Top 10 Popular Japanese Fishing Brands

Top 10 Popular Japanese Fishing Brands

Fishing is more and more popular in Japan. There are many brands in Japan that are the leading manufacturers of fishing gear all over the world. Let explore these Japanese fishing brands through our article below!

Going fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities in Japan. Many people here love fishing. That’s the reason why manufacturers of fishing gear in this country. Some of them are the leading all over the world. The quality of fishing gear from Japan is considered one of the best. We are pleased to introduce you to the list of the top 10 popular Japanese fishing brands in the article below.

1. Megabass

Japanese Fishing Brands
Megabass is very famous in Japan

Megabass is very famous in Japan. They are a factor that has driven black bass fishing in Japan since 1990. They offer many kinds of fishing gear, such as rods, lines, reels, or lures….Pop X, Dog X, or Griffon are among Megabass’s popular lures. 

Products of this famous brand of fishing gear are well-known because of their realistic and beautiful colors. Rods of Megabass is very popular. Yuki Ito designed the fishing rods based on his experience and passion for this leisure sport. These rods are in use by many professional fishing competitors not only in Japan but in the United States as well. People who use fishing gear manufactured by Megabass evaluated them as the best equipment with high fishing results. If fishing competitors use Megabass rods, they will have more chances to win. 

Recently, Megabass’ fishing gears have earned high praise and have been introduced in many various media in the US, UK, Russia, or Asia…

For more information about Megabass fishing gear, you visit the website or Instagram megabass_inc.

Recommended product: Megabass Destroyer P5 F6-69X

2. Jackall

Japanese Fishing Brands
Jackall is one of the best fishing gear manufacturers in Japan

If you are searching for a fishing rod with a good balance and high sensitivity, have a look at the product list from Jackall. Jackall is one of the best fishing gear manufacturers in Japan. Its head office is located in the vicinity of Lake Biwa. 

This brand is specialized in lure fishing gear. But now, rods by Jackall are now on the list of best-selling. The price is a reason why you should choose this product of Jackall. They offer a good price with respect to the rods’ quality. 

Jackall joined Shimano for product development. This line of fishing rods has a good performance. So, they become popular soon. Jackall offers many kinds of works for customers to consider. 

Many professional athletes are using Jackall fishing gear. Fishermen who have experience in fishing for years also love using them. The ease of use is an attractive feature of Jackall fishing gears. Because of this feature, they are recommended for the beginner of this leisure sport.

For more information about Jackall products, please visit the website

Recommended product: Jackall Dows Swimmer 

3. O.S.P

Japanese Fishing Brands
O.S.P is always the ideal choice FOR fishers for years or a beginner

O.S.P or Osprey Spiritual Performer is a well-known fishing gear manufacturer in Japan. Their outstanding products are the lure. Their lure is designed for the most situation and help fisher catch more fish, especially in certain conditions. 

Whether you are fishers for years or a beginner, fishing gear from O.S.P is always the ideal choice to use and has the best results.

All products of this Japan fishing brand are on this website:

Recommended product: O.S.P/OSP Mylarminnow / Mylar Minnow 3.5 inch

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4. Evergreen

Japanese Fishing Brands
Evergreen – specialized in manufacturing fishing gear

Evergreen is a company specialized in manufacturing fishing gear. This company was established in Japan and has a long history in Japanese fishing. It is one of the first company that in the front line at the time of black bass bloom. Black bass bloom was very prevalent in Japan in the 1990s. Even the shortage of this product happened because many people used it. 

Evergreen released many kinds of rods. These rods appeared in many tournaments. And professional fishers who use Evergreen rods usually win. Evergreen’s products are more and more popular thanks to their ease of use and material. Fishers feel satisfied with their performance.

Recommended product: EVERGREEN FACT Roofen, 2.8 inches (70 mm)

5. Lucky Craft

Japanese Fishing Brands
Lucky Craft – a premium brand of the fishing lure in Japan

Lucky Craft is known as a premium brand of the fishing lures in Japan. This brand was established in Japan. But now, they achieved global recognition. Their products have been on the market in the US since the early 1990s. Lucky Craft has been the leading manufacturer of hard bait for years. Some of their lures are used by professional fishers. And they won in countless tournaments with these tools. 

You can find easily a huge variety of topwater, jerk baits, crankbaits on the website of this brand. You have a chance to get the best deals when purchasing something from Lucky Craft to start your fishing. 

Find out Lucky craft’s products here:

Recommended product: Lucky Craft Bee freeze 78S ESG candy glow Peach

6. Imakatsu

Japanese Fishing Brands
Imakatsu’s fishing gear take you to a new level of fishing

Imakatsu is located in the western part of Japan – in Nishinomiya. Katsutaka Imae is the founder of this brand. He is one of the most successful tournament professional bass anglers in Japan. Imakatsu is considered an innovator of fishing in Japan. 

