Top 10 Japanese Fishing Poles For Your Next Fishing Trip

Top 10 Japanese Fishing Poles For Your Next Fishing Trip

Pole fishing is a well-known and widely-used form of fishing. They can be utilized in both freshwater and saltwater. The Japanese fishing poles used in this technique don’t only bring about both strength sensitivity, but they also let users have a lot of flexibility, hence improve the comfort while fishing. This is why Janbox would like to name our top 10 fishing poles that you should bring to your next fishing trip. With this, we would also want to explain briefly how and why you should consider getting these traditional Japanese fishing poles.

Traditional Japanese Fishing Poles – A great art

Why should you consider trying out Japanese Fishing Poles?

One factor that contributes to the increasing popularity of this method, is how the fishing tackle industry has continued to improve the lineup in this category. In fact, one can easily observe that their popularity has risen exceptionally over the last few years. Of course, the main driving force is the availability of much cheaper, lighter, and stronger fishing poles years after years.

With this innovation in place, you can easily cast your bait further, feel every single motion, and strike. You can also fight the biggest game with the lightest tackle. Of course, the experience with these telescopic fishing poles is different from a regular 3-piece rod, and the fighting part with the fish is definitely more fun! This sort of feeling and perceived performance upgrade has to come from the latest technology, not your run-of-the-mill Japanese bamboo fishing pole.

Japanese Fishing Poles
Japanese fishing poles

Another factor that is totally novel and enticing is all the other tackle and rigs that come with pole fishing. The rig in pole fishing is much lighter, which gives the anglers an exceptional level of accuracy that no rods and reels can replicate. Participating in pole fishing also means that you will have complete and granule control of your baits and tackles. You will know exactly where and how to place your bait.

This method also helps you catch the first fish much quicker than a rod and reel, which turns up the excitement by 200%. If you have finally gotten past the initial learning curve of using a Japanese fishing pole, you will wonder why you haven’t tried this any sooner.

What can you catch with Japanese Fishing Poles?

Pole fishing can catch many different types of fish. They are so easy to carry around and you can use them instantaneously. Forget the need to install a reel, you can put down your fishing rod wherever you find a suitable spot for fishing.

Pole fishing is great for moving freshwater like a river. You can also try your luck around tributaries and waterways. If you love going to the breakwater of the sea, you can utilize the fishing poles in this list for horse mackerel, sardines, rockfish, scorpionfish

What makes pole fishing the winning method on freshwater?

There can be many reasons but to us, these four methods are the winning formulas that make pole fishing a fun, challenging, and captivating art form.

  • Lightest tackle
  • Simplicity
  • Precision
  • Bait Presentation

Depending on how you fish and what is your preference, you can see how each of these points can be a huge bonus. As for today’s post, if you are truly in search of these 4 qualities in your fishing activities, why don’t you try fishing with our top 10 Japanese Fishing Poles. You will be totally taken aback by these 4 qualities in your next fishing trip.

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Top 10 Japanese Fishing Poles For Your Trip

1. Promarine Seifu 360

Japanese fishing poles
Japanese Fishing Poles – Promarine Seifu 360

This telescopic fishing pole comes with a convenient EVA grip. Since the folded dimensions of the segment are small, you can easily store and carry it everywhere. Since the rod has a very affordable price, we recommend this model for beginners or anyone who wants to practice pole fishing. Here is the Seifu 360’s Spec sheet

  • Total length: 360 cm
  • Number of segments: 12
  • Folded length: 41 cm
  • Total weight: 207 gram

2. Daiwa Rod Waveguide Adjust 50

This carbon all-purpose rod is truly a Jack of all trades. It can handle wide variations and a wide range of water scenes. For freshwater, you can fish for Oikawa, dace, spatula, carp, crucian carp, Tenaga shrimp. While in the sea you can go for sabiki, sardine, horse mackerel, Japanese sardinella. This high-performance rod can target any kind of fish. It also comes with a tail ring with which you can attach a rope for slip prevention.

Here are Japanese Fishing Poles Daiwa full spec sheet.

  • Overall length: 4.99 m
  • Own weight: 125 gram
  • Number of segments: 5
  • Closed dimensions : 111 cm

3. Shimano Borderless GL 450T

Japanese Fishing Poles

Japanese Fishing Poles Borderless GL series is a beast of its own. Features ultra-portability with a folded length of 50 cm and a great gamut of compatibility. The rod has a hard tone power, which means it is designed for the shoushei streams. The rod is good for both seawater and stream and can be used for medium fish like yamame, amago, herabana, carp, Zenga shrimp, seaweed fish. Since there are 3 zoom levels within this Borderless series, you can adjust to the right length for your preference. Here is the full specification of this rod.

  • Three zoom level 360 cm – 405 cm -450 cm
  • The Total Length: 4.5 m
  • Number of segments: 10
  • Closed Dimensions : 50 Cm => Ultra portable
  • Total Weight: 110 gram
  • Carbon content: 99.4%
  • Tip Diameter: 1.0 mm
  • Base DiameterL 24.2 mm

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4. Shrimp Tanago ST20 EBTS212 120 ( OGK – Osaka fishing gear)

This is a rod dedicated to shrimp and Tanago. The segment has a length of 39 cm and they are made of glass material. Japanese Fishing Poles from Shrimp Tanago can withstand moderate tension and can have a wonderful grip power with a pincushion grip. Even though the product name has shrimp and tanago in it, users have found it apt for many other irrigation canals and river fishing activities. The price is great and they are an absolute choice for small fishing.

