Top 14 Best Japanese Fishing Rod Brands To Buy [Update 2023]


Fishing is considered a leisure game for people, especially males, at different ages. It helps us to take a rest after hard-working days. But, to get the most memorable fishing experience, we need to have good and appropriate rods. Although there are lots of types of fishing rods on the markets recently, Japanese fishing rods are always more beloved and trusted in comparison with others.

In this article, Janbox will share with you the top 14 well-known Japanese fishing rod brands, some tips when buying fishing rods as well as the best websites to buy genuine Japanese fishing rods. So, you can choose the most suitable rod to start your fishing hobby. Get started!

1. Top 14 best Japanese fishing rod brands

Don’t let you wait anymore, we will start with the best Japanese fishing rod brands right now.

1.1. Shimano

The first Japanese fishing rod brand that we would like to introduce to you is Shimano. Established in Japan in the 1920s, Shimano is well-known as one of the oldest brands of fishing rods. In the early period, they started as a company for precision engineering. However, at the present time, Shimano has a good reputation for fishing gear.

This brand’s fishing rods are appreciated to be quite lightweight but still strong. They give high sensitivity as well as superior grip. Shimano continues to enhance their rods with new materials and technologies as well. Made of high-quality carbon fiber, Shimano fishing rods have a lightweight and durable body, good bearing capacity, and a great finish. Meanwhile, the handle of the rod is usually made of wood, which makes users feel very comfortable and convenient. What’s more, these fishing rods also possess an extremely high heat resistance, up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Japanese Fishing Rod Brands-Shimano

In addition to various series of fishing rods, this company has expanded its products. That is the reason why you can easily find fishing rods, fishing reels, lures, or many other accessories for fishing under the brand Shimano. Undoubtedly, Shimano fishing rods and reels are popular among fishing fans and listed as the best products on the market nowadays.

1.2. Megabass

One of the best Japanese fishing brands we should not ignore is Megabass. This brand’s fishing rods are very famous in Japan. Along with fishing rods, many types of fishing gear like reels, lures, etc. are always welcomed and beloved on the market. People using the Megabass fishing rods evaluated them as the best tool with high fishing results. These days, this brand’s fishing gear has been introduced in many media in the US, Asia, UK, etc.

Japanese Fishing Rod Brands-Megabass

Megabass fishing rods are very popular. They are designed with high functionality, which gives a great performance. Besides, the designs of these rods are eye-catching and artistic, providing an optimal comfortable feeling during fishing. It is not wrong to say that the Megabass fishing rods are not only tools to catch fish, but also something all fishing lovers would like to own. Made from great materials, and combined with incomparable engineering, these Japan fishing rods promise to give users a fantastic experience.

Yuki Ito is the person who designed the fishing rods based on his experience in fishing technology as well as his passion for this leisure sport. The designs are characteristically Japanese. These fishing rods are used by lots of fishing competitors in both Japan and the United States. It is a fact that fishing competitors using Megabass rods have more chances to win.

1.3. Lurekiller

When it comes to the best Japanese fishing rod brands, we must mention Lurekiller. Lurekiller fishing rods are highly appreciated for their lightweight body and sophisticated design. Made from strong carbon fiber, the fishing rods of Lurekiller have a better bearing capacity, compared with many other normal fishing rods. It must be that using Lurekiller will give you a wonderful, interesting, and unforgettable fishing experience. Lurekiller has several quite cheap types which are good and convenient for fishing on the sea.

Lurekiller poping spinning fishing rods

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1.4. Jackall

If you are looking for a good Japanese fishing rod to satisfy your fishing indulgence, Jackall is a suggestion for you. Jackall is one of the best Japanese brands producing fishing gear like rods, lures, etc. The head office of Jackall is located in the vicinity of Lake Biwa.

The Jackall fishing rods are famous for their good balance as well as high sensitivity. Despite being lightweight, the fishing rods of this brand still possess a good grip. It can’t be denied that the rods produced by Jackall are now listed as the best-selling products on the market. One of the reasons that promote you to purchase the Jackall rods is their price. A good price with respect to the quality of rods is always their leading criterion.


Jackall fishing rods are used by a lot of people, including professional athletes, experienced fishermen, etc. The beginners of this leisure sport are not an exception because Jackall fishing gears are so easy to use.

1.5. Imakatsu

Located in Nishinomiya, Imakatsu is a famous Japanese fishing rod brand. The founder of this brand is Katsutaka, one of the professional bass anglers in Japan.

Their fishing rods are always welcomed on the market and have become best-selling products. Naoyuki Mihara is the person who designs them. In addition to unique designs, Imakatsu fishing rods are not only easy to use and throw but also have a good, firm grip. One of the most popular rods from Imakatsu is the Rodeo Ride Reviver range which is created for catching big bass.

Fishing rods of the brand Imakatsu

Imakatsu fishing rods are believed to enhance your fishing technique and give users wonderful experiences. Hence, lots of fishers feel extremely satisfied with the fishing rods of this brand.

