What is cosplay anime? Essential accessories when cosplaying


Today, the cosplay trend is not only becoming more popular in Japan, but in many other countries, it is also gradually becoming a popular trend, especially among young people. So what is cosplay anime? Things you may not know about Cosplay? Let’s find out with Janbox through the article shared below.

I. What is the definition of cosplay?

Cosplay is an English word created by the Japanese and is a combination of two words: “costume” and “role play”. In Japanese, cosplay is pronounced “kosupure” (コスプレ), which is meant to refer to fans of characters from manga series such as manga, anime or graphic novels, video games, and fake movies. Imagine learning by dressing or acting like their favorite character. These people often wear makeup, wear costumes, and use fashion accessories to best resemble the character they portray.


What is cosplay anime?

II. When and where did cosplay start?

From the late 1960s in the United States, science fiction festivals began to appear performances from people dressed up, posing as characters in fictional works it is called the show of masquerade item.

Gradually these science fiction festivals spread to countries including Japan, and the season of science fiction festivals held for the first time in Japan also featured costumes.

During the 17th festival season in Japan, a group of Rōreriasu dressed up as characters from the manga Barsoom. The people at the festival saw it and mistook it for the Roreriasu group dressed as characters from the Umino toriton manga. The cosplay anime trend started from then, to this day, every time a science fiction festival in Japan takes place, there are cosplay anime shows.

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III. Accessories included in the cosplay set

When it comes to cosplay, it is definitely indispensable for costumes and accessories of anime, manga, and game characters. Cosplay costumes and props you can rent at shops specializing in cosplay. In addition, many people also design their own costumes and props.

1. Colored contact lenses

This is also considered an indispensable item for cosplayers. Because if you pay a little attention, you will see anime characters, game characters not only possess black, brown, and blue eyes but are also modified with more colorful and prominent eyes such as pink, yellow, purple, and red. Besides, the eyes of these characters are often quite big and round (especially for female characters). Therefore, colored contact lenses are considered a special item for professional cosplayers.

2. Toupee

Just like colored contact lenses, wigs of anime characters, game characters, and manga are also transformed into more colorful and diverse hairstyles, even some characters have their own multiple colors on one hairstyle. Therefore, using wigs is one of the best ways to create characters for cosplayers.


3. Trapping

It can be said that you will not be able to create the same image as the character you intend to cosplay without the support of makeup sets. Makeup will help you become your favorite character in the most authentic and gorgeous way.

4. Cosplay outfits

Having cosplayed an anime, how can it be without the costume of that anime character, right? Anime cosplay costumes are the soul of that character. Once you put on an anime cosplay costume, you have completely transformed into that character. Usually, in anime cosplay there are three options for cosplay costumes, one is to rent, two to buy, and the third is to sew yourself.

Renting or buying anime cosplay has the great advantage that you completely know its shape in advance, and of course, can also judge whether this anime cosplay costume is similar to your image or imagination.


Shops that sell and rent anime cosplay costumes always have a variety of designs and prices are also very rich, depending on your pocket. The small minus from buying or renting anime cosplay costumes is that these costumes often have no sizes or quickly run out of popular sizes.

When renting or buying, you will have to adjust with a needle if you buy the wrong size. In addition, if you order from a shop specializing in anime cosplay, the above disadvantage will be overcome, but in return, the price will be very expensive.

What if you want to sew your own anime cosplay? Of course, a big plus is that you will be able to choose the design, style, and size of the outfit to fit yourself. However, sewing by yourself will take a lot of effort and time, depending on the difficulty of that outfit. And if you have no hands, no sewing experience, it is a disaster.

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IV. Suggestions for cosplay anime characters

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Uzumaki Naruto has long been a familiar name to the world cosplay community. Naruto is the most famous anime character in Japan. Besides the bland clown overflow, Uzumaki Naruto also has extremely strong moments. It can be said that this character has been present in the childhood memories of many people.


Therefore, it is not surprising to say that Naruto is currently the character with the most cosplay versions in the world. From male to female cosplayers, everyone loves this character’s ‘cool’, mischievous, but equally smart and brave appearance.

2. Luffy

One Piece – Pirate King is an anime series about the journey across the sea of ​​Luffy pirates. This is one of the most popular anime series at the moment. With Luffy’s muddy personality and his friends, viewers can’t help but be excited to follow this fascinating series.

In the series, Luffy is always known as a trouble maker, disruptive, and often gets himself into ‘super’ troubles. Therefore, the character’s physical characteristics are also very interesting. With the legendary straw hat always associated with the character’s name, it has become an indispensable accessory when you want to cosplay as this character.


In the midst of a forest of “big knives, big hammers” with cumbersome costumes, Luffy’s simple dress will become the most prominent difference. Blue shorts, rolled up at the knee, a red unbuttoned waistcoat, sandals and a straw hat are his signature trademarks.

3. Hatake Kakashi

Referring to the famous anime Naruto, in addition to Uzumaki Naruto, we cannot forget Kakashi. This is another very cool and smart character. Kakashi is an extremely skilled ninja, able to transform 100-1000 Jutsu from his opponents through his Sharingan eye.


4. Midoriya Izuku

Midoriya Izuku is a member of the superhero academy in the Bokuno Hero Academia Anime series. Originally a character with no special talent, but by his will, he became a true superhero. To transform into this character, cosplayers must be funny and hyperactive.

5. Miko

Miko – is a powerful female magician from Japan. She is always the first choice of female cosplayers. The special feature when Miko is in the outfit is the characteristic white Kimono shirt with red Hakama pants that look extremely cute.



Hopefully, the information in the article has helped you know what is cosplay Japanese word? What is cosplay anime? The accessories are required in the cosplay set as well as the characters for popular cosplay. If you need to order accessories, props, and cosplay costumes for manga characters in Japan, you can order them right at Janbox.com. Janbox brings you a space to shop for genuine and quality Japanese goods internationally.

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