Synthesis of My Hero Academia Teachers

Synthesis of My Hero Academia Teachers

My hero academia is a manga and anime series featuring a large world and rich cast of characters created by Horikoshi Kohei. The characters have been built very meticulously, from the graphics to the details of personality and abilities. Besides the main characters, My hero academia teachers also left a deep impression on the audience. Each character has its own characteristics, but they still have everyday features that can appear anywhere in life around us. As a result, viewers feel both closer and more like them. In this article, Janbox will introduce the teachers of My hero academia.

1. Nezu

Nezu, also known as the Devil, is a professional hero and principal of U.A. High School. Nezu is an extremely rare case of an animal possessing a quirk. He is a humanoid rat that can stand, but has dog paws and a bear-like face.

While playing the role of Principal of a hero academy, Nezu is an eccentric, polite, and persistent educator. Nezu didn’t put himself on the road ahead, he focused on protecting the practitioners. Nezu understood the strategies of heroic conflict well enough to participate in the post-invasion debate.

Nezu’s quirk is High spec, allowing the Headmaster’s intelligence to surpass that of a human. Despite being an animal, Nezu’s quirk helped him live in society as a normal person.

2. Yamada Hizashi

Hizashi Yamada known as the hero Present Mic is a professional hero currently teaching English at U.A High School. Hizashi is a tall, thin man with long, slicked-back blond hair and a slight mustache. A person with a personality like a radio announcer. He often flexes when he speaks and shows interest or shouts loudly depending on the situation. Present Mic is a sharp thinker and was the first to point out the possibility of an insider in the U.A. and even explain why.

Present Mic’s Quirk is voice, allowing him to amplify his voice, thereby creating high-pitched sounds. The sound from this power is enough to make one’s ears bleed. Its noise can annoy and distract enemies, as well as block other sounds. Until now, this ability’s only weakness is that it’s hard to transmit while underground, making it useless against anything below ground.

3. Snipe

Snipe is a professional hero and one of the members of the teaching staff at U.A. High School. Snipe has the look of a typical western cowboy. His face is covered by a gas mask, but his buns are exposed. He wears a brown cowboy hat with a metal plate with a stylized black ‘S’ on it.

Snipe’s Quirk is homing, allowing him to control the trajectory of the bullet he fires to the point where he can shoot criminals anywhere in the USJ from the entrance. Due to his special aiming ability, he was able to accurately shoot Tomura’s arms and legs while Tomura was holding a hostage right next to him.

4. Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is a professional hero and member of the teaching staff at U.A. High School, he is a math teacher. Ectoplasm is a slim man with black hair and glasses. He was a steadfast and strict hero, which made him famous. As a teacher, Ectoplasm always wants to see the best in his students and constantly pushes them.

Ectoplasm is a strong pro hero and one of the strongest in the U.A. His close combat ability is excellent despite using a prosthetic leg, and his fighting style mainly uses leg attacks. This is why he was chosen to face the Fumikage in the final exam. His ranged combat ability also exposed Tokoyami Fumikage’s weakness and Ectoplasm easily overpowered Dark Shadow. Ectoplasm is also very intelligent and has the ability to analyze Quirks so that students can improve them.

5. Ishiyama Ken

Ken Ishiyama is a Pro Hero and member of the U.A. High School faculty where he teaches Modern Literature. Cementoss resembles a humanoid cement block with black, seemingly closed eyes and gray hair tied in a short ponytail. 

Cementoss is a usually serious but pleasant person. He is very careful about the happiness of others.


Cement is Ken’s Quirk that allows him to manipulate any cement-based material he touches, allowing him to deform objects into various shapes and sizes, altering the shape of his body. it. His Quirk seems to have no time limit, and Recovery Girl mentioned that his Quirk is one of the hardest for the U.A. teachers to resist.

Ken is shown to have a better handle on his quirk. He is seen repeatedly creating towering vertical slabs of stone by touching the concrete ground with his hands. The slates are considered to be able to withstand a considerable amount of damage, as shown when Rikido Sato and Eijiro had difficulty breaking through his continuous walls during the exam.

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6. Nemuri Kayama

Kayama Nemuri is a professional hero and one of the teachers currently teaching at U.A. High School. Here, she took charge of the Art History subject of Hero Cuong Dai. Midnight is a woman with a plump, attractive body with long black hair and blue eyes.

Nemuri is a cheerful person, quite flirtatious, and eye-catching. In addition, she is also a person who will be very serious and short-tempered whenever someone interrupts or touches her age.

Nemuri Kayama

Midnight’s Quirk is the Somnambulist, which helps her put the target into a deep sleep by emitting a fragrance from her body. This scent is often more effective for men than women.

7. Maijima Higari

Higari Maijima is a Professional Hero and Instructor at the U.A. High School Management Studio development support course. Power Loader is a short, thin man, very young in appearance for his advanced age.


He is a strict teacher who aspires to see his students excel without constraints. He has a love/hate relationship with Mei Hatsume, is easily angered by her carelessness, and frequently threatens her with bans from the Development Studio, but still acknowledges her creativity and productivity.

Higari’s quirk is Iron Claws, his fingers have metal claws that are great for digging/mining in the ground.

8. Space Hero: “Thirteen”

The space hero “Thirteen” is a professional hero specializing in search and rescue, and also a teacher at U.A. High School. Thirteen is a smart and polite person. As a rescue hero, Thirteen demonstrated her passion for rescue work while teaching. She even developed a training facility called U.S.J to train future heroes in search and rescue.