Amazon buyers of this product even report that children enjoy this fishing rod well and they can even handle bigger fish 20 cm in size with the lightest kind of tackle. The product is durable and can manage the task like a champ. Here is the full specification of this rod:

  • Products overall length: 1.2 m
  • Dimensions : 39 cm
  • Number of segments: 4
  • Diameter tip: 4
  • Material: Glass Fiber

5. Timco Kobayashi 234

This kind of fishing pole is a great option for anyone seeking a good and durable Japanese fishing pole. This traditional telescopic fishing pole can be adjusted to three settings. You can use three different settings to get three different dimensions. Additionally, the pole is lightweight and can be handled easily.

We recommended people who are into tango fishing to get Japanese Fishing Poles of Timco brand. We think it is a great compact pole since you can carry it around easily when you close the pole it is only 28 cm.

Here are the full specifications of the Timco Kobayashi 234:

  • Overall length ( 3 settings ) : 0.95 m; 1.2 m; 1.4 m
  • Total weight: 27 gram
  • Number of segments: 6
  • Closed dimensions: 28 cm

6. Spirit Kogane ( Usaki Nissin)

This is another lightweight rod with parallel specifications. The rod has a flexible carbon solid tip. The tip is rotated onto the rod, which saves users from many sorts of issues. The spirit Kogane is a true fish magnet and has an excellent track record. Here is the full specification of this system. 

  • Overall Length: 4.45 m
  • A 2-way system that is super easy to handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Numbers of segments: 11
  • Total Weight: 125 gram
  • Diameter of tip: 0.8 mm
  • Compatible Line: 0.4-1.0
  • Percentage of carbon: 90%
  • Closed dimensions: 52 cm
  • Flexible carbon solid tip

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7. Daiwa Liberty Club Universal Small Joint High Contrast 43Q

Japanese Fishing Poles
Daiwa Liberty Club Universal Small Joint High Contrast 43Q

If there is one pole that can highlight the Precision benefit of pole fishing, it is the 43Q. The small joint model can help you reach many different kinds of targets. They offer this unmatched precision that is required for mountain stream fishing. With this kind of freshwater, a fishing enthusiast can target Yamane Strout, rainbow Strout, small dace, and horse mackerel. Pond and Stillwater is also another territory where this fishing pole shines. You can use the Daiwa Liberty Club for crucian carps, and various other small targets

Fans of this model are instructed to use it with a single burr mechanism that allows for a one-on-one exchange and anglers can quickly retrieve the game after tasting the pull.  You can see the full specifications of this fishing pole.

  • Types of rod: Stream rod
  • Main target: Yamame Iwana, Mackerel
  • Total length: 4.3 m
  • Closed length : 56 cm
  • Number of segments: 9
  • Total weight: 117 gram
  • Tip diameter: 0.7 mm

8. UZaki Nissin 2WAY Yuyuyama ZX Carbide 4511

This rod is super convenient and can be expanded into two different settings, hence the 2WAY marker.  The rod is designed to be able to expand and go back to the condensed mode in a snap. This means that you can respond to the situation in a jiffy, which proves to be awesome when you spot a good catch.

The grip of this fishing pole rod has a layer of anti-slippery, particularly useful when you do mountain stream fishing. Here are the full specifications for Japanese Fishing Poles from Nissin:

  • Total length: 4.45m
  • Ultra comfort anti-slip due to the 2Way system
  • No. of segments: 11
  • Total weight: 125 gram
  • Tip Diameter: 0.8 mm
  • Base Diameter: 22.7 mm

9. Shimano Borderless 35GL 420-T

This ultra-compact rod has folded dimensions of only 35 cm. While it is super compact, it isn’t low on the ability to customize. You can have 3 levels of zoom with a 30 cm step up for each next level. This rod also features all the latest Shimao tech including Spiral X and Tough Tech that allow for the best user experience. The strength of this 35GL series is also second to none. Below is the list of specs for this product.

  • Overall length: 4.19 m ( 3.6 – 3.9 – 4.2)
  • Total weight: 110 gram
  • Number of segments: 14
  • Closed dimensions: 35 cm

10. Uzaki Nissin Regina Yamabuki Hard Contrast 4505

Japanese Fishing Poles

This hard contrast model is made to be able to handle much larger fish. The model comes with a rotating top tip to reduce the problem of thread entanglement. All of the joints between segments are reinforced and strengthened to make sure the tackle game remains light. Here is the full list of specifications for this rod.

  • Total length: 4.50 m
  • Number of segments : 5
  • Total Weight : 120 gram
  • Tip Diameter : 0.75 mm
  • Base Diameter L 15.2 mm
  • Compatible line: 0.6 -1.5
  • Percent of carbon: 84%
  • Closed dimension : 104 cm

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Now you must have found a choice of your own, read more to see how to buy Japanese Fishing Poles for your next little adventure with the fish.