1.6. Gan Craft

Gan Craft is another Japanese fishing rod brand we would like to introduce to you. It is located in Tanabe-city, the western part of Japan. When it comes to Gan Craft, people immediately think about their lures that have been manufactured for many years. Their fishing lures are developed and refined to the supreme level. However, this brand started its plan on fishing rods over a decade ago. Their fishing rods rise to popularity soon thanks to high quality and good performance.

 Gan Craft

The Scarface from Gan Craft is designed to be most suitable for fast-moving lures. The banks made from tough carbon fiber help to reduce the influence of the high-speed attack of big fish to lure. What’s more, these banks also give you the power to allow strong hooking. Another function of the rods is to resist unexpected direction changes of fish, which helps to minimize the risk of the hook being thrown. Gan Craft also makes custom fishing rods.

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1.7. Daiwa

Whether you are a beginner or a fisherman with much experience, Daiwa is one of the best Japan fishing rods you should use. Founded in 1958, Daiwa created a number of innovative technologies as well as developed new materials such as Zaion that is new high-density carbon fiber. Daiwa has developed carbon fiber technology to create the lightest fishing rods which are used popularly nowadays.


When it comes to Daiwa fishing gear, especially rods, we will think about the best quality of products as well as the harmonious combination between subtle design and high technology. Besides, the fishing gears of Daiwa help users make a difference and show their style as well.

Daiwa provides high-quality rods at an affordable price. This brand’s fishing rods are evaluated to be lightweight, durable, and sensitive, which makes them a great choice. Furthermore, crafted with a water-resistant coating, Daiwa fishing rods are perfect for use for a longer period of time. Daiwa has various types of fishing rods for all purposes.

  • Recommended product: Daiwa All-Purpose Lure Rod Lure Nist, 2.9 fl oz Fishing Rod

1.8. Nories

Norio Tanabe founded the brand Nories. Based on his wide knowledge and extensive experience of fishing, Tanabe started his business on fishing accessories. He and other specialists design the products that are created under the brand name Nories.

The fishing rods from this Japanese manufacturer are very impressive because of their highest quality as well as sophisticated designs. The designs of Nories fishing rods are a combination between traditional craftsmanship and modern styles. There are many Nories rods that suit all types of fishing styles.

1.9. Evergreen

Evergreen is also regarded as one of the best Japanese fishing rod brands. Founded in Japan, this company has a long history of producing fishing gear.


Evergreen fishing rods are released in various kinds. Due to their ease of use as well as good materials, these fishing rods have become more and more prevalent. Besides, the rods of Evergreen are frequently used in many tournaments and helps professional fishers win. Fishers are definitely satisfied with their performance. So, no matter who you are, a beginner or an experienced fisher, the fishing rods of this brand are always a great choice for you.

1.10. Raid Japan

The list of the best Japanese fishing rod brands wouldn’t be complete without Raid Japan. This is a well-known Japanese rod and lure manufacturer which specializes in bass fishing.

Raid Japan Gladiator Maximum The Maxx

With the style combining modern black and gold design, Raid Japan rods look so smooth and luxurious. There are two series of fishing rods named Gladiator Maximum and Gladiator Anti. Whether which type you choose, you will never be disappointed about this brand’s two series. Both of them give a comfortable feeling while you are reeling in bass and similar fish as well. These carbon graphite rods have different weights, from heavy, medium, light to ultra-light options, so you can choose the most suitable one.

Some best-selling Raid Japan rods are popular such as Raid Japan Gladiator Maximum The Maxx, Raid Japan Gladiator Maximum The Bishop, Raid Japan Gladiator Anti King Heavy.

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1.11. Geecrack

Geecrack is an indispensable name in the list of the best Japanese fishing rod brands. Although the brand was founded in 2014, later than other brands, it quickly gains popularity in the fishing arena. These days, Geecrack is known as one of the most trusted Japanese brands for fishing gear.

There are three Geecrack fishing rod series including Double Dutch PG, DD Galaxy, and Double Dutch. Most of the Geecrack fishing rods feature an x-carbon wrapping butt that reduces twisting in the blank. What’s more, it also provides a better grip, better shock absorption, and gives fishers more control over the bass.

1.12. Uzaki Nissin

Established over 50 years ago, Uzaki Nissin started producing bamboo fishing rods as their first product. Their manufacturer is located in Hyogo, Japan. Then, they continued to improve technology in manufacturing fishing rods. Glass fiber, carbon, and other materials are gradually used to create better fishing rods.

Uzaki Nissin

Rods series and accessories are designed to satisfy all anglers, as well as for catching various fish species in almost freshwater habitats. The fishing rods of Uzaki Nissin combine technology, tradition, and passion for fly-fishing, which features a perfect harmony of quality and simplicity. The brand always focuses on producing high-quality fishing gear for both professionals and leisure fishing lovers. The renowned fishing rod series of Uzaki Nissin are Ares and Curtis.

1.13. TIEMCO

If you are a fishing lover, Tiemco must be a familiar Japanese fishing rod brand to you. Founded in 1976, Tiemco is known as a pioneer of fly-fishing hooks in Japan. Tiemco’s fishing rods are also the best-selling products on the market. The brand has combined new manufacturing techniques and advanced designs to create the best fishing rods.