Thirteen’s quirk is Black hole, which creates a vortex that turns everything it sucks into dust. The Quirk is activated when the buttons on the fingertips of the hero’s outfit are opened.

9. Inui Ryo

Ryo Inui is a Professional Hero and lifestyle consultant at U.A. High school. Ryo has the appearance of a dog due to his Quirk. He had a mane of blond hair that stood straight up on the back of his head. He also wears a muzzle over his slightly pointed muzzle in his hero costume. When angry, Ryo speaks incoherently and violently with a mix of words and sounds resembling a dog’s growl.

Ryo’s Quirk gives him the attributes and abilities of a dog, such as a heightened sense of smell. For Ryo, his sense of smell reached the point where he could tell how many people were inside the forest from the outside. It also gives him the traits of a dog, including legs, claws, fur, and a long, black nose. Nothing else is known about his Quirk, but there’s a chance it could increase his reflexes and strength.

10. Shuzenji Chiyo

Chiyo Shuzenji is also known as Youth Hero: Recovery Girl is a nurse at U.A. High school. She has two offices; one in the U.A. and one at the Sports Festival Stadium. Chiyo is a short, elderly woman with gray hair pulled into a bun, a large syringe protruding diagonally to the left.

Chiyo has a kind and benevolent personality where she treats everyone kindly, as she often gives her patients sweets to help their energy levels rise from the gas-dissipating effect. Even so, she has a stern and reproachful attitude towards foolish behavior that can lead to injury.

Heal is Chiyo’s Quirk that allows her to amplify and accelerate the human body’s natural healing process by kissing the injured person. The process is driven by a large amount of vital energy coming from the receiver and capable of expending enough energy to kill the said recipient. She also seems to be able to elongate her lips to an unusual length.

With this Quirk, she can quickly heal broken bones in some limbs in just a few seconds. She can control how much of a healing factor boost a person has, not completely healing the recipient, but leaving them with more stamina left than they have.

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11. Kan Sekijiro

Kan Sekijiro is also known as Blood Hero: Vlad King. Is a professional hero and homeroom teacher for classes 1-B at UA High. Sekijiro has short gray spiky hair and a muscular body. As a teacher, Seikijiro really cares about his students. He is willing to leave his position to protect the students and try to teach them to become stronger.

Blood control is Kan Sekijiro’s quirk. After taking a certain amount of blood from the back of his hand, Sekijiro was able to freely control it. With this Quirk, he has to stop Dabi’s clone by pinning it to the wall and locking it with blood, ending the fight in less than three seconds. When he no longer needs it, he can reabsorb his health through a gauntlet.

12. Fukukado Emi

Fukukado Emi also known as Smiling Hero: Ms.Joke, is a professional hero and homeroom teacher for second-year students, grades 2-2 at Ketsubutsu Academy. Emi is a young girl with a solid build and chest-length hair. Emi presents herself as a friendly, open-minded, sociable girl, often appearing with a cheerful demeanor all the time.

Although Emi has an unusually cheerful disposition, she also has a mature side at the same time. Especially when it comes to teaching students, we see an Emi seriously stating her opinion in conversation with Aizawa during the hero certification exam.

Emi’s ability is Outburst, which can force the opponent to burst into laughter, clouding their actions and perception.

13. Aizawa Shota

Shota Aizawa also known as Erasure Hero: Eraser Head is a Pro Hero and homeroom teacher of U.A. Class 1-A of high school. Shota is a tall, slender man with fair skin, messy shoulder-length black hair, partially loose in front of him, and half-opened black eyes.


Shota’s quirk is erasure, which gives him the ability to neutralize other people’s habits by looking at the user. The effect of this Quirk can persist even when Shota’s line of sight is out of sight.

After sustaining a severe injury at U.S.J., Shota was unable to use his Quirk for long and had to rest longer between deletes. After losing one of his eyes during the War of Occult Liberation, he revealed that he had almost completely lost his ability to use Quirk.

14. Torino Sorahiko

Sorahiko a.k.a. hero Gran Torino is a former professional hero, a former teacher at U.A. High, and the instructor for both Yagi Toshinori and Midoriya Izuku. Gran Torino is an extremely short old man with short hair and a thick beard. Gran Torino is in fact an extremely intelligent person with an extremely wide vision. As a teacher, Gran Torino is very strict with her students.


Gran Torino’s quirk is Jet which can shoot air from the soles of his feet, giving him speed and the ability to fly. He could only use this aura to propel himself away. Furthermore, he couldn’t push himself too high off the ground.

15. Yahi Toshinori

Yagi Toshinori, better known as the hero All Might, is the 100th protagonist of My Hero Academia. All Might is the former No. 1 Hero who was dubbed the “Symbol of Peace”. He teaches Basic Hero Education at UA High School.

All Might is the eighth successor of the quirk One For All after receiving it from Shimura Nana. He has since entrusted the Quirk to Midoriya Izuku, who is striving to become his successor. After using up the remaining power of One For All to defeat All For One, All Might retired and ended his era as the greatest hero in history.

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Hopefully, the above article has helped you gain more useful information about the names and abilities of My Hero Academia teachers. If you want to know more, please click here to learn about the strongest quirk in My Hero Academia. Have you chosen your favorite teacher in My hero academia yet? Follow Janbox to read more interesting articles about My hero academia!