The Best Japanese Cushion Foundations You Should Have


Japanese cushion foundations have always been mentioned as those high-quality makeup products accustomed to strict Japanese standards. Using a powder that works well with your skin type can help you achieve a matte appearance, diffuse light, and keep your face from seeming shiny. 

Since a flawless “makeup look” isn’t complete without that last touch, the following are some of the nicest cushions which Japanese culture offers that you should not ignore.

1. Missha M Cushion Foundation Moisture

Missha M Magic Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ is a prominent powder brand that is trademarked and sold to clients all over the world. Missha M Magic cushions is a Japanese cushion foundation that has extraordinary concealer ability, which is impossible to expect from an ordinary powder. its ability to regulate oil, restrict sebum secretion, and make the customers feel smooth and tight on the face has never failed to surprise to Japanese consumers. 

Missha M Cushion Foundation Moisture

The Japanese cushion foundation provides a smooth feel and contains highly natural ingredients, while also providing a glossy and dazzling appearance to the skin. The Missha M Magic Cushion has a blend of natural minerals and plant extracts to increase the skin care properties of cosmetic products. 

Extracts from the Baobab tree and fruit provide rapid water, this Japanese cushion foundation helps to prevent the appearance of cakey (facial mold) caused by a lack of water. Adding mineral water and witch hazel to your skincare routine can help tighten skin, and pores, and increase hydration. Furthermore, as seen by its high sun protection index, the Misha M Magic Cushion is capable of providing unusually excellent sun protection.

2. IOPE Air Cushion Cover

IOPE, a Korean luxury cosmetics company that’s also huge in Europe and Asia, was the inspiration for this particular type of face powder long before anybody else came up with the idea. If you have oily or blemish-prone skin, you should try the IOPE Air Cushion Intense Cover. Capable of keeping excess oil at bay while also moisturizing the face, this Japanese cushion foundation produces a healthy glow that keeps skin looking fresh and radiant.

Oily skin types can find relief here because of their effective oil-control properties. High coverage means you may apply it confidently without worrying about the myriad flaws in your skin showing through. In particular, this powder aids in rapidly cooling and soothing the skin, preventing oil secretion and perspiration, and allowing the powder layer to dry smoothly throughout the day.

IOPE Air Cushion Cover

This powder is water-based, so it won’t leave your skin feeling tight or your makeup caked on, no matter how many coats you put on.

The sponge that comes with IOPE Water Powder is unlike any other. The sponge is made up of two layers, with a tiny space in between them. The powder may be stored in this little compartment, and the included sponge can be applied evenly and smoothly across the face for a polished and undramatic look.

3. Marshmallow Cover Cushion

If you plan to buy the cushion from the Marshmallow, the silky smooth powder from the Marshmallow Cover Cushion won’t let you down. As the name implies, it produces a foundation that is neither thick nor heavy, just like marshmallows. 

It is developed to eliminate concerns about dryness and shine caused by excess oil. The Japan cushion foundation contains a very hydrating powder that creates a dewy, non-powdered foundation. Microparticles of this Japanese cushion foundation are so thin and smooth that they cover your entire face and conceal pores and even skin tone differences noticeably. 

Best japanese cushion foundation

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4. All In One Moisture Cushion Foundation

With the All In One Moisture Cushion Foundation, you may skip many steps in your cosmetic routine without sacrificing quality. The cream of this ​​Japanese cushion foundation is calming, silky, irritant-free, oil-controlling, and hydrating. 

Foundation creates the sensation of smooth, natural skin; oily skin all day; does not clog pores; ideal for acne-prone skin and oily face. The foundation has a high sun protection index (SPF50+/++++), which has dual benefits: it may improve the skin’s appearance and prevent the skin from being damaged by the sun and other environmental factors. 

Use this Japanese cushion foundation to hide flaws in your appearance, including dark circles under your eyes, wrinkles, acne scars, and freckles. The foundation does not budge or slide about on the skin all day, yet it gives full coverage. It also comes in two shades for different skin tones.

5. Time Secret Mineral Liquid Cushion

Although it was just introduced at the beginning of 2018, MSH Time Secret Cushion Japan has quickly become one of MSH Kireimo’s most popular products. The MSH Kireimo brand is well-known for producing skin care products with more than 90% plant extracts and water, designed primarily for women with sensitive skin, pregnant women, or nursing moms.

The dry, moldy, and harsh state will no longer be due to the moisturizing ingredient sheet produced from coral powder, ceramide, HA, rosehip oil, elm flower extract, and shea butter. Instead, there is a foundation layer. Skin with issues such as dullness, wide pores, uneven color, and a lack of freshness might benefit from this Japanese cushion foundation, providing a smooth, plump, and full of energy skin.

