The Comparison Review: Anessa Sunscreen Gel Vs Milk Versions


Since the precise applications of these two Anessa product lines are unknown, many customers are curious about Anessa sunscreen gel vs milk. This article will explain the differences between Anessa sunscreen gel and milk and provide an answer to the question, “Is Anessa sunscreen good?” Explore the fascinating details about the world of sunscreen below with the Anessa sunscreen gel vs milk review.

I/ Overview of Brand 

Japanese luxury cosmetics company Anessa is well known. It is a division of the well-known Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido and focuses on liquid sunscreens. It has grown immensely popular among skin care experts.

About Anessa

Anessa’s quality at the time made it popular, making it challenging for any rival to compete. Although the price is slightly greater than that of some other products, Anessa sunscreen is still highly sought-after and ranked among the top cosmetic brands since it is in the high-end market, where effectiveness will be quite high.

II/ Comparison of Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk

Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk by Anessa

– Appropriate for outdoor activities and waterproof.

– Quickly absorbed into the skin in liquid milk form; non-greasy.

– Appropriate for oily skin.

Perfect UV Sunscreen Gel by Anessa

– Appropriate for daily use.

– Gel-like consistency; following application, retains a moisture layer.

– Appropriate for dry skin.

Comparison of Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk

The Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk Design Review

Both the gel and milk sunscreens from Anessa Shiseido have quite a comparable feel to the outer nylon cover. However, the standout characteristic is:

– Anessa Gel is packaged in tubes.

– The bottles for Anessa Mild Milk and Skincare Milk are very attractive.

2.1. The Ingredients Comparison in Anessa Sunscreen Milk vs Gel 

Each line’s composition offers a variety of standout benefits, including the following:

* Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Gel

– Super Hyaluronic Acid is an acid that effectively moisturizes the skin.

– The benign substance glycerin not only offers water to soften the stratum corneum but also forms a layer that prevents water vapor from escaping through the surface, keeping the skin from drying out.

– Aloe vera cools and reduces pores, together with rose extract. Cherry blossom and green tea leaves have antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

The Ingredients Comparison in Anessa Sunscreen Milk vs Gel

* Anessa Sunscreen Milk

50% of the sunscreen bottle is made up of skincare ingredients, including several herbal and plant extracts like camellia, sour cherry, and rosehip extracts (rosehip)… helps produce an incredibly smooth matte finish, has a healthy sheen to the skin, and efficiently cares for and nourishes the skin.

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2.2. The Production Technology of Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk 

Anessa Sunscreen Milk

Anessa Sunscreen Gel and Milk are produced using different technologies, which makes this difference. The Anessa Milk line uses more advanced technologies, such as:

– Using Aqua Booster technology, which interacts with minerals in perspiration and water to increase the durability and longevity of the sunscreen layer. The skin protection effect is consequently up to 20% stronger.

– With the aid of Light Stamina technology, UV radiation is converted to heat and released, maintaining the integrity of the sunscreen layer. This results in a long-lasting sunscreen effect and a sunscreen layer that is more resistant to fading, similar to physical sunscreen.

2.3. Texture Review of Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk 

* Anessa Sunscreen Gel

– The gel is comfortable for daily use because it doesn’t bother the face with a sticky or heavy feeling and is extremely thin, natural, and slightly watery (liquid gel texture; water is the solvent).

– If she wears makeup, the more foundation she adds on top, the thinner the lining beneath the skin becomes, keeping the skin moist enough to absorb foundation.

Texture Review of Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk

* Anessa Sunscreen Milk 

– Quick absorption and a milky texture prevent skin stiffness.

– Anessa Milk Skincare leaves a moisture layer on the skin after being applied evenly; it is very smooth, moist, and comfortable, not sticky.

2.4. Sunscreen Ability of Anessa Sunscreen Gel vs Milk 

Both the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk and Gel feature SPF 50+ PA4+ protection. On the skin, however, the sensation will be different. The gel line feels much smoother and is incredibly smooth and noticeably tones up at night if the milk line, when applied to the skin, generates a thin layer that is quite matte and tight.

Anessa Sunscreen Gel

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III/ What Anessa Sunscreen is Best for Your Skin Type?

Before purchasing and utilizing an Anessa sunscreen, we must first determine which will work best for our skin.

Both perspiration and water sunscreen

Since most of this brand’s creams are able to stay on the skin for a long period, even when exposed to the aquatic environment or high humidity, Anessa clearly understands how to appeal to their customer psychology.

UVA and UVB skin protection

Anessa has been “fitted” with a very high sun protection index, up to a maximum of SPF 50+++++ with genuine active ingredients, as this is one of the crucial components of sunscreen. You can feel more secure when exposed to direct sunshine without worrying about UV radiation if you use powerful sunscreens such as Uvinul, Zinc Oxide, Tinosorb, etc.

What Anessa Sunscreen is Best for Your Skin Type?

Sunscreen for sensitive skin

This kind will have a wide range of anti-aging effects, and it will specifically eliminate damaging substances like alcohol and other things that make the skin sensitive while supplementing beneficial skin nutrients, usually Vitamin E, to help shield the skin. enhance skin defenses. There are numerous options available to fit your budget due to the wide variety of segments and prices of sunscreen for sensitive skin.

Anessa sunscreen lotion

Many women prefer and select this kind of sunscreen since it has multiple purposes for skin protection and skin care, helps to even out skin tone, hydrates for 24 hours, and naturally lightens skin in addition to many other advantages. other uses One drawback is that some varieties are not appropriate for sensitive skin and that the time of use is not very long.

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IV/ Where to buy Anessa sunscreen?

Nowadays, Anessa sunscreen creams are highly accessible all over the world. Convenience stores, supermarkets, beauty supply stores, and even official websites and e-commerce platforms sell them. To preserve your skin, you must be mindful of fakes, low-quality goods, and goods with an unidentified place of origin.

Buy Anessa sunscreen on Janbox

Janbox is one of the leading Japanese shopping proxy services in the market today. The cross-border shopping application, Janbox, directly connects with major Japanese e-commerce platforms such as Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, Mercari, Amazon Japan, and more, allowing you to freely choose from a wide range of domestic Japanese products.

When buying domestic products from Japan through Janbox, you can have complete peace of mind regarding quality and pricing. Janbox purchases and delivers items to Vietnam quickly, typically within 7-10 days. To purchase Anessa Japanese sunscreens in both gel and milk forms on Janbox, follow these steps:

– Step 1: Visit the website or download the Janbox app. Log in or create an account to start shopping.

– Step 2: Search for the product “Anessa sunscreen” and choose the product that suits your needs.

How to buy Anessa sunscreen gel vs milk

– Step 3: Check the product information, including the product name, product images, price, product description, seller ratings, and more.

– Step 4: Place your order and proceed with the first payment, which includes the product price and proxy service fee.

– Step 5: Wait for Janbox to purchase the item and deliver it to their warehouse. Proceed with the second payment, which includes the shipping fee and any additional service fees, if applicable.

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Girls typically opt for Anessa sunscreen because of its benign chemicals and suitability for a variety of skin types. Two of this company’s common product lines include Anessa sunscreen gel vs milk. Not all skin types, nevertheless, can utilize them. Therefore, you must comprehend both your skin type and the benefits of utilizing sunscreen before making a purchase.