What is Pre-order? Everything you need to know


What is pre-order? Despite its popularity, customers frequently perceive pre-ordering as high risk because it is still relatively new. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about pre-ordering to give you more confidence when making online purchases.

What Is The Meaning Of Pre Order?

What is pre-order? A pre-ordered product is a product that is currently unavailable but will be available at a later date. It is increasingly popular on eCommerce sites as well, such as Amazon pre-order or eBay. The pre-order definition, means that prior to their official release, customers can pre-order online the items from the stores and avoid having to worry about these products selling out when the time comes.


Nowadays, pre ordering products and services are becoming more and more popular

In the gaming and music industries, pre orders have been in use for many years. However, It is possible to use pre-orders in any industry, from hand-made items and high-end designer goods to video games. Many well-known retailers, such as Apple, use pre-orders to customize the production of new products and the delivery of those products to various locations according to local preferences.

Why Is Pre-Order Popular?

Preordering has become increasingly popular among consumers due to the convenience it provides in ensuring they receive their purchases ahead of schedule. For instance, new releases like the latest video games or books by well-known authors like Dan Brown or J.K. Rowling, often be gone from stores almost as soon as they are released. So pre-ordering is an effective way to ensure that you will get a copy of his book.

As a matter of fact, they don’t have to wait for the release date to buy it. From a consumer’s perspective, it usually refers to products that are limited in quantity or are one-of-a-kind, but from a business standpoint, this is a marketing tactic that brands can employ to promote their future collections.


Pre-ordering has become increasingly popular among consumers due to the convenience it provides

The second reason why pre-orders have become so popular is because of the discounts and perks offered by the companies when you pre order online. 

Furthermore, in the book industry, preordering a book indicates to the publisher that there are a market for that author’s work, series, and characters. There was a time when readers were dismissed as uninterested in diversity in publishing. However, book preorders are a surefire way to demonstrate our concern.

What are Pre-Order Benefits?

Besides ensuring purchases and discounts offered by the sellers, pre-order has several other benefits:

1. Product warranty

When pre-ordering, products are frequently accompanied by a warranty to help customers feel secure while they wait a long time. As a result, even if you have to wait longer, you can rest assured that your products are in good hands.

2. Price guarantee

If you are fortunate enough to receive any promotional discounts when pre-ordering, those prices will be guaranteed when the product is confirmed in the pre-order, even if the promotion has not yet been released in stores. Even if there are any policies stating that pre-order prices may change, you will always pay less than the actual amount.


prices will be guaranteed when the product is confirmed in the pre order

3. Saving time

When you pre order online your purchases, everything moves much faster. If you need to get the products from the stores after pre-ordering, it is simply more convenient to go to the store, tell them, and grab it back home, rather than wait in line to buy the products or engage in any time-consuming activities. Furthermore, when you pre-order, some stores even allow you to claim the products before the official release date.

Disadvantages of Pre-order

1. Blind faith

When you pre order something, it’s usually a gamble as to what you’ll get. If you are among the first to receive a product, there will be no evaluations or comments from other customers to guide your decision. Some items are little more than hype, with empty promises of superior functionality or engaging content.

2. Money is at stake

In order to secure a spot for some pre-purchase items, customers are required to pay a deposit of some sort. Customers with no prior information are more likely to fall for bogus businesses – they may take your money but not return any goods.


Customers with no prior information are more likely to fall for bogus businesses.

How to stay safe with Pre-order

1. Check out the seller’s policies before purchasing. 

Check out the seller’s store policy for a few minutes. Take a look at the terms and conditions of the site before signing up for the pre order products. Make sure you’re not hesitant to seek clarity. To make sure they can get the products for you, find out what steps the vendor takes to ensure they can get them. Even if you do not get a response when you ask for names and connections from a vendor, you have every right to find out what procedures they take to secure your pair. Asking about the “what ifs” doesn’t hurt either. In the case that the seller is unable to receive your products, it is crucial to know how they will handle the matter.

2. Check seller’s authenticity and read reviews 

Before placing a pre-order, it is recommended that you verify the legitimacy of the seller. Are the E-commerce site where the store is located reliable ones? Check out the top website to buy Japanese products that we’ve featured on our blog if you’re interested in placing a preorder. Browses their store to check out their established year, customer reviews, and their responsiveness before deciding whether or not to buy from them. Next, you should check out what other customers have to say in the reviews. Don’t be shy about asking questions in the relevant forum sub-forum if you have any. If you’ve exhausted all other options, Google will almost certainly have the answer you’re looking for.


Before placing a pre order, it is recommended that you verify the legitimacy of the seller.

3. Ensure your own safety

Lastly, it is recommended that you should pay for your pre-order using a credit card or PayPal. These two payment options do provide some level of safety for the buyers.


As with any purchasing decision, some precautionary measures and pre-purchase research can help make your pre-order experience a success. If you are afraid of purchasing pre-order products online, you should check out Janbox. The goal of Janbox is to make it easier for customers to buy products from around the world. With our intelligent proxy service, we’ll help you to reduce anxiety, worry, and shorten the time it takes to purchase a given product! With just a few simple steps, you can order high-quality Japanese items and have them delivered to your home quickly and safely.