Semihandmade reviews: Is it worth buying? (2022)


Perhaps you’re looking for some home appliances to beautify or organize your home and are beginning to discover some brands that offer a wide range of these. 

Have you ever heard of Semihandmade? If you like IKEA, you’ll like what this new startup is doing. In this article, we will review the Semihandmade brand—an unknown aspect of home decor, going from the brand to specific customer feedback.

Semi handmade brand overview

Despite the fact that IKEA has some great storage choices that are both stylish and practical, their selection is sometimes restricted. This is where Semihandmade comes in! In 2011, Semihandmade was established with a straightforward mission: to develop a system based on Ikea cabinets that provides handmade craftsmanship at affordable prices.

If you check out their website, you’ll see that they offer many kinds of cabinet fronts, drawers, and side panels. At present, Semihandmade has over 200 facings to pick from. You can purchase the cabinet from Ikea, and then customize your cabinets with doors from Semihandmade to make your home truly your own.

The company sells more than just fronts for IKEA cabinets though; they also produce fronts for bathrooms, home decors, freestanding shelving, and even decorative hardware.

Semihandmade is your one-stop shop for all things related to kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re in the market for shaker-style, slab, or ready-to-DIY cabinets, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

In addition, they have teamed up with Rejuvenation to offer a selection of knobs, pulls, and other hardware accessories.

Product reviews at Semihandmade

If you’re new to Semihandmade, you’re probably wondering whether it’s legit or just a good marketing team. Let’s look through these Semihandmade reviews to find out now. We begin by taking a look at some of the company’s most popular products.

Kitchen – Kitchen Fronts


Semihandmade reviews – kitchen

As a characteristic of customization, there is no one size fits all. Yet, the process is similar: After deciding on a specific style of cabinetry, you should look for doors, drawers, panels, trims, and hardware that are a good fit. You can pick out the designs and color schemes that you like best and then add them to your shopping basket. 

Self-accomplishment is encouraged; but, if you’re finding the procedure to be too much, the Semihandmade crew is here to help. If you prefer, they can take over the entire procedure.

  • What have customers reviewed so far?

“Destination Eichler, LLC” – old customer feedback: “Their employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Without a doubt, I would work with Semihandmade again. The quality of their work is excellent, and you get (semi) custom cabinet doors for a reasonable price.”

A customer named “LaLa Face” shared: “To say I was nervous about ordering kitchen cabinet fronts from another state without seeing them is an understatement. But they were fantastic to work with, and the result is stunning. From obtaining wood samples to planning and re-planning, putting our project on hold for a few months, and finally delivering the finished product. We bought sequenced horizontal teak cabinets, and while they weren’t cheap, they were well worth it. I can’t take my eyes off them.”

Bathroom – 2 drawers – 31 1/2″ for Godmorgon


Semihandmade reviews – bathroom

This traditional front is made of real wood and has a grain that runs horizontally.

This traditional front is made of real wood and has a grain that runs horizontally. Wood finishes can look different from what you see online, so if you’re interested in this style, be sure to get a sample before making your final decision.

Cabinet and drawer fronts from Semihandmade are easy to put together yourself, so you can decorate your cabinets and drawers in a way that reflect your style. They come in both a slab and a shaker style, and their neutral wood tones beg to be made unique. It has a vertical grain and comes in five beautiful earth tones. 

  • The Impression option comes in four muted colors and has thin trim around the drawer faces, which makes it a good choice for a more modern look. 
  • The SSS Beaded design & Quarterline, which comes in six colors, stands out because of its smooth vertical beads.
  • The Super Matte Shaker is a modern take on a classic style that will also give your Semihandmade cabinets more depth. These faces come in even 7 colors.
  • Similar to the latter, we have The Super Matte Lab, just like the Shaker, it’s noticeable for the modern smooth style that made the space seems spacious and clean.

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Home Decor – Shard Maple Wall Hook by Shelfology


Semihandmade reviews – home decor

We appreciate simple shapes, which the Shard wall hook has provided

How many colors this Shard wall hook you believe they have? Make a guess! Well, It comes in 12 different colors! We appreciate simple shapes, which the Shard wall hook has provided. High-quality shelving and storage items that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Every material used is of the highest quality, and the design is simply current – modern, minimal, and creative. Your friends will be so impressed with this innovative hook that they can’t wait to put it to use.

Prices of products

After reading Semihandmade reviews about the brand, specific products, and customer feedback, you may be wondering how much it will cost to obtain Semihandmade products and services.

In total, a typical order of Semihandmade would range from $7,000 to $16,000. Let’s look at the average amount spent by customers in each category:

  • A typical kitchen redesign using Ikea cabinets has fixed costs ranging from $3,000 to $6,000.
  • A typical Semihandmade order for an average kitchen (including doors, drawer faces, panels, and unique elements like floating shelves or bookshelves) varies between $4,000 and $10,000

Appliances, countertops, and other expenses are not included in this calculation.


In total, a typical order of Semihandmade would range from ​​$7,000 to $16,000

While some may believe this is a reasonable amount for a renovation, others believe it is excessive. Why is this the case?

We see this because customers see it as a good trade deal between quality and cost, specifically: 

  • Semihandmade doors are made entirely in the United States. How much does that matter to you? We could certainly manufacture them in another country where the costs would be much lower. Even though it is cheaper, Semihandmade does not prefer it because they cannot strictly manage and control the quality.
  • Semihandmade offers appliance panels in sizes that Ikea does not and will not provide (outside a standard dishwasher panel).
  • Semihandmade offers excellent customer service: They are always available by phone, email, and social media; in fact, if you look closely, you might even see our company’s founder at a trade show or on Instagram.


We hope that by the end of Semihandmade reviews, you will be able to determine whether Semihandmade built—ins are the best option for your upcoming renovation. If you want to ship Semihandmade products internationally, you should check on Janbox. For in-depth ordering guidance, please get in touch with us via one of the methods provided below.

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