The biggest shopping season in Japan: From A to Z  

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z

Nothing is worse than the moment you realize there is a big sale right after you bought a new item. Therefore, if you are considering spending an amount of money on shopping stuff especially Japanese products this year, you better watch this article because Janbox will introduce you to the biggest shopping season in Japan: From A to Z!!!

The importance of timing cannot be overstated. Each shop will run various specials for varying lengths of time, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the main dates first.


1.1. Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Time: Every end of November

These two promotions are one of the peak year-end sales in Japan. Due to the close proximity to each other, it is likely that there will be many programs running during this period.

A wide range of stores is using these events to attract the shopping behavior of clients. Therefore, this is one of a kind opportunity that you don’t wanna miss. Moreover, some of the shops will start the sale event sooner in the mid – November.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
Black Friday + Cyber Monday

1.2. Hatsu – uri

Time: Mid December to February

This is the time of year when most department shops will have sales, and this event in Japan is the equivalent of Black Friday in the United States.

This large sale normally happens in three stages: a pre-sale for loyal clients for a few days in December, followed by a general sale in January. This is the greatest sale of the year, and it generally starts on Monday and lasts for at least two weeks. After that, some businesses have an additional Great Sale to further cut the price, but keep in mind that many goods are now out of stock. In the fashion business, over 90% of products will be reduced the first week, with prices often starting at 30% and increasing to 50% and beyond.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
Hatsu – uri

1.3. New year sale + Fukubukuro

Time: Begin of January every year

The year-end sale may extend until early January the following year, or many retailers may have a separate New Year’s sale (like Amazon Japan). Aside from that, the selling of Fukubukuro is becoming increasingly popular (Lucky Bags). This is an aspect of Japan’s purchasing and selling culture at the start of the year.

The popularity of Fukubukuro relates to the fact that any brand may easily adapt this model to its own operations. Fukubukuro is such a large sale that it attracts a wide range of retailers, from fashion businesses to tea shops, electronics stores to e-commerce sites. (You don’t have to pick up the bag; they’ll ship it to you).

Overall, pre-ordering these bags is a wonderful idea if you can, since they’re a terrific way to grab some amazing deals at the start of the year without having to deal with crowds of people. Keep a lookout for announcements as early as November, and subscribe to your favorite companies to stay up to date!

 The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
New year sale + Fukubukuro

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2.1. Amazon Black Friday

Black Friday is a wonderful sale day that originated in the Western world, notably the United States. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Black Friday sale is typically held on a big scale. As a result, many individuals remained up all night on Thanksgiving to wait in line outside the large retailers until they opened.

People frequently compare Black Friday shopping to going to battle since everyone is looking for a good deal. Who could pass up the opportunity to save 50-70 percent on various things, including televisions and electronics?

Black Friday 2021 will happen on November 26th, according to the US calendar. The Amazon Japan Black Friday reality program is currently scheduled to run from November 26 to December 2.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
Amazon Black Friday

Amazon will be permitted to provide flash offers – short-term reductions – on numerous 4-star rated goods during Black Friday for a limited time, such as 8 hours.

This offer may be followed on Amazon Japan’s website. When you’ve discovered something you like, copy the product URL and paste it into Janbox search box to add it to your basket straight away.

2.2. Cyber Monday on Amazon

Cyber Monday, also known as Tech Monday, occurs on the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is two days after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a campaign designed to encourage people to purchase online rather than in shops, as opposed to Black Friday, which is an in-store event.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
Cyber Monday on Amazon

Because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are so close together, many retailers will run a discount from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This is a good opportunity to “hunt” many outstanding Deals of modern technology such as computers, AirPods, headphones, controllers, etc.

2.3. End Year Gifts

As we approach December, Amazon is making preparations for a rush of year-end shopping visits in preparation for the holidays and the new year. On December 11-14, 2020, Amazon will hold a year-end closing sale, with exceptional discounts on popular gift products including toys, watches, and accessories. Many others anticipate a similar promotion around the same time this year.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
End Year Gifts

Keep an eye out for Amazon’s year-end deal if you didn’t have a chance to purchase for yourself and your family on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because the offer is only available for a short time, it’s important to keep an eye on Janbox website; we’ll daily update big sales of this event.

2.4. New year sales on Amazon

Amazon Japan welcomes the new year with a new year promotion, usually held on January 2-5 every year.

It is expected that household appliances, electronics, and other things would be reduced in price. In addition, Amazon will launch Fukubukuro (lucky gift bags). In Japan, Fukubukuro is a popular New Year’s sale, with most stores participating.

The concept behind fortunate gift bags is that you pay a set sum for a gift bag. There will be a variety of things in this gift bag that you will not be able to see before purchasing. Don’t worry; the retailer will normally specify what type of goods the gift bag contains (e.g., cosmetics, designer bags…), and there will usually be a vast range of gift bags with different brand combinations to pick from.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
New year sales on Amazon

Since this is a lucky New Year gift, most of the time when you buy a Gift Bag, you’ll get very good products, and likely have a real total value much greater than what you paid for. to buy gift bags, especially when the bags contain items from brands like BAPE, Adidas, Nike, HARE…

However, not knowing what you are paying for is also very frustrating, isn’t it? Amazon understands that, and in 2020 has launched two options: Random Gift Bags and Foreseeable Gift Bags, especially for those who don’t want to risk receiving unsuitable items.

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3.1. RAKUTEN Black Friday

Rakuten’s promotions are often less than Amazon’s, and most will award bonus points rather than a discount. Don’t worry, though; along with the extra points, there will be plenty of coupons to take advantage of this Black Friday.

The biggest shopping season in Japan: from A to Z
RAKUTEN Black Friday

Rakuten may provide a coupon (promo code) or each seller may do it independently. Pay attention to the things you wish to buy to follow and seek bargains, and on Black Friday, check to see if any Rakuten retailers offer any discounts.


Above are the details about the biggest shopping season in Japan. Another year-end is approaching, and we must put our feelings of nostalgia aside in order to focus on selling. With so many promotions coming up in Japan, Janbox will be fantastic in assisting you in finding the best deals on Japanese items with thousands of vouchers such as ¥3000 for new users, ¥300 for downloading Janbox app.