Imakatsu offers a variety of fishing lures. Their fishing rods are best-selling products. People love using these rods because they have a unique design. Naoyuki Mihara designs them. Rods by Imakatsu are easy to use, throw and have a good, firm grip. 

Hard and soft bait produced by Imakatsu is very unique, too. Many fishers said that Imakatsu’s fishing gear take them to the new level of fishing. They are very satisfied with these tools. 

To find out about Imakatsu fishing gears, don’t forget to visit

Recommended product: Imakatsu 65SP Dazzler #830 3D Dying Waka Heron

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7. Daiwa

Japanese Fishing Brands
Daiwa rods are great to buy whether you are a fisher with much experience or a beginner

It comes to Daiwa products, you certainly mention the reels. The reels of Daiwa are very well-known. Besides that, you should choose Daiwa rods when you start fishing. Rods’ quality is great. And you can buy them at an affordable price. Rods have lightweight. Rods of Daiwa are the lightest rods on the market. They have high durability and sensitivity thanks to a water-resistant coating. 

Daiwa rods are great to buy whether you are a fisher with much experience or a beginner. You will not regret when purchasing a rod by Daiwa. You can use a rod to target a variety of fish, so it is very convenient. 

Since Daiwa was found in 1958, this brand has been developing its products. Their purpose is to be the first to meet the changing market needs. Daiwa created many innovative technologies and developed new materials such as carbon fibers in 1979, Zaion in 2007 that is a new high-density carbon fiber. Carbon fiber technology developed by Daiwa has created the lightest rods.

Recommended product: Daiwa Metal Jig TG Bait Lure

8. Shimano

Japanese Fishing Brands
Shimano – a strong heavy-duty reel

Shimano was established in Japan in the 1920s by Shozaburo Shimano. They started as a company for precision engineering. But now, this brand is very famous for fishing gear. They have expanded their products. So, you can buy fishing rods, lures, fishing reels, other accessories for fishing under the brand name Shimano. Fishing rods and reels of Shimano are on the list of the best products on the market. 

The latest reel is Twinpower SW. This product is a strong heavy-duty reel. It is capable of catching the biggest and most powerful fish of the sea. Although this reel is designed for fishing in saltwater, you are still able to use it in fresh water and have a good result.

Recommended product: SHIMANO 125SFB XM-112U/XM-212U 

9. Gary Yamamoto

Japanese Fishing Brands
Gary Yamamoto – the leading bass anglers

Gary Yamamoto was found in 1983 in the USA Gary Yamamoto. He was one of the leading bass anglers. So, when he established the Gary Yamamoto brand, he understood what a fisher needs, and how the best fishing gear is. He is considered the legendary bait designer. Therefore, Gary Yamamoto has produced items for fishing in high quality. 

If you ask any anglers who use Gary Yamamoto’s soft plastic baits “what are your favorite baits made by Gary Yamamoto?” The answer for you is certainly we love all of them. They work so well”.

Now Gary Yamamoto offers 2.5 million baits on the worldwide market to fishing lovers. Their baits are some of the most effective baits. So, it is not surprising when Gary Yamamoto baits are widely used in the world. 

You can find many different baits of Gary Yamamoto on the website

Recommended product: Gary Yamamoto Zako 4inch

10. Tiemco

Japanese Fishing Brands
Tiemco is a pioneer of fly fishing hooks in Japan

Have you ever heard of the fishing brand “Tiemco”?  if you are a fishing lover, we are sure that you know about the well-known TMC fly fishing hooks. Yes, they are products of Tiemco. 

Tiemco is a pioneer of fly fishing hooks in Japan. This brand was established in 1976. To release the best fly fishing hooks, Tiemco has applied advanced design and new manufacturing methods. Tiemco hooks are made of the finest Japanese steel. Then they sharpen them carefully. They always make their effort to create the best items. They want products under the brand name Tiemco to meet the high expectation of customers not also in Japan, but all over the world as well.

Tiemco offers their fly fishing courses, too. Thousands of people took part in these courses. Besides fly fishing hooks and courses, Tiemco provides fishers rods, reels, lure fishing, or outdoor clothing. 

Until now, Tiemco has expanded and developed a nationwide chain. You can easily purchase products from Tiemco. They will not make you disappointed.

Recommended product: TIEMCO 013 MH

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Feel like going fishing now? If you do, which brand above have you chosen to shop for gear? Shopping with these big Japanese fishing brands is now easier than ever. Don’t believe me? Check out our site Janbox to get support from our service team and create your own experience next time you go fishing.