Infante Backpacker Special #5-6 Fly Rod

The Tiemco fishing rods always meet the Japanese and foreign customers’ high expectations. For example, the Maxcatch Predator Saltwater fly-fishing rod is known as an advanced fast-action rod. It is perfect for loading fast to deliver heavy saltwater flies accurately.

In addition to fishing rods, Tiemco also manufactures many other products like lures, reels, fly-fishing hooks, or outdoor clothing. The brand has developed a nationwide chain, which makes it easier to access Tiemco products.


The Japanese fishing rods from Gary Yamamoto are the last products we would like to show you today. In 1983, Gary Yamamoto established the Gary Yamamoto brand. Being one of the leading bass fishers, he comprehended what an angler needs and how the best fishing rod is. That is the reason why Gary Yamamoto wants to manufacture high-quality fishing products, including rods.

Fishing rods of Gary Yamamoto

It is a fact that all anglers using Gary Yamamoto’s baits and rods love the products of this brand. Their rods work so well, giving fishers unforgettable fishing experiences. If you want to have perfect fishing performance with the best result, try this brand’s fishing rods and other accessories as well.

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2. Tips for buying a suitable fishing rod

When buying Japanese fishing rods or any type of rods, you need to keep in mind some issues below:

Experience to buy a proper fishing rod

  • Rod materials: Almost all fishing rods are made of graphite, fiberglass, or a mixture of both materials. The graphite fishing rods seem to be more lightweight, stiffer, and more sensitive, but easier to break compared with fiberglass counterparts. Meanwhile, the rods made from fiberglass are more flexible and nearly unbreakable. You can also try the rods combining both materials. This type of rod is ideal for anglers fishing in some different locations as well as conditions.
  • Rod curvature: The flexible curvature of the fishing rod should be suitable for the types of fish you want to catch. Choosing the proper curvature will help you cast baits and pull fish more easily. Therefore, based on your purpose of use, you can choose the rods with the suitable curvature. For example, flexible rods are the best choice for fishing small fish, while stiff rods are better for bigger fishing.
  • Rod length: Fishing rod length is one of the important factors when choosing a new fishing rod. The rods usually range from 4 feet to 14 feet. However, most bass fishing rods tend to vary from 6 to 8 feet. The general rule of choosing the rod length is that longer rods cast longer distances and shorter rods cast shorter distances.
  • Rod eyelet: the rod eyelet is often made of hard plastic, metal, or fired porcelain. These eyelets are mounted vertically to the rod body. The number of eyelets corresponds to the length of the fishing rod.

3. Where to buy Japanese fishing rods?

One of the things buyers care about is where to buy good Japanese fishing rods. Here are 5 handpicked reputable websites offering genuine Japanese fishing rods that can be helpful to you. Let’s see!

3.1. Janbox


If you are looking for services to buy Japanese items, welcome to Janbox. We are a service unit specializing in ordering genuine goods on commercial sites and reputable Japanese websites. We will help you own the best Japanese fishing rods according to your needs.

3.2. Rakuten


This is famous as the largest e-commerce company in Japan. Rakuten is compared with a flexible online shopping mall with lots of high-quality products, including fishing rods. This website has plenty of goods at reasonable prices. It is easy for you to search and purchase the best Japanese fishing rods on Rakuten.

3.3. Amazon Japan


This is also a renowned e-commerce website in the Japanese market, where you can look for any items you love. Fishing rods on Amazon Japan are described in detail in Japanese and English. Therefore, the buyers can follow the steps of product selection as well as payment. However, you might have some trouble when ordering fishing rods from Amazon Japan if you are unable to verify your identity. It is advised that you should hire services to buy Japanese fishing rods on this website.

3.4. Yahoo Auction


Yahoo Auction is another website on which you are able to purchase a genuine Japanese fishing rod. You can save 20-50% of your budget when buying authentic products via this online auction. Like Amazon Japan, you also need to verify your identity to take part in Yahoo Auction. So, the best way is to use a Japanese auction service.

3.5. Aucfan

When it comes to the best Japanese website to buy fishing rods, Aucfan is a good choice for you. Through this online shopping website, you can easily find a lot of Japanese fishing rods from many famous brands. It is quite easy to create an account on Aucfan, and then you can search for the product quickly.

3.6. Kakaku

Same as Aucfan, you are able to look at shops that sell Japanese fishing rods on Kakaku. One of the advantages of this website is that the price of products are highlighted in red, which makes it easy for you to find items and save your time.

Above are some websites where you can buy Japanese fishing rods.


Have you chosen the most suitable Japanese fishing rods that meet your requirements? There are always fishing rods that are great for you, whether you are a newbie or a professional fisher. So, with the above-mentioned Japanese fishing rod brands, you will never go wrong.  Now, with the support of Janbox, purchasing these famous fishing brands is easier than ever. Don’t forget to check out our site if you want to get any help from our wholehearted service team.

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