Top 10+ Popular Japanese Fishing Reels

Top 10 Popular Japanese Fishing Reels

Having trouble finding a good fishing reel? Let’s save you some time. Japanese manufacturers offer those who love fishing the best products, such as fishing rods, fishing reels, lures, you name it. Below we gathered the 10 most popular Japanese fishing reels for you to pick. 

Japanese fishing gears are famous among professional fishers. They use these pieces of equipment to have the best experiences. Let us take you on a tour to find what’s best for your next fishing trip.

1. Shimano Stella C3000MHG

Japanese Fishing Reels

Shimano Stella C3000MHG has a gear ratio of 6.0 and maximum drag force up to 9 kg. Their weight is only 210g. This reel is evaluated as the best spinning reeling on the market at present. Shimano applies the precision cold forging technology while designing Shimano Stella C3000HMG. The design of this product is based on the basic design. 

But the manufacturer has revised the drive parts from various angles. This model by Shimano has a quite winding experience and a smoother rotation performance. The necessary features such as waterproofing and durability have been significantly improved. Water can’t reach inside the reel.

The high waterproof performance and smooth rotation are guaranteed when their line roller part and body are made with a water repellent treatment and labyrinth structure. You can adjust the drag force even under heavy loads thanks to the coiled wave spring. Anglers are able to reflect their intentions thanks to this coiled wave spring. 

Shimano Stella C3000MHG has a veil that allows us to have a large opening and closing angle when fishing. This newly designed veil prevents trouble if the bail arm returns by itself.

2. Daiwa Celtate

Japanese Fishing Reels

Daiwa Celtate LT2500-H is a product from Daiwa. This item is in the second of the best spinning reels. It has comfortable winding and high strength.  Daiwa Celtate LT2500-H reels are used by the fishers who go for heavy fishing frequently. They caught sea bass or shore jigging with this reel of Daiwa Celtate. 

There is an interesting thing here. “LT” can be explained as “light and tough”. It seems contradictory, right? If you want to have a reel with the lightweight, you have to skip its durability and strength. It is not easy to balance these features. But Daiwa can do it. They are offering Daiwa Celtate LT2500-H that satisfies many fishers. Its weight is just 205g while the maximum drag force is up to 10kg. 

This product has a gear ratio of 5.7.1. The winding length is 80cm with nylon winding amount 6lb-150m, PE winding amount No 0.8 -200m. Each reel is designed meticulously. They have a monocoque structure. Its body is rigid and resistant to twisting and sagging. You can save space when you use this reel. The main material used to create Daiwa Celtate is a highly durable aluminum with precision. 

The drive gear is designed with careful calculation. They don’t make noise in use but respond to the fisher’s delicate accurately. The manufacturer equips nylon into Twist Buster II in order to reduce thread. The direction of your force can change the line roller at any time. 

3. Daiwa Tatula SV TW

Japanese Fishing Reels

The next reel belongs to the brand Daiwa, too. This reel model is really light, just about 190g. Therefore, Daiwa Tatula SV TW and other items that belong to Daiwa Tatula become the lightest reel now. It is easy to manoeuver. It is designed with an offset 85mm AL press handle. There is not any shaking when operating because the rotation motion of the center axis connected directly to a solid winding.

Daiwa Tatula SV TW uses TWS or T-wing system. An outstanding feature of this system is a flight and fast fall. TWS also reduces trouble, backlash but increases control. The internal structure has the ultra duralumin SV spool. The spool diameter is just 1.3 inches or 32mm, so this reel can achieve high performance. The reel frame is smaller than other models, so it is easy to grip and maneuver. 

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4. Shimano Antares DC MD

Japanese Fishing Reels

Again, a product manufactured by Shimano is evaluated as the best reel. Now, they are not spinning reels. They are the best bait reels. 

They have a gear ratio of 7.8 and a maximum drag force of 6kg. Their weight is 235g and spool diameter is 38/22mm. So, Shimano Antares DC MD is used to fish big baits frequently. These reels are designed with a fine brake setting. The XB brake is used and set up to 8 levels. This XB mode helps us catch big fish more easily. This model has a high performance for fishing at high speeds. 

The manufacture uses robust body supporting technology when they create Shimano Antares Dc MD. Using this technology is the perfect choice to have the best reel. The body is highly rigid. And this model has extremely smooth winding. Shimano Antares DC MD is equipped an ultra-small and accurate gear. When we use Shimano Antares, we are very comfortable with a silky feel of vibration. 

