Mugiwara Store – Big Fans of One Piece Must Know

mugiwara store

If you are a fan of anime, you will surely know One Piece – one of the longest and most popular series in Japan. It can be said that One Piece attracts fans of all ages, from young students to working people. One Piece is even so popular that it is slowly becoming an important element of Japanese popular culture and its characters and motifs can be found scattered all over the world.

A series of shops selling One Piece accessories was born because this anime has a huge fan base. Among them is not to be missed Ikebukuro’s Mugiwara Store! In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the store. Hope you have a pleasant experience, and maybe one day you will plan a trip to Tokyo and see the physical store with your own eyes.

I/ Let’s take a walk around the One Piece Mugiwara store

The first Mugiwara store opened on October 5, 2012, in Tokyo, containing over 10,000 products. Currently, you can find everything related to One Piece in this store. The best sellers and most found items are clothes, figures, home appliances, books, etc. You can even search for kitchen items such as a wide variety of plates, cups, and utensils. 

Mugiwara store has its own area for tourists. Here you can buy train passes, luggage tags, luggage straps, and even suitcases. In case you’re looking for something small and pretty like stationery, there’s plenty to choose from, from notebooks, pens, and pencil cases to stickers. Of course, there are thousands of other products such as keychains, badges, briefcases, and snacks. In short, with over 10,000 merchandise, you’ll hope to find your favorite One Piece at the Mugiwara store. 

The best thing about exploring the Mugiwara Store is the availability of merchandise for every character. One Piece is a series with a lot of characters. You will not only find items of the main characters but also the supporting characters printed on a lot of objects.

As mentioned earlier, because the Mugiwara Store is a shop that specializes in One Piece accessories, and the area of ​​the store is also very large, so it has a lot of characters to choose from! If you love a side character or rarely appear, you still have the opportunity to find items about your character. On the other hand, if your favorite characters are protagonists like Luffy, there’s no doubt that Mugiwara Store is heaven!

Referring to One Piece, we cannot ignore the wanted poster. They have their own display space at the Mugiwara Store. These little posters are designed and made with great care, they are so lifelike that it looks like they came out of the series and hung on your wall. You can find wanted posters for every character in the series. If you are looking for a special gift for someone who is a One Piece fan, this is a special and wonderful gift. You can also keep them to yourself!

Besides shopping, you can experience some other services such as taking pictures. The Mugiwara Store displays a number of statues of characters such as Luffy, Chopper, and Zoro. You can also take pictures with the wall paintings. However, there is a small caveat if you are a foreigner. It’s about not letting others into your frame as it’s considered impolite in Japan.

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II/ Additional information about the Mugiwara store

Besides the above interesting information, the Mugiwara store also has a number of games with ever-changing prizes, so you can try your luck playing to win special rewards. In particular, do not ignore the refrigerator that sells water bottles shaped like the main characters in the story. It’s something you can only find in Japan.

The Mugiwara store in Ikebukuro is always crowded and attracts a lot of visitors because of its geographical location. The store is located in Sunshine City, a large shopping mall in Japan where there are many other anime stores. It’s right next to Pikachu Sweets, Pokemon Cafe’s take-out dessert shop. In addition, Sunshine City also has Disney stores, Sanrio Stores, and Kiddyland with a wide range of goods from Western and Japanese anime and games.

Visitors will likely consider Ikebukuro heaven as it is one of Tokyo’s otaku neighborhoods. There are hundreds of anime shops, game centers, and themed cafes to explore and take a trip. After visiting the Mugiwara Store, you can stroll the otaku’s shopping streets to find even more interesting items!

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III/ How to buy One Piece Mugiwara store online

It’s fantastic if you live in Japan, as you can take a trip to the store to see each and every items. So what if you live outside Japan? Fortunately, you can order online and wait for the product to be shipped to your house. 

Janbox provides a proxy shopping service, where you can order One Piece goods and accessories easily and quickly. 

There are three ways to order Japanese items on Janbox:

Number 1: Buy on Janbox website

We are the partner of many Japanese domestic e-commerce websites. As a result, you can find any products you want on our website. Just go to and enter the name of the items you would like to purchase. In case the result is not as your wish, try to choose another site, like Amazon, Rakuten, or Yahoo! Shopping. 

Number 2: Use the quick-order tool Janbox Extension

Janbox has developed and improved an extension to help customers shop directly on Japanese online stores. Install the tool to your Chrome, then enjoy a quick and convenient shopping experience!

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Number 3: Contact Janbox’s customer supporter 

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Mugiwara Store is probably familiar with One Piece and Eiichiro Oda fans. You can find a lot of official One Piece products here. If you don’t have enough conditions to go to the physical stores, then ordering online through Janbox will be the best choice. 

What are you waiting for but picking your phone up and visiting Janbox right now! Happy shopping at Janbox!