Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy Review [2024]


The renowned Shiseido cosmetic firm in Japan’s cherry blossom area has created Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy cream with a new improved recipe that works to exacerbate acne in order to assist you to handle the issues and issues caused by acne. Clears blocked pores, regulates sebum production, softly nourishes, and aids in the treatment of acne on the skin. In several beauty forums, ladies gave Shiseido Pimplit a lot of positive reviews, making it a very popular brand. Let’s investigate this Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy review together.

I/ Shiseido Brand Information

Doctor Yushin Fukuhara created the Shiseido Cosmetics Company in 1872 as the forerunner of the first Western-style pharmacy store in Japan. Shiseido is one of the oldest and most prominent cosmetic brands in Japan with the best Shiseido products for acne or Shiseido acne treatment. 

Shiseido is currently one of the four biggest cosmetics companies in the world. With prestige and quality, the company today owns 11 sub-brands with cosmetic and hair care lines for people of all ages, as well as more than 25,000 stores worldwide.

II/ Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy Design Review 

Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy Design Review

The Shiseido acne remedy has a screw-top cover and is packaged in a tiny plastic tube that is easy to carry. Red and white tones are combined on the box. The cream tube has an 18g capacity with a price of around 300.000 VND, which lasts a very long time if you solely use it to dab on acne patches.

2.1. Uses of Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy

Useful applications for the Japanese Shiseido Pimplit acne for acne-prone skin include:

  • For red acne, cystic acne, and blackheads, this product is anti-acne, anti-inflammatory without drying, non-abrasive, and non-irritating.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs help to swiftly manage acne inflammation, dry out acne pus, lessen irritation, and reduce redness.
  • Aids shield the skin from the bacteria, dead skin cells, debris, and sebum that cause acne.
  • It collects acne and promotes acne by allowing pores to breathe readily.
  • Inhibits the germs that cause acne and skin inflammation while reducing redness and inflammation.
  • To soften skin and prevent dry, flaky skin, add hydrating substances.
  • Antibacterial; prevents the development of bacteria and acne; stops the spread and recurrence of acne.
  • Blurring dark spots, restoring skin and sunscreen, preventing pitted scars while also preventing Melanin from whitening, and providing pink, smooth skin.
  • Eliminate excess oil and sebum, exfoliate to open pores, and stop the development of blackheads and whiteheads, concealed acne, and pore irritation,…

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2.2. The Ingredients of Japanese Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy 

The Ingredients of Japanese Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy

The Shiseido acne remedy cream works by increasing skin airflow, gathering acne, assisting the center of the pimple to push upward, and finally drying and falling off on its own. If you have acne, acne-prone skin, edema, or redness, this product is appropriate for you. The cream has excellent active components for treating acne skin, such as:

– Sulfur: Reduces the appearance and recurrence of acne by removing sebum and extra oil, cleaning the pores, and acting as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

– Resorcin: Chemical exfoliation, pore-clogging reduction, and blackhead and whitehead elimination. Additionally, active chemicals boost the generation of new cells to repair acne-damaged skin and lighten dark spots.

– The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, and sunscreen properties of zinc oxide.

– Glycyrrhetinic acid: Extracted from licorice, hydrating, limiting skin dryness, reinforcing the protective layer, anti-darkening, and encouraging skin healing.

– Kaolin (White Clay): Clears clogged pores and removes excess oil from the skin.

– Geraniol, alcohol, glycerol, 1,3-butylene glycol, macrogol, talc, lactic acid, and bentonite are a few other constituents.

2.3. Guide to Use 

Guide to use Shiseido acne remedy

– Step 1: Clean the skin with a specialized cleanser.

– Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of Shiseido Pimplit Acne cream and apply it to the acne-prone skin.

– Step 3: Massage gently for the cream to absorb faster.


  • To get the best acne treatment results with this Shiseido Remedy, apply the cream twice daily, in the morning and at night. Applying acne cream after taking care of your skin at night before bed and before sunscreen in the morning are good practices.
  • Apply only the affected area, not the whole face.
  • Clean the mouth of the cream tube and close the cap tightly after use.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
  • Store in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not use it for children under 15 years old and people allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should be careful when using Shiseido Pimplit.
  • Do not apply on open wounds.
  • After using the cream, it is necessary to keep the skin clear and limit contact with water.

2.4. Pros and Cons 

– Pros: 

Sulfur, Resorcin, and Zinc Oxide, which work together to immediately dry acne and make it easier to push acne out, are three of the best acne treatment ingredients in Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy, which is especially effective with small acne spots.

Shiseido acne cream offers moisturizing elements Hyaluronic Acid in addition to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-acne qualities to help intensely moisturize and prevent dry and cracked skin.

– Cons: 

If you don’t understand Japanese, it can be challenging to read and comprehend the product information because it is entirely in Japanese.

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III/ Where to buy Shiseido pimplit acne remedy 

Shiseido Pimplit Acne cream can currently be purchased hand-carried from Japan, at Japanese drugstores that sell cosmetics, or through vendors on e-commerce sites like Amazon Japan, Shopee, or Janbox. For this Shiseido ance remedy product, there are several distinct price ranges. To obtain the finest outcomes, you should carefully select the place of purchase.

Janbox is one of the leading Japanese shopping proxy services in the market today. The Janbox cross-border e-commerce platform directly connects with major Japanese online marketplaces such as Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, Mercari, Amazon Japan, allowing you to freely choose from a wide range of domestic Japanese products.

Buy Shiseido pimplit acne remedy on Janbox 

When buying domestic products from Japan through Janbox, you can have peace of mind regarding quality and pricing. Janbox purchases and delivers your items to Vietnam quickly, typically within 7-10 days. To purchase the Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy cream from Japan through Janbox, follow these steps:

– Step 1: Visit the website or download the Janbox app. Log in or create an account to start shopping.

– Step 2: Search for the product “Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy cream” and select the product that suits your needs.

– Step 3: Check the product information, including the product name, product images, price, product description, seller ratings, etc.

– Step 4: Place your order and proceed with the first payment, which includes the product price and proxy service fee.

– Step 5: Wait for Janbox to purchase the item and deliver it to their warehouse. Then proceed with the second payment, which includes the shipping fee and any additional service fees, if applicable.

Please note that the information provided is based on the content you provided and may not reflect the most up-to-date details. It’s always recommended to refer to the official website or contact Janbox directly for the most accurate and current information.

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Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy cream has gained popularity among consumers in the past due to its exceptional ability to treat acne. If you have acne-prone skin, use this tube of acne cream because the reviews for this product are genuine.