The Best Japanese Speakers | Japan’s No. 1 speaker brand

Japans No 1 speaker brand

Japan is known as a center for high-technology and electronic devices. It supplies a substantial souces of audio accessories, including headphones, computer speakers, earphones, and so on. They are all manufactured by great reputable brands. The Japanese speakers’ industry is still evolving. Top brands are trying to invent and create high-quality audio equipment. In this article, Janbox’s going to suggest the top 10 best Japanese speakers and speaker brands. They will bring incredibly lively sounds to all your needs for entertainment. 

1. Yamaha

Yamaha has become a legend with over 130 years of operation. It has not only produced musical instruments but also manufactured a variety of audio speakers. You will not have to complain about the quality. No matter how you want what kind of speakers with what designs, you can find a Yamaha one that meets your needs. 


You can find both home-used audio systems and professional devices labeled Yamaha. These speakers create neutral sounds. It means listeners can experience the most realistic sound effect. Their surround sound systems are popular all over the world. 

Last but not least, the speakers of Yamaha usually have low distortion, which makes the sound clear and good. Your ears can take a rest when hearing at a low volume or a high one. 

2. Onkyo

Having an age of more than 75 years, Onkyo specializes in the production of quality audio systems. The company is based in Osaka and is best known for its home theater systems. You can also find high-quality standalone speakers.

Additionally, you will be satisfied with the studio-resolution surround sound of Onkyo speakers. The wireless technology (Bluetooth) allows you to connect the audio to any compatible device like a laptop or smartphone. 


To sum up, Onkyo speakers are powerful items for small to medium rooms. Now you can enjoy the amazing sound from your favorite movies, games, or songs. 

3. Pioneer

Pioneer Corporation was established in 1938, to repair audio devices. However, their technical audio devices have become an internationally famous brand. 

Various designers and engineers have contributed to the creation of high-quality speakers. Pioneer focuses more on the quality of the sound than just technology. That’s the reason why consumers can get excellent sound effects devices. 


One of the most famous Pioneer speakers is Andrew Jones, which is named after the person who created them. You will see several great reviews on some eCommerce websites as they produce a sharp and beautiful sound. 

4. Sony

You must hear of Sony at least once in your life. It is one of the most famous leading brands in technical household devices. Their prestige and quality have been well-known by many people. Sony’s maxim is creativity and technology. This means their products always provide the best quality at the most affordable price.


You can find a bunch of Sony speakers that serve the different needs of customers. When it comes to the quality, you can rest assured that they work well for years without a warranty. With just an affordable amount of money, you are able to own a good-performance Sony speaker.

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5. Sansui

Sansui is a famous Japanese company that manufactures millions of consumer electronics. If you’re going to organize a party, you should not ignore Sansui speakers. Besides, they give provide an incredible experience when watching films or playing games. 


If you are asking which Sansui speakers are great, we highly recommend MusicBlast for parties, WaveBlast for home use, and DrumBlast for portability. 

6. Denon

Being a 110-year-old legacy, Denon is absolutely the first choice of many Japanese people. It started the empire in 1910. Since then, Denon has become well-known globally. They manufacture wireless audio devices and wired ones for computers. Denon’s home theater sound systems also offer excellent quality. 


Regarding design, Denon speakers are small and compact, so you can bring them to everywhere, even to a party. The latest product of Denon is Denon Home 250, which has exellent sound quality and is compatible with Alexa. 

7. Sharp

Along with other big names, Sharp is also one of the leading brands in consumer electronics. Sharp also offers a wide range of high-end speakers. Just like other Sharp products, speakers are pretty common. 

You have a great range of options, from mini to large size, from wired to Bluetooth connections. High-resolution audio produces clear sound. Whether you wish to listen to some heavy-beat music or watch great-sounding movies, Sharp speakers are just for you. 

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8. TOA

TOA has production facilities in many countries around the world, selling its products to more than 130 countries. People like to use TOA speakers because they are durable and creat great sound. They handle a lot of audio accessories, including personal-use and commercial sound systems. 


You will not be disappointed with the thoughtful design and great sound quality. Let’s TOA bring you to the world of wonderful movies, thrilling games, and fancy parties. 

9. Audio Technica

Audio Technica Corporation is a Japanese company specializing in the production of headphones and speakers. If you’re looking for a turntable to upgrade your living room, this brand is for you.


Among high-end products of Audio Technica, LP120XBT-USB-BK is a sought-after speaker model because it consists of a turntable and speaker. The design is contemporary with a wireless Bluetooth connection and USB ports. 

10. BMB

BMB is a well-known and highly respected brand in the world of Japanese speakers. With a solid reputation for delivering exceptional audio quality, BMB has become a top choice for professional and home karaoke enthusiasts alike.

Their speakers are specifically designed to reproduce vocals with utmost clarity and accuracy, making them ideal for karaoke performances.


BMB offers a wide range of speaker models, including bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers, and subwoofers, catering to various audio setups and preferences. Their speakers are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing advanced technologies to ensure powerful sound projection and an immersive listening experience.

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To sum up, the above are the 10 most popular Japanese speaker brands. Each Japanese speaker brand has its strengths and weaknesses. However, there’s one thing in common: They are all guaranteed to be much of higher quality. We hope this list helps you narrow your speaker selection for an enhanced movie experience – watching, gaming, listening to music, or whatever you need. 

And don’t forget, Janbox will help you buy domestic Japanese speakers wherever you live. Pick your phone up and shop now!