The best Japanese Matcha Powder ever

The best Japanese Matcha Powder ever

If you’re wanting to spice up your morning routine, making a lovely matcha latte is a good place to start. However, finding the best matcha powder can be difficult. Not any longer. We are here to help you locate the best Japanese Matcha Powder. Continue reading!

I. What is Japanese Matcha Powder?

Most people are ignorant of the history of matcha green tea powder. In reality, many people who are familiar with green tea are unaware of the facts underlying the centuries-old marvel of matcha.

Matcha was first used in tea rituals in 7th century China and was later employed in Japanese tea ceremonies in the 12th century.

What distinguishes Japanese matcha powder is the technique by which it is grown. Growers cover green tea plants weeks before harvesting so that the rest of the growing cycle takes place in the shadow. By preventing direct sunlight from reaching the tea leaves, growth slows, and chlorophyll production increases. This results in a rich green coloration of the tea leaves and an increase in the number of amino acids contained in the leaves.

Only the youngest leaf buds are harvested, dried, and processed into a fine powder, maintaining all of its nutritional value. The final result is the best Japanese matcha green tea powder.

II. The top 10 best Japanese Matcha Power brands of all time 

Are you a matcha connoisseur looking to add it to your latte? You’ve come to the correct place. Here, Janbox has developed a list of the best Japanese matcha powder. So, go exploring now!

1. Fukujuen 

Fukujuen, which was founded in 1790, is one of Kyoto’s greatest green tea businesses. Stone mills are used to make its matcha.

From matcha to Uji tea, this brand provides the highest quality green tea. All green tea items are reasonably priced and come in a variety of distinct flavors. Even better, they offer an online store.

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Uji matcha powder, Banjono Mukashi Matcha powder, Yuzu citrus-flavored sencha green tea, Heian Hojicha, and FUKUJUEN Uji Organic Sencha Green Tea are some of this brand’s well-known green tea and other items. All of these goods are organic and devoid of synthetic ingredients. 

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2. Ochaski

Ochaski, based in Tokyo, is a Nihon-cha expert, providing excellent Japanese tea to tea enthusiasts all over the world. All of Ochaski’s tea products, including Matcha Powder, are acquired exclusively from Japanese family-run tea producers. As a result, they are completely traceable.

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Ochaski’s tea collection begins with a discussion with tea growers. They visit green tea fields and ask farmers how they cultivate and harvest their tea before making it available to Ochaski’s clients online. Ochaski is committed to providing quality Japanese tea to its clients in order to assist them to attain greater health, happiness, and tranquillity in their life.

3. Ippodo

Ippodo is one of the best-selling Japanese green tea brands. Ippodo has been around for almost 300 years. So, obviously, they know what they’re doing when it comes to matcha.

Ippodo offers a number of matcha grades that vary in price depending on your taste and demands, but we think their Kan-no-Shiro is a wonderful choice for everyday sipping. It also happens to be the most affordable matcha in this roundup. 

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Kenichi Kano, International Director of Ippodo Tea, describes this matcha as: “a balanced grade of matcha and a good choice for newcomers to matcha. It has a touch of astringency, but also enough umami to satisfy even the most enthusiastic matcha aficionado.”

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4. Gion Tsujiric

Gion Tsujiri, based in Gion, Kyoto, has traditionally specialized in Uji tea since its inception. Their Uji matcha is made from tea leaves harvested in the Kyoto region. Gion Tsujiri is one of Japan’s most exclusive tea brands.

best japanese matcha green tea powder

Uji Gyokuro is the most popular of the 12 tea leaves offered by Gion Tsujiri, and it is best suited for Gyokuro lovers and green tea enthusiasts who are well-versed in Japanese green tea.

5. Aikokuseicha

Shinjuku is where Aikokuseicha manufactures and sells its green tea goods. It was founded in 1933 by Jyotaro Baba, a Confucius expert who helped build Keio University.

Baba established Aikokuseicha as a firm in 1941 and began wholesale by purchasing tea leaves directly from a household to which Baba’s daughter married. Their clientele at the time was mostly military, Manchrian officers, and members of the House of Royal Family.

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Aikokuseicha became Imperial Household Agency’s supplier in 1941. Their signature product is organic tea and Imperial Award-winning Shizuoka-produced tea leaves.

6. Hibiki-an

Hibiki-an uses high-quality tea leaves in all of its products. Hibiki-an Matcha Super Premium is grown by a river in Uji, Kyoto, where the rich tea flavor is enhanced by the excellent soil. The brand is known for its unique technique to create gorgeous scents, silky drinking textures, and deep matcha flavors.

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7. Kimikura

Kimikura matcha is from the Kagoshima region of Japan and is regarded as one of the top Japanese matcha brands in terms of flavor. It’s created from the first flush of the year and has a fairly mild flavor. To gain all of the health benefits, it is completely organic. Teamaster Chashi, who earned first place in the Tea refining competition, refines it.

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Simply blend in this matcha and taste the tea to experience its freshness. It’s expected to be bitter because it’s made entirely of green tea, but unexpectedly, this one isn’t.

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8. Itohkyuemon Kyoto Uji

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Itohkyuemon began in 1832 with Tsuneemon Itoh selling tea in Uji Tawara Town. 

Over time, it offered teas such as Itohkyuemon Kyoto Uji Premium Matcha Powder. The matcha is created in Uji, Kyoto, which is known as the world’s matcha capital. The tea has a rich and sweet matcha taste that works well in pastries like cake and other treats.

9. Ito En

It is safe to assume that Ito En is the most popular green tea brand in Japan. This international beverage corporation specializing in tea production is not only liked by the majority of Japanese, but it is also Japan’s largest distributor of green tea.


The instant powdered green tea with matcha is one of its best-selling items. It’s incredibly simple to make at home; all you need is water to dissolve the powders, and you’re done!

10. Morihan

Morihan Matcha is a premium Japanese organic matcha farmed and collected in Uji, Kyoto prefecture founded in 1836, The town is well-known for manufacturing Gyokuro and matcha and is dedicated to producing high-quality products such as high-quality tea leaves meticulously selected by one of Japan’s best tea masters. This matcha is appropriate for Japanese tea ceremonies, confectionary, and cold or hot mixed drinks like matcha latte.

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III. Conclusion 

Yeah, that is the end of our article about the best Japanese matcha powder. Hopefully, you find it informative. And if you are looking for a place to get your favorite matcha, look no further than Janbox. No matter what you want, we have you covered. So what are you waiting for? Visit Janbox website for a happy shopping experience!