Tsubaki Shampoo Review – Is Tsubaki Shampoo Good?


Many girls consider Tsubaki shampoo reviews as one of their necessities, and it is not only well-known in Japan. To help rebuild and nourish hair from the inside out, it includes an extract from a rare Japanese camellia. Tsubaki shampoo Shiseido, especially the silicone-free version, provides a natural and smooth feeling without creating stickiness. Let’s look at the TOP 6 Tsubaki shampoo varieties for girls and a detailed Tsubaki shampoo review.

I/ About The TSUBAKI Brand 

TSUBAKI is a Japanese cosmetics company that is a part of the Shiseido Group, one of the seven companies that dominate the global beauty market. All of Shiseido’s goods satisfy the standards for excellence, usefulness, and efficiency. Shiseido, in particular, creates products using a strategy of broad distribution and a variety of prices to cater to the needs of various market client categories.

About the TSUBAKI brand

Shiseido has introduced numerous natural cosmetic products that not only have many uses but are also secure thanks to the traditional beauty secrets of the East’s nature blended with cutting-edge Western technology. whole and sound. Shiseido cosmetics are currently sold in the majority of markets worldwide, from Asia to Europe and numerous other regions.

Tsubaki Japanese shampoo is one of the most well-known brands that customers rely on. The product uses Shiseido Corporation’s proprietary CMC quick absorption technology to extend the cuticle, measure the nutrients needed for the hair, convey those nutrients deep inside, and then tightly close the cuticle to store nutrients and sustain the care effect.

Is Tsubaki shampoo good? It is no longer a strange brand on the market because the business has always been dedicated to giving ladies salon-quality, healthy, and attractive hair. The Japanese red camellia flower, which serves as both the inspiration for the company’s name and the primary ingredient in its products, has the potential to supply water and a high level of nutrients that can deeply nourish the hair.

Ingredients of Tsubaki shampoo Shiseido

Additionally, the majority of the substances in Tsubaki are natural, benign, and safe, making them ideal for use on all people, including those with weak or thin hair. Red camellia is the major component of Tsubaki, and it is one of the long-lost secrets of Japanese women’s hair care.

Tsubaki Japanese shampoo is incredibly well-liked by ladies all over the world since it works to repair damaged hair, strengthen hair, and encourage the growth of hair follicles for beautiful, silky hair. Additionally, the product comes in a variety of varieties, each of which is tailored to a certain type of scalp or hairdo in order to better promote use.

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II/ Top 6 Tsubaki Shampoo Review 

Tsubaki shampoo now has many products launched to customers and has received very good feedback. Here are the Tsubaki shampoo review with 6 new and most popular products today. Let’s find out which Tsubaki shampoo is better.

2.1. Premium Repair Tsubaki Anti-breakage Shampoo

Several proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins from royal jelly, soy protein, and other sources are found in the ingredient list of Premium Repair Tsubaki shampoo to help nourish, care for, and heal damaged hair from the inside out. Additionally, the Squalane component will provide a barrier to shield hair from environmental damage while supplying and preserving natural hydration to support smooth, lustrous hair all day long.

Tsubaki shampoo review – Premium Repair Tsubaki Anti-breakage Shampoo

Main ingredients: 

– The numerous vitamins and folic acid in royal jelly nourish and repair damaged hair, offer and balance moisture, and promote hair growth to strengthen hair.

– Extract from camellias includes acid. Oeic smoothes hair, nurtures hair and scalp from the inside out to prevent dryness, causes dandruff, and causes breakage. It also contains vitamins A, B, D, E, and Omega 3, 6, and 9.

– Aside from supporting the recovery of poor hair conditions, split ends, and other issues, amino acids have a significant impact on the process of boosting hair development.

– Squalane compound helps moisturize hair and shields it from damaging elements. Environmental deterioration increases hair shine.

– Soy protein stops hair loss, safeguards hair follicles, and deeply nourishes hair.

Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair shampoo

Main uses: 

– Keeps the hair’s natural moisture while removing impurities and sebum. 

– The hair becomes more lustrous and healthy-looking when moisturized. 

– The hair follicles are repaired and fed, which encourages hair growth and stops hair loss. 

– Dry, frizzy hair can be restored. 

2.2. Premium Moist Tsubaki Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

Premium Moist Tsubaki shampoo is the next name of the Tsubaki shampoo review that is the best option for you if you have dry, frizzy hair. The product also includes Dual Amino Acid and special penetration technology to boost absorption efficiency because of the locking function, in addition to natural nourishing and renewing nutrients like royal jelly, camellia extract, etc. Tighten and let nutrients for hair absorb. Improve hair’s softness and shine, combat dryness, and preserve the natural moisture in the scalp and hair.

Tsubaki shampoo review – Premium Moist Tsubaki Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

Main ingredients: 

– Camellia extract with abundant vitamins and omega makes hair shinier and effectively prevents hair loss.

– Royal Jelly cares for and nourishes strong hair, and balances natural moisture to help hair smooth, thick, and shiny.

– Soy protein provides essential vitamins for hair to nourish strong hair from deep within.

– Dual Amino Acid helps to lock nutrients, supports nutrients to be penetrated deeply, and brings the best effect.

Main uses: 

– Helps to add shine to the hair, reducing the condition of dry, tangled hair.

– Prevent hair loss.

– Removes dirt and oil from the hair.

– Moisturizes and balances hair.

