7 Websites to Buy Vintage Japanese Bamboo Fishing Rods

7 Websites to Buy Vintage Japanese Bamboo Fishing Rods

Japan, the land of Samurai, is also known for the elegant and patient hobby of fishing. And like any other made-in-Japan product, fishing gear has been improved to bring the best experience there is to those who enjoy the activity. Question is where to choose a good fishing rod to help you catch more fish. Here we handpicked 7 reputable websites that offer Japanese bamboo fishing rods for you to take a look.

What is a good Japanese bamboo fishing rod?

Many different types of bamboo can be used to make a vintage Japanese bamboo fishing rod. The strongest one is Tonkin Cane, which is a favorite of fishing rod manufacturers in Japan because it is both easy to bend and at the same time has a high fiber density so it is very straight. In addition, Madake bamboo is the most popular because it is grown a lot in northern Japan but the quality is not as good as Tonkin Cane bamboo. There is a kind of Calcutta bamboo that is better than Tonkin Cane. However, it is very difficult to find.

A good fishing rod needs to be strong, durable, but also light and flexible to make it easy for the user to control.

What are good Japanese bamboo fishing rods?

Notes when choosing a bamboo fishing rod

You need to carefully consider the fishing terrain to be able to choose a fishing rod with an appropriate length. If you sit in a place where the water is too deep or the bank is high, you will need a fishing rod about 3.6m long depending on the area. In addition, you also need to pay attention to your posture, make sure you are not sitting close to the water’s edge or sitting on steep terrain. The length of the fishing rod is also regulated in fishing competitions. Normally it is 3.6m, but in areas with natural dams, a fishing rod with a length of 4.5m will be needed.

Choose the stiffness of the rod based on the style of fishing and the weight of the fish you want to fish. If you choose an area with a lot of big fish, you need a fishing rod that is strong enough to avoid breakage.

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7 websites to buy Japanese Bamboo Fishing Rods

1. Rakuten

This is the largest e-commerce company in Japan. It is also likened to a flexible online shopping mall. At Rakuten, you can set up a store on the website to advertise, sell or process payment transactions comfortably.

Many retailers choose this brand for business. That is why Rakuten has an extremely rich inventory of goods with reasonable prices. Vintage Japan bamboo fishing rod is one of the goods in Rakuten with a variety of types and quality.

Japanese Online Clothing Stores
Order Japanese bamboo fishing rods on Raluten

You just need to visit Rakuten, search for Japanese bamboo fishing rod brand, and then select by category to find the type of fishing rod you need. Then research the product information to know more about the material, durability, and other parameters. Add to your cart and proceed to the checkout to own a good Japanese fishing rod.

2. Wasao

Another e-commerce site where you can find high-quality Japanese bamboo fishing rods. There are many options available when you go for a tour on Wasao: Clear categories, complete product information, and specific images that will help you make quicker decisions. There are about 23 different fishing rod products when you type in. There are always promotions, sales of 20-30% for bamboo fishing rods. Do you hesitate any longer without immediately referring to the bamboo fishing rod products on Wasao?

3. Mercari

Does this site look familiar? Yes, it is the Japanese biggest second-hand market. When buying fishing rods through Mercari you do not need to worry about payment. Mercari will manage and process payments to protect the interests of customers. Each transaction is verified and evaluated by the buyer so that both parties can be fully informed about the transaction.

If your budget is not much, this will be the right choice for you. Because it is second-hand, the price may be lower. But you also need to carefully research the fishing rod retailer you want to buy to be able to buy the best product.

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4. Yahoo Auction

Japanese Bamboo Fishing Rods

To be able to own a genuine Japanese fishing rod, you can buy it through the Yahoo Auction site. Through this reputable online auction, you can save 20-50% of the money you spend on buying authentic items.

To participate in the auction, you need to verify your identity through Yahoo’s strict rules. Therefore, a good choice for you is to hire an account to auction or use a Japanese auction service.

5. Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan is a famous e-commerce website in the Japanese market. You can search for all the items that you love. Since shopping for Japanese goods has general rules that you need to strictly follow, you may have trouble shopping for fishing rods on this site if you cannot verify your identity. You can ask the Japanese to buy for you or hire services to buy bamboo fishing rods on Amazon Japan.


Fishing rod products on Amazon Japan are described very carefully in Japanese and English. Product-related parameters are also presented briefly and concisely. It is very easy for the buyer to go through the steps of product selection and payment.

6. Aucfan

Aucfan is an online shopping website with a variety of Japanese bamboo fishing rods. Buyers only need to create an account and it is quite simple. In the interface of the website, the items will be sorted from the top down with the filter on the left to help you find the product in the fastest way. There are about 51 bamboo fishing rod products with many different sizes and lengths serving each separate purpose.

7. Kakaku

Japanese Bamboo Fishing Rods
Order Japanese bamboo fishing rods on Kakaku

Similar to Aucfan, you can also refer to shops selling fishing rods on Kakaku. It is worth noting here that the price section is highlighted in red to help you track more accurately. Kakaku also has a product filtering tool that saves you a lot of time searching.

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All fishing enthusiasts deserve the best gear and the best experience catching these delicious treats. What’s better than a moment of relaxation, immerse yourself in nature with what you need to have a good time. To get durable Japanese bamboo fishing rods, choose from the above fishing websites. Depending on your preferences and budget, choose a fishing rod good enough to accompany you on exciting fishing trips.

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