Time Secret Mineral Liquid Cushion

It is one of the best Japanese cushion foundations that has Ideal sun protection, with an SPF of 50+ and a PA++++ rating. Assists in maximizing skin protection from the potentially damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, hence avoiding the production of spots and freckles and protecting skin from the potentially damaging effects of the sun. God.

It is versatile, combining four functions at the same time: moisturizing, primer, foundation, and sunscreen, making the makeup procedure light and quick yet maintaining a fresh, plump appearance like nourished for the skin. In addition, the product may be used under or over makeup are all suitable.

6. Ettusais BB Mineral Cushion

Ettusais BB Mineral Cushion is a new kind of cosmetics that builds on the success of the company’s flagship product, Ettusais BB cream. Cushion was developed by Ettusais, the first Japanese cosmetics firm; it lagged behind Korean and European brands, but it’s still worth checking out. 

Ettusais BB Mineral Cushion

With BB Cusion, you may have flawless, baby-like skin without having to sacrifice protection from the sun, dirt, and pollution thanks to the ultra-fine powder particles it contains. The powder is lightweight, silky, provides ample coverage without seeming cakey, and ultimately aids in achieving both gorgeous and healthy skin.

If you’re a working woman with limited spare time who prefers natural cosmetics and merely wants a fast makeup layer, you’ll notice a difference with Ettusais BB Mineral Cushion. More than 60% of the skin-care components in Ettusais BB Mineral Cushion are hypoallergenic and non-irritating. This Japanese cushion foundation often uses before applying base makeup and concealer. Those who strive for perfection should dust themselves with powder.

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7. FLOWFUSHI Ion De Cushion

Girls who use cosmetics daily can benefit significantly from the Flow Fushi Ion De Cushion Foundation Sunscreen 20g Japan. The cream provides excellent coverage and is free of skin-damaging ingredients like mineral oil and parabens. Many women have found that regular usage of Ion De Cushion boosts their self-esteem, making it a popular option among female consumers.

Because it lacks parabens and mineral oils, it’s fantastic for use on sensitive skin and works well for all other skin types. Specifically, acne-prone skin will benefit the most from this concealer range because of how effectively it conceals without seeming artificial.

FLOWFUSHI Ion De Cushion

This Japanese cushion foundation adheres to high-quality Japanese standards; It not only aids in making a face more attractive, but it also helps feed the skin so that it is soft, firm, and protected from environmental aggressors.

When compared to similar high-quality American items, this one’s price is quite reasonable. The Japanese ion de cushion foundation is excellent if you want to stick with a high-quality powder, this FLOWFUSHI Ion De Cushion is entirely worth a try for the skin.

8. The &be Cushion Base

The &be Cushion Base

This hybrid cushion foundation is excellent for sensitive or acne-prone skin because it contains no scent or minerals. Despite its full-coverage capabilities, it doesn’t seem cakey on the skin. 

This Japanese cushion foundation is for you if you like a skincare product that leaves your skin looking beautiful without making it overly heavy. If you’re concerned about environmental concerns like air pollution drying up your skin, the &be Cushion Foundation has you covered there, too. What’s more? The foundation can be quickly removed with only a soap-type face cleanser and hot water.

9. EV W Stem Cell Cushion Foundation Natural

This Japanese cushion foundation is ideal for those with hectic schedules since it saves significant time. It is a Japanese cushion foundation Elle Vie – 2500, that contains extracts of three different vitamins and specific nutritional components to nourish and hydrate the skin and keep it in good condition. After applying makeup, your skin should still be nice and supple.

EV W Stem Cell Cushion Foundation Natural

A cushion foundation that serves as a makeup base, sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer, all in one convenient product for radiant, firm skin. Hydrating sodium hyaluronate is included as well. The product’s broad spectrum sunscreen protection (SPF 30+, PA+++) shields skin from the sun’s damaging rays and extends the wear of cosmetics.

In a gentle way, it helps cover imperfections like pores, freckles, and dark spots so that your skin looks and feels flawless. It produces a sheer, skin-like finish even when heavily built up; it doesn’t dry out the skin or make the makeup look cakey.

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To sum up, the list above contains several high-quality Japanese cushion foundations derived from well-known authentic brands. If you want to buy these foundations, you can definitely buy them in Japanese drugstores or international markets if you are foreigners. If you want to learn more about Japanese cosmetics, you may be interested in reading the following: