for you, including the purchase, payment, and shipping.

– Ensure precise purchases, quick and secure shipment, and easy tracking of bills of lading with public, transparent insurance coverage.

– Simple app operation, simple purchasing process, simple payment, short delivery time; – Low service costs, numerous preferential policies.

Janbox recommends you to acquire items in sales programs, helping you save shipping costs from packaging to shipment, as well as attractive freight rate discounts, with a team of expert employees. Janbox is the place to go if you want to make your dream of buying cheap eBay come true.

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3.2. How to Shopping on ebay through Janbox

– Step 1: Create a Janbox account and make a purchase. Therefore, for easy shopping, download the Janbox cross-border shopping app to your smartphone.

– Step 2: Look for the item you wish to purchase.

You go to Ebay.com to look for the item you want to purchase. Then copy and paste the product link into Janbox’s search box.

– Step 3: Place your order in the cart and pay for it.

You add a product to your cart after carefully reviewing the product details and deciding to purchase it.

After the transaction has been verified, you must pay for the entire order, including the product price and service fee. Janbox will make a purchase on eBay based on your instructions.

– Step 4: Receive the items.

Hopefully, with a simple and quick guide on how to buy goods on Ebay at Janbox, it will help you buy cheap Ebay products. For more information about cross-border purchasing services at Janbox, please contact via:

Website: https://janbox.com

Email: support@janbox.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janbox.com.vi