Top 7 Tried and True Japanese Eyeshadow Palettes


All about Top 7 Japanese eyeshadow palletes. Does anybody disagree that we can never have enough eyeshadow? To define your eyes and create fashionable looks, eyeshadow is a crucial component of your makeup routine. With its variety of colors, textures, and finishes, it’s one of the funniest makeup products.

Every season, a large number of Japanese eyeshadow products are launched by numerous manufacturers, each with its own distinctive qualities and fashionable color palettes. I believe this post could be helpful if you are thinking about purchasing a Japanese eyeshadow palette but are unsure which one is worths your investment.

Best japanese eyeshadow palette

I’m going to reveal the top-selling Japanese eyeshadow brands, ranging from high-end cosmetics to those found in drugstores, today. If you like them, don’t be afraid to try them since some of the products are available for purchase online.

1. What Makes Japanese Eyeshadow Palettes Different?

Different geographical areas have distinct focuses and makeup trends, and Japan is no exception to this norm. Japanese eyeshadow palettes are renowned for providing rather neutral colors like pinks and browns, frequently with a fine glitter that provides a more subtle sheen, in contrast to its western counterparts, who typically offer bolder, more colorful colors in matte or metallic finishes.

Although there isn’t much evidence to back up this claim, several online Japanese eyeshadow tutorial claim that Japanese people prefer more subdued colors that highlight and enhance their eyes, as opposed to bright colors that can actually make eyes appear smaller than they are.

Japanese eyeshadow palettes

Whatever the case, Japanese eyeshadow looks tend to favor more delicate finishes in line with the nation’s general makeup trend.

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2. Top 7 Japanese eyeshadow palettes you should try

2.1. Excel Skinny Rich Shadow

Excel is a well-known Japanese cosmetics company that creates chic, cutting-edge, and premium beauty products, some of which have won awards. You may create trendy appearances using Excel’s cosmetics products without using a complex makeup process.

One of the best-selling products of Excel is the Excel Skinny Rich Shadow, which has won two @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards in a succession (2018 & 2019). The four eyeshadow colors in the palette are incredibly blendable, and when applied sequentially, you can easily make a beautiful gradient. More intriguingly, it provides you with a more subtle sheen after application without any fallouts. Its glittering pearls give it an attractive and glamorous appearance. It has a moisturizing, thick texture that applies to eyelids without leaving a powdery behind.

Excel Skinny Rich Shadow

Depending on the hue of your skin, you can choose from 6 brown-based shades. The following are the shades: SR01 Beige Brown, SR02 Real Brown, SR03 Royal Brown, SR04 Smoky Brown, SR05 Warm Brown, and SR06 Sensual Brown.

Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow is the Japanese eyeshadow palette if you’re looking for everyday eye makeup. This product is quite promising because it includes an applicator and all of its colours can be worn.

2.2. DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “Eye Glow Gem”

Founded in 1970, DECORTÉ is a high-end cosmetics line. The goal of Cosme Decorte is to achieve the highest levels of both internal contentment and outward confidence. The name of the company combines the French terms “cosmetique” and “decoration.”

Japanese eyeshadow palette – DECORTÉ

This eyeshadow color from the Decorte Eye Glow Gem series is glossy and glides over eyelids extremely delicately and smoothly. Every colour of the vivid and long-lasting eyeshadow dome has a three-dimensional, gradational look with a dewy gloss. You can use the eyeshadows separately or mix different tones to create bespoke hues that go with your mood and fashion.

2.3. Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes

CANMAKE is one of the most well-known drugstore beauty brand in Japan, which sells adorable, stylish, high-quality makeup items at incredibly low costs. Because the majority of the things are under $10, you’ll want to accumulate and experiment with a wide variety of products when the company launches new items every season.

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes

CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes, which has 5 colors: 2 primary hues, a base color, a line color, and a topping jewel (glitter). There are a variety of options depending on your skin tone, or you can simply choose a neutral color scheme for an everyday makeup appearance.

The product’s moisturizing formulation provides long-lasting high color and feels wonderful on the skin. You may feel confident all day or all night long because it goes on easily and holds for longer than you can imagine without ruining your appearance.

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2.4. CEZANNE Single Color Eye Shadow

CEZANNE is one of the biggest drugstore cosmetics brands in Japan together with CANMAKE, providing high-quality and inexpensive beauty products like makeup and skin care. The company has created a number of highly successful beauty items that have taken home numerous prizes.

CEZANNE Single Color Eye Shadow

The CEZANNE Tone Up Eyeshadow is a portable eyeshadow palette that comes in three hues and has a dual-end tip. A gorgeous gradient may be simply created by blending the shades, which comprise a bright foundation, a blended skin tone, and a tighter color. This will make your eyes appear brighter and more attractive.

You don’t have to worry about the eyeshadow fading away because it has a hydrating liquid with oil infusion that stays there for a long time on the eyelids. Additionally, it contains five different types of hydrating ingredients that protect and nourish your skin while giving it various levels of radiance.

2.5. Lunasol Eye Shadow Skin Modeling

LUNASOL is a premium cosmetics brand owned by Kanebo, one of the top cosmetics manufacturers in Japan (also owns KATE). The brand is especially well-known for its eyeshadows, and it offers a variety of intensely colored, long-lasting eyeshadow products. The products’ popularity can also be attributed to their faint sheen and well-balanced shade palettes.

The brand’s best-selling eyeshadow, LUNASOL Skin Modeling Eyes, has 4 shimmering beige-based colours that may be blended together to create a realistic gradient. It has an incredible color balance that ranges from vibrant to exquisite pearl tones that are appropriate for both everyday use and special occasions.

Lunasol Eye Shadow Skin Modeling

Your lids should be the right balance of colors to give your eyes a smooth finish without being overly pigmented. For a deep-hued look with added dimension, layering shadows in various shimmering textures, light colors, and pigmented hues can be ideal.

With the appropriate application and mixing techniques, this eyeshadow glam’s four color variations may highlight the inherent beauty of your eyes.

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2.6. KATE Vintage Mode Eyes

In Japan, the drugstore brand KATE is well-known for its stylish and cutting-edge makeup products. The brand’s trademark is eyeshadow, and KATE’s eyeshadows are renowned for being of the highest caliber, inventive, on-trend, and most significantly, reasonably priced. Every season, the company introduces a variety of new eyeshadow items that you may use to create a fashionable look. 

KATE Vintage Mode Eyes

KATE Brown Colour Eyes is a 5-tint eyeshadow palette with a bronzer, a powder that mimics a brown shade, a dual tip applicator, and three shimmering brown shades. By contouring your face naturally with bronzer and artificial eye shadow powder, you may archive huge, deep-set eyes and simply create a fine gradient on your eyes. Eyeshadow palettes come in six different color 

2.7. Visée Riche MY NUDY EYES

This four-color eyeshadow makeup provides a chic shine that blends seamlessly into the skin. By picking the perfect shade for your skin tone, you may have extra-well-defined eyes that can change depending on the look you’re going for!

This eyeshadow is fragrance-free and also contains minerals that are ideal for absorbing by your skin because they are beautiful.

Visée Riche MY NUDY EYES

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3. Conclusion 

Guys, that’s all about the top 7 Japanese eyeshadow palettes that we want to share with you. Hopefully, this article can help you to choose the best Japanese eyeshadow including the Japanese red eyeshadow  or any other colors. Thanks for reading, guys!