2.3. Tsubaki Premium Cool Cleansing Shampoo

Tsubaki Premium Cool’s blend of Mint and Rosemary leaves effectively deep cleans, removing all types of filth and sebum for clean, fragrant, revitalizing hair. Tsubaki Premium Cool, like the other products in the Premium series, uses natural ingredients like royal jelly and camellia to nourish and care for hair from the inside out.

Tsubaki shampoo review – Premium Cool Cleansing Shampoo

Main ingredients: 

– Mint’s ingredients not only have a calming, refreshing taste but also promote hair development, clear pores, and successfully combat dandruff.

– The effects of rosemary leaf include cleansing, calming, and hair growth promotion.

– Rosemary and citrus acids increase blood flow to the scalp, promote hair development, and thicken hair.

– For healthier, more hydrated hair, royal jelly nurtures and repairs.

– Hair is nourished and is kept from breaking by soy protein.

– Hair is naturally moisturized, thickened, fed, and restored by camellia extract.

Main uses: 

– Cleanse all types of filth, don’t let pores get clogged, and stay away from stickiness.

– Minimizes scalp itching and soothes inflammation.

– Nurtures and repairs damaged hair from the inside out.

– Preserves smoothness, gloss, and moisture in the hair.

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2.4. Tsubaki Dry Shampoo

Use Tsubaki Dry Shampoo when you need your hair to be instantly clean and bouncy. This is the perfect solution for females who need their hair cleaned and smoothed right away because it is alcohol-free, non-whitening, and 100% natural.

Tsubaki shampoo review – Tsubaki Dry Shampoo

Main ingredients: 

– Because there are so many carbs in plants, their essential oils balance the moisture in the hair.

– Green tea extract efficiently calms the scalp and lessens scalp irritability.

– The vitamin component of yellow lemon juice makes hair stronger and quickly cleanses the oily scalp.

– Mint extract aids hair and scalp washing has antibacterial properties and promotes freshness.

Main uses: 

– Adds natural volume to hair and gets rid of grease, smells, and debris.

– Makes hair silky and manageable.

– Limiting dry, brittle hair by leveling and moisturizing the scalp.

2.5. Tsubaki Volume Touch Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

With Tsubaki Volume Touch, the product helps nourish and rebuild damaged hair that is prone to breakage in addition to cleaning but not drying hair thanks to the natural cinnamon essence. The mix of essential oils also encourages hair development swiftly. Arginine and camellia. The solution is a lifesaver for thin, weak hair that is susceptible to damaging environmental factors.

Tsubaki shampoo review – Tsubaki Volume Touch Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Main ingredients: 

– In order to add shine, nourish the hair, and strengthen it from the inside, camellia extract supplies and controls the moisture that the hair needs.

– An amino acid called arginine restores the inner structure of the hair by nourishing and repairing damaged hair.

– UV Protective Ingredient keeps hair strong by shielding it from the damaging effects of the environment, particularly UV rays.

– Cinnamon extract detangles, fortifies, and reduces hair breakage.

Main uses: 

– Non-sticky, natural hair volume.

– Repairs brittle hair.

– Protects hair from damage from the external environment.

2.6. Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo for damaged hair

The Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo was created specifically for hair that has been severely chemically exposed. The product has the effect of restoring and nourishing hair stronger, minimizing breakage, thanks to the rich content of vitamins and natural Omegas from Japanese Camellia flowers combined with unique chemicals that support the essential quantity of Lipids and Protein. Dry, tangled, shedding, and naturally shining. 

Tsubaki shampoo review – Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo for damaged hair

Main ingredients: 

– Camellia oil nourishes hair from the inside out and regulates moisture to make hair more glossy.

– Deep within the hair’s core, the unique CME complex supplies nourishing Proteins and Lipids that speed up hair recovery and internal strengthening.

Main uses: 

– Restores and nourishes damaged, split ends, and dry hair.

– Provides and balances the necessary moisture for the hair to make the hair shinier.

– Cleans dirt and oil from the scalp and hair.

– Suitable for heavily damaged hair due to frequent bending, dyeing, or exposure to chemicals.

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III/ How To Use Tsubaki Shampoo 

Using Tsubaki Dry Shampoo

In particular, utilizing dry shampoo requires a specific technique, whereas the rest can be used as usual. Use after wetting hair and provide a gentle three to five – minute massage. Once more, wash with water. Utilizing Tsubaki conditioner will increase its efficacy.

Using Tsubaki Dry Shampoo: 

Make equal sections of your hair. Spread the proper amount of gel towards the roots on each segment. If you want to make your hair smoother and easier to handle, use a comb to comb it. Comb hair after massaging the head. When desired, the hair dries out (usually 20 minutes).

IV/ How To Order Tsubaki Shampo From Japan To Viet Nam

To purchase Tsubaki shampoo products from the domestic Japanese market, you can place orders on various online shopping websites, Japanese e-commerce platforms, or stores that import goods from Japan.

In reality, the Tsubaki brand distributes hair care products specifically for the Vietnamese market, which are imported and distributed nationwide. However, if you want to use authentic Japanese domestic products, you can order them through the Janbox shopping app, which is currently one of the leading platforms for purchasing genuine products from Japan and the United States.


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For women with weak hair who want to utilize an excellent restorative shampoo, Tsubaki Shampoo is a terrific tool. Please spread the word about this Tsubaki shampoo review if you believe it to be helpful. Hopefully, Tsubaki’s products can enable you to regain your once-healthy hair.

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