5. Shimano BB-X Hyper Force

Here are Shimano BB-X Hyper Force’s advantages:

  • This reel model is light. The weight is just 240g. 
  • The body is highly rigid. The precise internal mechanism is supported so much thanks to this rigid body. The manufacturer designed this reel carefully. Unexpected impacts are not a problem for the body. And it can minimize deflection to transmit the winding force. 
  • Manufacture applied two technologies while creating this reel. They are three-dimensional design technology and precision cold forging technology. So, Shimano BB X-Hyper Force has a gear with precisely designed tooth surfaces. 
  • Shimano uses lightweight carbon material as the main material while manufacturing this reel. So, this reel model is very light and stable. 
  • One of the important features of this reel is highly waterproof. Water can not reach inside of this reel. To achieve this feature at the higher level, fill special grease. 

6. Daiwa Tournament ISO LBD

Japanese Fishing Reels
Daiwa Tournament ISO LBD

This reel model is equipped with a new-generation brake, so it has double efficiency. The new brake uses titanium material with a high coefficient of friction. Form brake is revised, too. The strength of the brake increases. 

Daiwa Tournament ISO LBD has Hi-grip T Shape Knob that allows us to have a high hold force. You don’t need to worry that it slips because you are having wet hands.  A new-generation drag system is equipped for this reel. The line is harder to break

7. Shimano Power Aero Spin Power

Japanese Fishing Reels
Shimano Power Aero Spin Power

If you want a lightweight reel, the product by Shimano is the first choice. Shimano Power Aero Spin Power is an example. This reel model has a greatly compacted overall design but still maintains a high firm rigidity. 

Here are Shimano Power Aero Spin Power’s main professional specifications:

  • Gear ratio 3.5
  • Maximum drag force 19kg with twin drag mechanism. 
  • The average maximum winding length per handle rotation is 84cm.
  • Weight: 565g
  • Have wide rotor, one-piece veil, and spool dimension 3.0/35mm.

Shimano Power Aero Spin Power is equipped with an X-Ship. This X-Ship allows us to reel smoothly even when this reel is loaded or light. 

You can set a strong drag force to have a stronger drag when you go fishing in an area with a fast tide flow. You can turn on and off the drag and adjust it to match the drag-waiting. You can adjust the drag waiting setting, too. However, it takes time so much. How To Buy From Rakuten Japan? [Guide Step-by-step]

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8. Daiwa Tournament Surf

Japanese Fishing Reels
Daiwa Tournament Surf

Daiwa Tournament Surf has top-quality technologies. This reel is built precisely. You can it for a long time in saltwater. The key feature of this item is its durability. It has Mag Sealed reel body. This is technology innovated by NASA scientists. Saltwater can not enter, so the reel is prevented from the highly corrosive saltwater. This outlasts the time use of the Daiwa Tournament. 

A smooth acting power conversion ensures that this reel is capable of pulling the biggest and most aggressive of fish. This product is able to cast far out beyond the surf. 

9. Daiwa Saltiga

Japanese Fishing Reels
Daiwa Saltiga

The next Daiwa product in this list is Daiwa Saltiga. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants more big fish. Saltiga has overwhelming strength and durability. This reel is equipped with a larger and thickened gear to increase its strength. The reel body is monocoque and screwed directly into the engine place. 

Manufacturers use a new drag system. They increase the number of washers. The drag knob doesn’t pass through the resin parts, so no burning of the washer. It is very safe to use and increases the reel durability. 

10. Shimano Stella SW

We have more Shimano reels on this list – Shimano Stella SW. This is a jigging reel. Shimano Stella SW has a gear ratio of 5.6 and maximum drag force up to 25kg. This model’s weight is just 635g with a spool dimension of 22mm. 

The winding is powerful under heavy loads. The manufacturer uses special low-friction bushings to support the main shaft in order to reduce the sliding resistance. The main shaft’s surface is treated well to have more low friction.  Water can not enter because of a waterproof treatment X-Protect. Components of the drive (such as worm shaft pins, worm shaft gear, drive gear) are revised. The revision ensures a smooth and quiet winding experience. 

Shimano Stella SW has smooth and stable tough drag performance, so it is suitable for fishing big fish. They use precision cold forging to create rigid gear. When the gear operates, it can reach the big fish smoothly without noise. The spool is designed with a special shape, so the line can flow naturally without line tangles. The spool is treated well with a strong abrasion treatment. It can withstand the load when you use it in saltwater. 

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Hopefully our list has been of some help for you. Quality is no longer something to be worried about with the above names. Japanese fishing reels are the best all over the world.